Development: SandBox


an update just came out on the Sandbox and we have a special guest, the mighty RNG lord, owner of moon bases!

Basically, nearly all the devs in the video (Slava M, Serb and Thaine Lyman) are guys who came back to the development team and are a new bet after the Rubicon fiasco.

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Development: SandBox

13 thoughts on “Development: SandBox

  1. Nothing says:

    Until a few weeks ago the credo was: Let’s make it historical correct… now all of a sudden: make it fun to play… Is WG losing money and now tries to regain some?

    1. Not losing money but stagnant. Not growing fast enought and not being able to retain new players who quit after perhaps two or three battles. Specially if they get hit with seal clubbers and the like.

  2. Hmm, quite like this video. Pretty straight-forward, but it’s easy to be when you’ll be relying on people to do your work for you. Hope that they continue at least this level of communication. I was hoping they would mention the roles of light tanks more, but this is pretty good in itself.

  3. zombietropa says:

    Caught the vid shortly after it was put up on the youtubin’s, and have signed up for. Still waiting for some PC components before I can start playing WoT again though 😛

    I found the video really interesting how the ‘old hands’ discussed what they thought had gone wrong with the game.

    Changing the meta of the game is going to take a while to do right, and it will be nice once it finally goes live and shakes things up a bit. Arta does need a change, and I am curious how they go about it. Should it remain, yes, but how, I really don’t know. Prem ammo and class changes will also be interesting as well.

  4. Laserguided says:

    Here is an idea that will allow arty to make enemy tanks move: give arty the ability to destroy cover. Campers will have to move If arty can destroy rocks, buildings, or bushes.

    PS or you just give arty the ability to shoot tractor beams…..

    1. zombietropa says:

      Problem at the moment, without Havoc, cover isn’t destructible. And if it was made destructible, then normal tanks with effective HE shells can do it too, thus taking away this unique ability from arta. There’s a lot of routes that arta rebalance can go, and hopefully during the Sandbox, the developers settle on a good one.

  5. sturmi0545 says:

    *russian accent* yes, comrade. lets find this “fun”. what is it? what plays? In Soviet Union, fun play you. /*russian accent*

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