Don’t Ask Questions: Moderator Abuse in World of Tanks Console’s Forums

Good day everyone,

Brief intro before we get started, this was brought to our attention several days ago by long-time blog reader and console player Firehawk894 after he sought some answers regarding the duties of certain staff members at WarGaming. After seeing the screenshots he provided, and knowing this isn’t the first case of WarGaming moderators abusing their own strike system to get rid of people quicker, we asked if he would like to speak up on the matter. Without further ado:

By Firehawk894

Hello everyone. So recently I logged onto the World of Tank console forums, just to see what the community had been up to lately, another thread complaining about Arty, someone complaining about Gold Ammo and so on. Surprisingly, I had a red flag next to my notifications, when I click on it, what do I find? “Your account has received its third strike”. I thought that was quite strange, given that I have never had a first or second strike during my years on the forums, only minor “educational warnings”. (The system on the WoT Console forums is a five strike system. Strikes are permanently attached to your account with the fifth being a permanent ban from the forums)

It turned out that one of the moderators didn’t take very kindly to me expressing the opinion that the game is being run down by heavy handed moderation, developers that ignore their wider community and job titles that sound like jokes but are actually serious roles.


As a previous article mentions, a certain member of the WGCB staff is on record (and photographical proof) calling the WT E-100 a balanced tank and generally saying it fits the game fine, even Serb himself has said that the WT E-100 needed to be removed. But WGCB decided to ignore the experience of the longer-running PC platform, ignore the opinions of their veteran players and just change the game in to what THEY want, as opposed to what the community wants.

Lately, concerns have been sprouting up in the community that the forum moderators are only there to smack-down any dissenting voices and uplift voices that are praising their game design, there have also been concerns that the gameplay experience is coming from a single viewpoint, rather then the collected viewpoints of the playerbase at large.

When I tried to raise this issue with the forum moderation staff, as we have been told to do if we have an issue, I was met with a very stand-offish response which eventually devolved into the forum staff becoming hostile and taking very strong measures to ensure my silence aka the third strike. The staff member I questioned merely tried to deflect my question and refused to give a simple answer, then added two other moderators to the chat and left, leaving his two fellow moderators to dish out punishment without context.


These actions only seem to compound the opinion that the forum moderators are very picky in their moderator actions, censoring people left and right for the ‘wrong opinions’ while openly ignoring more serious offenses such as death threats, from users who routinely defend bad WG decisions or actions. The general attitude of the forum moderators seems to be one of a superiority complex, or power going to people’s heads.


I would want to say that I’m disappointed or surprised by the actions of the moderation team, the secrecy about what is going on behind the scenes and the general uncaring nature towards the community, but this comes from the same office that stole work from a player and only ‘remembered’ to credit them when multiple people had already complained of their theft, so don’t put too much faith in their ability to make sound decisions. One forum moderator even had the gall to say that the actions of the moderators are the concern of internal supervisors, and nothing that the staff do or say should be the concern of the community at large, but quite frankly, when you have players scared to offer criticism of a game they only want to see improve, it IS the concern of the community.


As mentioned in an earlier article, the heavy-handed approach to forum moderation is the reason that a group of players banded together and made an alternate forum, where opinions could be freely shared without having to be constantly looking over your shoulder for the banhammer about to assassinate you.


This is being written 26/02/2018. I checked into my WoT profile on the Console Forums, to find that I have been permanently banned from the forums for violating the rule “Misc”, given the nature of my account being permanently suspended, that means I cannot log into my messages or notifications to receive actual details on what led to this unprovoked ban, in other words, it is a case of WGCB’s moderation staff abusing their power and then hiding the evidence behind broad terms that could mean anything. It is rather interesting and also suspicious that this very defensive nature occured after I posted a link to the RSR Discord and invited people to talk about the game there
(that thread can be viewed here), and that my PM conversations with one of the moderators appears to have been edited by a third party.

