Digest: 9.19 Changelog / Other random Information


I was checking the changes on the 9.19 changelog and besides the HD models this is what’s available so far:

Japanese medium tank STA-1

  • Turret STA-1
    • Gun 90 mm Gun M3A1
    • Gun 90 mm Rifled Gun

British tank destroyer Alecto

  • Hull

Chinese TDs

– I spoke today with a bird about the possibility of Chinese Tank Destroyers to make way to the RU and Western Spy servers and so far there are no plans for it.


-Storm is no longer working in World of Tanks. He has ventured on a new project.

-Andrey Biletskiy is now the Development Producer in WoT, he was transferred from WoWP.

Dellroh Q&A

Translated from my Spaniard comrades Reporte de Batalla:

-On the 9.18 crew transfers, if you don’t have enough space in barracks the crews will be automatically transferred anyways.

-Given the changes in penetration and the loss of the HEAT/AP shells in SPGs, why are there no changes to premium artillery like the leFH18B2 and Sexton I? -“We didn’t- want to make changes to Premium Vehicles.”

-Do you think the Stun mechanics was well accepted in the forums? -“This is a very hard question to answer. The player’s opinion varies, some like the changes in SPGs and others do not. Regarding the opinions on the North American server, we noticed that they were rather positive after the update. SPG players are enjoying the new playability which is also less damaging to the enemy team.”

-Don’t you think you nerfed the ELC AMX bis too much? And what about the SP I C? -“You need to have in mind that Light Tanks can now be also top tier, yes, it does look like they were nerfed too much but due to changes in their performance they needed to be balanced.”

-Would you consider eliminating SPGs from the game if the new mechanics fail? -“We can never say never but for now we are not thinking about that.”

-Do you believe the new SPG mechanics will make players camp more? -“No. what made players camp was the “fear factor” from the damage they dealt. They now can play more fluid especially with the addition of reusable consumables.





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Digest: 9.19 Changelog / Other random Information

31 thoughts on “Digest: 9.19 Changelog / Other random Information

  1. Charcharo says:

    “– I spoke today with a bird about the possibility of Chinese Tank Destroyers to make way to the RU and Western Spy servers and so far there are no plans for it.”

    Well F* ck you too, WG.

    Not that I believe it won’t happen (with a delay), but still.

    1. Akina90 says:

      I don’t like the fact that the whole line ends up really similar to the Soviets, so I don’t want to see it come up on other servers. The whole line is a fantasy, why not come up something different, I guess is hard for WG and KZ come up something new

      1. Charcharo says:

        If they used For The Record, it would be semi-historical. At least projects and real plans.
        If it is to be fantasy – let it be realistic fantasy.

      2. Ulysses says:

        You shouldn’t care that the tanks are similar to Soviets or fantasies, new content is always the best and that is why they should be brought to Other servers.

      3. Thomas A. says:

        If you don’t like that then you might not like that the possible second Russian TD branch is very similar to the German WT line.

  2. “We didn’t- want to make changes to Premium Vehicles.”

    They really need to get over this line of thinking already or they will never be able to commpletely fix the gamess balance issues

    1. pixywing says:

      Yeah no kidding tier 3s with 400m of view range is disgusting, why not just hand out the less than $3 worth of gold the FCM is worth and nerf the view so it doesn’t ruin tier 3 games by seal clubbers for all eternity.

  3. Liam says:

    You can’t change stuff on things that already purchased, it never goes over well with the consumer . Just ask VW, 🤔🤔

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        They can, and they have nerfed premiums in the past (Superpershing). However, they greatly prefer not to, instead limiting the damage by controlling availability.

  4. dddzxc says:

    I can tell you that Chinese TDs are all fake tank .The WG and KZW ignore the reality Chinese TD (LVT(A)4 ZIS 2、LVT ZIS3、 light 85mm TD in1960)

  5. -Would you consider eliminating SPGs from the game if the new mechanics fail? -“We can never say never but for now we are not thinking about that.”

    Sorry, but am I mistaken in reading the exact opposite sentiment right here on this blog? That WarGaming have already considered eliminating arty from the game if the new mechanics failed?

    – If the stun mechanic does not take root then I fear that we have to remove arty from the game, entirely. So far no other solutions have been found that we can bring within a reasonable time, and that handles things as well as the stun … We tried other options, the problem is that they do not work.

  6. Rombat says:

    Stun mechanic is a shit mechanic. Neither spg players are happy with it nor the other players. Is just annoying anyone.

    1. NDGR says:

      I’m happy with it, avoided arty before this patch, playing it now. Hated being shot at before, don’t mind too much now.

  7. Steve says:

    “They now can play more fluid especially with the addition of reusable consumables.”

    While many players are (bemusingly) happy with reusable consumables I doubt they have yet considered how often they need to use them in an average game. In a front line tank it was possible to get through a game without using a repair or med kit, but now with stun and the splash radius they are repeatedly in use. WG are just trying to pull the wool over players eyes by disguising P2W as ‘fun’.

      1. Q says:

        The issue is not the cooldown or premium consumables per se. There were games where you did not have to use any consumables at all. Now you use them IN MORE GAMES = you are actually spending more credits = players with permium account have the advantage since they earn more credits hence the “pay to win” argument.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      If you don’t like p2w you should’ve stopped playing this game the first day Skorpion G rolled into the shop. Nowadays everything in this game is a joke.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Arty should have been left as it was. All these changes because people get caught by a shell.
    You know arty is there so take caution and if shit does happen well “war is hell “

  9. Patata Caliente says:

    So Storm is working on a “new project” … does it involve a bucket and a brush?! 😛 But I’m kidding, I don’t think he was as bad as people made him out to be. Being a community manager is tough, especially for a community as toxic as this one is. I wish him the best of luck.

  10. Bill grey says:

    If people cry about spg,
    why doesnt wg say, spg have been in the game since day1.
    If u fail to appreciate their appearance in game, the fault lies with you.

    Spg view mechanism realy bizzare compared to 3rd party “arty G” mod,
    But more accurate lol +arty still do 800hp in 1 shot lol.

    But wg stole all arty gold +cr bought ammo, with no compensation, so its not as if they didnt get 100% of changes wrong.

    Wg – dont give up your day jobs!

  11. Saša says:

    So far I have found stun to be mostly useless – no one from my team will wait 39 sec for me to reload (M40/43, reloaded decreased from 40 to 39 sec with last patch, yeah, great). Only now I cannot make 3-4k dmg to help team, just 1-1.5k … Previously I could kill enemy if ally calls for help, now with 200-400 dmg per shot I can hardly ever help… yeah, stun enemy and he will use repair kit…

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