[Development] F4U Corsair: sky pirates are back! & World war – Commander’s-tools (second part added)

We are finally getting the F*****N Super corsairs!

The F4U-4 and F4U-4b were developed at the end of WWII based on the combat experience of the previous versions of this carrier-based fighter aircraft. They wanted better speed, boost and altitude, as well as improved attack capabilities. The F4U-4, is armed with 3 reliable 12.7 mm m2 50cals in each wing and the F4U-4b has 2 devastating 20 mm AN/M3 cannons in each win. Both received the new R-2800-18W with 2,250 hp per engine and huge four-bladed propellers. A new weapon carriage system allowed the Corsair to easily transform into a highly effective ground striker, and the modifications also allowed it to take on the role as a fast fighter-bomber. The F4U-4 was intensively used during the war in the Pacific, including the battle for Okinawa, the Tokyo raids, and many others. Following WWII, the F4U Corsair fought in the Korean war as well.

Its groundstrike presets will be:
1. 8 HVAR rockets
2. 2×1,000 lbs
3. 2×500 plus 4×250 lbs bombs.

The F4U-4 will be after the F4U-1c at tier 3, 5.0
The F4U-4b will be at tier 4 either after or before the F8F-1b, 6.3


Download Wallpaper: 1280×1024 | 1920×1080 | 2560×1440

Also, we have completely remodelled the entire F4U Corsair series in-game. Make sure you see how stunningly beautiful they have become in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.71 “New E.R.A.”! See you there!


War Thunder Wiki: World war – Commander’s-tools (second part added)

Today War Thunder develops in a variety of directions – from a completely new gameplay of the fleet to the tanks of the sixth era. But all these vehicles of war are created for battles, among which there are especially important battles of the World War!

Even now, World War mode is being tested by separate active squadrons, but time flies quickly and soon all War Thunder squadrons will be able to enter the global battlefield!

Commanders and squadron members! Are you ready to start participating in these  operations? To help you along the way, the War Thunder Wiki team has prepared comprehensive advice which they will share with you in order to help you achieve success!

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[Development] F4U Corsair: sky pirates are back! & World war – Commander’s-tools (second part added)

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Heres a way to remember: if the game in question is getting real vehicles added to it in good graphic quality, its Wt, otherwise its WoT

      1. This article is actually about planes, so your attempt at sarcasm towards WoT isn’t really relevant here. When it comes to planes, they both use real planes for the most part.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      When this plane was in service it was often called super corsair and ive heard other people use the term for it. And y wouldn’t they add the sky pirate?

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