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Don’t Ask Questions: Moderator Abuse in World of Tanks Console’s Forums

103 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Questions: Moderator Abuse in World of Tanks Console’s Forums

  1. >Durr let’s be power abusing madmins/idiots and try to hide it on the internet, hurr that never goes badly.
    I really would like to ask these people if they think they’re special or something, you’d think after the numerous instances just in WG’s products that they’d get a clue but no.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      depends? WG SG is preety serious and/or passionate about their work, so stuff like screwups (especially of this scale) is basically unheard of. there has been no cases of mod abuse for…basically ever. i mean, i’ve been in SEA forums for years, and i’ve never even seen anyone complaining about mod abuse. most i’ve seen is mods AND ADMIN participating in the anime thread

      1. Anonymous says:

        i have to agree with you, SEA forums is a nice albeit salty at times but the mods here are quite ok

      2. Anonymous says:

        SEA forums got wrecked by the likes of PBKAC. I coped a permanent ban for posting in a thread which Tanitha then merged into another thread making my post off topic.

      3. wolvenworks says:

        kek. keep in mind that Tan rarely posts in the forums. i think you should contest it WITH EVIDENCE. arguing without solid evidence is plain complaining/whining

      4. Anonymous says:

        R. E. K. D.

        To be honest once people realized wg don’t care and therefore being passionate was pointless, the moments of angst involving mods dropped significantly. Nowadays most activity occurs when some nutter turns up with some crazy mm theory of similar.

  2. MatJan86 says:

    I think you got a bit of a typo there at the end of that intro. “we asked if we would like to speak up on the matter” I think second ” we” shoul be “he”.

    As for the article.
    Imagine my shock.

  3. Is anyone even slightly surprised. This has been going on for years. Since the very beginning in fact. Every time they come out with some PR bulmshit and deflect. Maybe say they are making changes to the team.

    And ta d’s everyone forgets. We are the stupid and literally insane ones. Do the same things and expect any different from WG?

  4. Ruthless4u says:

    Mods have altered members post to speed up and justify bans when they don’t like members, especially long term members. Ask a tough question, and you get a ban and when they show what ” you ” said in the ticket it’s been changed to add an insult or some other justification for the ban. Now we wait for wargaming’ s defenders to say this is bs without leaving their gamertag.

  5. lol says:

    Don’t feel bad. Feel proud. They have been smacking people on NA PC for years that way. But starting this year, they have been permaing anybody for no reason. no posts in the past 6 months? you are permabanned for “misc” or “severe violations of eula”

    and yes, only dissenters. game is dead, last ditch effort to hide it.

    Just make a new account and post. They are too stupid to look it up so don’t even worry about ips.

  6. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Butthurt cry article. Who cares about WoT on colnoles anyway? PC master race.

    Crying won’t change anything, the only thing that works is not paying.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      and? methinks that if this isn’t rectified, this kinda farce will carry over to PC. as doctors say, prevention is the best form of cure. don’t wait till the chaos spreads to PC: picket now

    2. Ja says:

      It’s not only a console problem.. wot pc employees are just as idiotic twats as console employees.. wg is laughing about the players

      1. Jigz says:

        Just petty flamebait drama….. The dude was flambaiting from the skin mod his stance on that was proved to be false and flawed RSR is endorsing this drama and flame..

        Petty pathetic

  7. fkuwg says:

    This game was going/is going/will go full retard. Russian tanks are all BS, the MM is BS, my teams are typically 7/15 LATAM laggers/bots/drunks/druggies/babies.

    Sadly I have 430 days of premium and 47.9k gold to go through plus a bunch of premium tanks that I previously bought.

    1. Robopon says:

      Wow, my dude, you just described every MMO ever. You either accept it and roll with it or play single player games, simple as that. All game publishers are greedy assholes, every community is cancer, deal with it and move on.

  8. Jurrunio says:

    These guys arent trained at all as forum staff. All they need to say when they dont want to answer such question is simply ‘sorry, I cant tell you that due to internal policy of Wargaming.’ Job done.

  9. So, yet another reason to steer clear of this game? As for this guy, jeez, getting ‘punished’ then not being able to have the means to find out why… Kafka would be proud of such a tactic.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The strike system was implemented to get rid of the most grievious of trolls…..

    It appears the mods (on console atleast) have become the very trolls that the strike system was meant to protect against…..

    I called this on the head a long time ago when the strike system was introduced on the PC forums….*sighs* Its only a matter of time………….

