Development: Convoy Event and Update 9.16


WG uploaded and video of what you can expect from the 9.16 patch:


Maybe is PMS maybe is Maybelline but I’m feeling far too anxious for this patch…I honestly wish I could be at Minsk whipping the devs to fix the “1001 Log-in Bug” right now.

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Development: Convoy Event and Update 9.16

6 thoughts on “Development: Convoy Event and Update 9.16

  1. whitesample says:

    I want to take a break from wot… yeah the game its fun, but it gets annoying the more you play…
    T110E5s, TVPs, artillery…

    Best game? Nah, ill say its like drugs…
    It feels good but slowly kills you~

    So ill go play some warships… oooh… i have to update the launcher… QwwwwwwwQ

  2. moogleslam says:

    “Maybe is PMS maybe is Maybelline” If this line doesn’t get massive amounts of credit, a crime will have been committed 🙂

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