  11. FlakValleyExpress says:

    The same can be said for WoWP forums too. In all regions WG Moderators have been squashing the update 1.9 lovers vs. the update 2.0 lovers on the WoWP forums. Anyone that has a disagreement with WG on the current update 2.0 is givin strikes or outright forum bans. On the RU WoWP forums the developers are constantly challenged. The update 2.0 has driven a split in the WoWP community and is noticeable on all regional forums. It seems that critics by WoWP players to improve the WoWP game serves no more interest to WG anymore.

    1. As someone who still reads the WoWp forums on occasion, I think that is slightly different. The way I read it, the moderators told people to stop whining about it, because it served absolutely no purpose.

      Paraphrasing one of them here:
      “Look people, we know some of you don’t like the new update, but it’s here to stay. So either get used to it, start posting constructive criticism or just go away.”

      I can partially relate to that, as some players where just plain offensive.

  12. The only way to put a stop to abuse of power is to bring it out into the light. So even if I don’t give a rat’s behind about console, I would like to say: GJ, Rita. Otherwise, it remains somewhat baffling WG refuses to invest in mod quality. Proper moderation is good for everybody, except, perhaps, the trolls.

  13. wolvenworks says:

    Comrades, I propose a Shitstorm. Although I’m not of the Console community, we must stand with our brothers in arms to tear this injustice to light in order to dissolve this unjust tyranny for the sake of the players.

  14. wolvenworks says:

    wait WoT console is run by WG NA right? guess they prefer nepotism over actual work? no such bullshit in SEA: the mods are VERY reasonable.

  15. JesterUSMC says:

    I was permanently banned for answering an on-topic question in someone’s thread. Prior to the perma ban, I received a strike WHILE I was serving a prior ban and unable to post.

    I had a discussion going with Serpia WG on Discord why I was the only one banned when I had reported other forum members for multiple personal insults directed at me, which are still present months later in the same thread I was moderated in. She suddenly stopped responding once I was permanently banned and hasn’t said a thing since.

    The admin and moderators on the WotC forums are inept morons.

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    1. JesterUSMC says:

      Also wanted to point out that when I appealed the permanent ban, they stated my appeal was reviewed by employees that were specially trained in forum rules, or some nonsense, and they all agreed my ban was necessary…. For answering a question.

      Oddly enough, another person received the exact same response when they appealed a BS ban.

  16. DickHerMax says:

    Is this a joke? Stuff like that happens every day at forums. You can have a naked anime butts in your signature, but you get strike for putting Slava Makarov’s quote about arty being a good class for autistic people. You get warnings for swearing with censoring the word in half with **** and for being annoyed that topics get moved to Off-topic if they are critical (questioning admininistration) unless you are a renown buttlicker.
    “Shitstorm” is a bad word and you get a warn, but when you report another dude using the phrase “throwing shit at each other” you get warn for abusing the report system.

    So, I guess THIS guy must know someone from this website since his story is being published and the others are being ignored.

    I got 7 days ban in the game too for answering “did you just assume my gender?! :D” to a moderator explaining that he “is not a normal player, man” after I asked if it’s requirement for chat moderators to have below 500 battles and 30% accuracy…
    Ofc support did not find any violation then, but my post about it got removed from forums without any warning. When I made another post about my previous one disappearing with no trace, it popped back up locked and I got warning for quoting Support. Moderator claimed he just wanted to spare me a warning (haha, yep, same guy warning for Slava’s link with the quote about arty).

    WG moderators are just bunch of people who are not even interested in their products (seeing their stats and activity), only in having power of banning people. I guess this is why they decided to switch more into employeed moderators over freelancers.

    1. DickHerMax says:

      The only way I could prove the post was gone was one guy who liked the post. All other traces were gone, even in my profile. The only thing remaining was “XXX liked your post in [The removed thread]” and the links leading to the post and thread threw errors. But that was enough for a screenshot showing that stuff got ninja’d from the forums.

  17. NotYourBadger says:

    Stop crying that someone gets mad when you are an asshole to them and question what they do all the time. All I see in this post is someone constantly posing the question “what do you do? I DEMAND an answer.”. My closes analogy is a cranky old fart in a store complaining to the staff about the cans being stacked the wrong way on canned beans dept.

    If WG is horrible (which they are sometimes), take your business and money elsewhere. You are not entitled to having them implement whatever you feel is best for the game. Give your constructive input, but if they ignore that, move on if they game is too shit to play.

    1. Anonymous says:

      except, these canned beans are likely to make someone not come back to the store again for just a little criticism, it almost you sound like you mainly lure on off-topic which the majority of the post is not about, but about the game itself for becoming/heading towards a wreck, do you really want to have a WT E 100 clipping your games because some random ass mod wanting it in game? I can exactly quote your sentence.

    2. As always, the point evades you.

      The point is not “I want an answer right now or I’ll complain”

      The point is, WGCB’s reputation is shoddy at best, the larger community knew of someone in WGCB who genuinely cared for the game and was trying to work towards it’s improvement. Then that person was fired and his job replaced by Max, who work is shrouded in mystery behind the false title of “gameplay expert”. If you’re a gaming company, your players and customers should be your gameplay expert, not someone who’s views can be swayed by what earns him a paycheck at the end of the month.

      Max and the other moderators applied for and were given jobs that require interaction with the public, yet none of the moderators are capable of handling public interaction that isn’t the ground they walk on being worshipped.

      The game is slowly but surely dying of a cancer that WGCB has caused, which is the lazy work ethic (such as not being able to skin Tiger 131 properly), the constantly oncoming schemes for money making and everything else that the PC platform works to get rid of, WGCB strive to embrace

      1. NotYourBadger says:

        “As always”? Interesting since you do not know who I am. So your allegation only makes sense if you are used to people not seeing your point. Which puts the onus on you to make your point clearer. That aside…

        Your post contained mostly screenshots of you trying to get Max to respond to your overtly hostile question of what he was doing at work. The screenshot showing your third strike shows that the mods also thought you were aggressive and pushy towards Max in this respect. Though I would’ve thought they should have told you to ease up before sending a third strike, but maybe they did or maybe they did not.

        Yes, as an outsider (I don’t play on console) I agree that it looks like WGCB has problems. But surely Max not responding to your question about what he does is not one of those?

      2. SirGruut says:

        I dont see how this collection of screenshots proves anything except that the moderated replied nicely the first time and even linked to a stream after which you insulted him so he asked someone else to tell you that is not acceptable

  18. Anonymous says:

    Max has got form for being a snowflake when asked a non simple question. I remember one forumer getting a perma ban because they corrected Max in a PM when he posted something in a thread that was wrong, he added two WG staff to the PM and they accused him of harassing Max and perma banned him their and then.
    The forums have gone so far down hill since Lady O left, Max is just a jumped up nob who think he’s more important than he is and the other staff just back him up so WG doesn’t look (even more) incompetent.

    I’m actually amazed the game is still going on console to be honest, can’t be many new players they can con with overpriced reskins?

    1. NotYourBadger says:

      While I do not doubt that the permabanning due to a PM has happened, but anecdotes won’t help if you want to show that Max is an asshole. Show screenshots, posts, messages, and other things that are more tangible than an anecdote.
      Did you see a screenshot from the permabanned forum member? Did you trust that person when they said what went down?

      1. Anonymous says:

        He said he can’t get screenshots because he can’t access the forums because he’s permabanned.
        He’s not going to screenshot every interaction with a mod just on the offchance someone wants to see it 12 months later.

  19. NotYourBadger says:

    No, 75% of the post is screenshots showing Firehawk984 asking a WG employee in snarky tones what he actually does. Again, and again. If you consider that off-topic then we have quite different views on how to present an actual issue. Sure, the text itself tells about mod abuse, but why then but the screenshots front and center. Post screenshots about mods being assholes if that is what you want to show.

    Yes, please, qoute exactly “my sentence” that shows me saying that I want WTF100 in-game because some random ass mod wants it in-game.

  20. Anonymous says:

    someone said SEA is free from douchebag mods? lul you must be new here, SEA mods srsly have small penises because they always want to sound smarter and be the know it all.
    Any sound person should just stay away from the forums. It’s just toxic and vile, mods gang up and focus fire with bans and warnings often unjust.

  21. Brian says:

    You asked what he did, he gave you a link to a stream where he alleges to have answered your question. You accuse him of trying to dodge the question.
    He also stated he has previously given you a list of what he does.

    I fail to see how what he does on a day to day basis is any of your business. That would be a matter between him and his employer. Who clearly think he is doing an alright job because he is still employed.

    You have, to my mind, given nothing but evidence to support the banning of another toxic forum user who persists in insulting staff and is now trying to spread that toxicity by crying about it here. Or what this post should actually called “The bad men banned me for no reason even though I was actually being a dick. waaah waah waah”

    And if DecoNoir had an ounce of journalistic integrity he would have given Wargaming the opportunity to respond to the accusation of moderator abuse before publishing and included it in the article.

    1. His statement of previously providing a list of what he does is false. It does not exist in a forum post nor in my PM’s (I kept them all just in case). The stream link in question contains a very vague set of hints as to what max does regularly

      Also, it’s rich for you to talk about integrity when WGCB has none. Neither Deco nor myself can wait for WG to respond to the accusation because they thought to silence us permanently as their defence, rather than responding with facts or maturity.

      Rita herself was given a warning or first strike (can’t remember which) for simply saying hello in the middle of a thread.

      1. NotYourBadgersMum says:

        > Also, it’s rich for you to talk about integrity when WGCB has none.

        Let’s become that which we accuse our enemies of??

        > Neither Deco nor myself can wait for WG to respond to the accusation because they thought to silence us permanently as their defence, rather than responding with facts or maturity.

        Shit! Spetsnaz or just hired killers?

    2. Ruthless4u says:

      Problem is that MaxChaos has shown he has no idea what’s going on. Time after time players have pointed out misinformation on gameplay mechanics that he has posted. His responses usually involves warnings and permabans followed by post and thread deletion.

      For an employee with the title of expert who does not know how the game works or has a clue in general it is perfectly acceptable for customers to ask what he does there.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Max is know for providing misinformation, and the easiest way to tell when he’s messed up is by the way he dissapears from the thread after someone has corrected him.

        I can see him writing their tags down (the ones correcting him) so he can tell his Mummy and get the permabanned.

    3. Anonymous says:

      “if DecoNoir had an ounce of journalistic integrity” lol, what a joke
      deco is a glorified twitter spammer, he’s just lucky that Rita buys his BS
      this article is a fucking joke, and the person complaining is bannable trash

      1. DecoNoir says:

        As would be you’re various responses here, Leova. And you were once so happy to see me here when you thought I’d be kissing WarGaming’s ass 😉

        Unlike WarGaming, I’m more than happy to post the negative responses to my opinions. Especially when they’re written in such a manner as to prove my points for me.

      2. NotYourBadgersTurret says:

        Quoting from Deco’s response below since the software fails wrt to reply depth.

        > As would be you’re various responses here, Leova.

        As a response to someone who posts as “anonymous” it is disturbing. Deco either uses Leova as a reference to someone generic that the reader is supposed to know who that is. If that is the case, I don’t get it, but I am used to that. The other alternative is that Deco knows who the poster is and choses to demask the poster in his reply. This is the disturbing alternative.

    4. DecoNoir says:

      I’ve invited several WG staff over the course of months to discuss the direction of the game and other things over several channels. They’re refusal to be willing to discuss situations is their own prerogative.

      1. SirGruut says:

        Its nice that you want to help with improving the game but i dont see why management from one of the biggest gaming companies should spend time with a guy that helps writing articles for a blog. If you want to really change the game on console that you should probably get a job at their balance or communication department and make a difference from the inside. Stuff like this article doesnt get you anywhere.

  22. Kyros says:

    Nothing new or really shocking for me. Thats why they don’t nerf Type 4&5 and now added 2 new imbalanced Tanks, the 430U and 268 v4. It’s a simple business decision, add imbalanced tanks, let players grind it and donate to WG for faster grind, nerf it 3-6 months later. At the end it’s all about money.

  23. SirGruut says:

    I know the history of WOT console moderators but i think this is a case where they are (mostly) not in their right. I fully agree that forum mods will get somewhat pissed off after a random guy with a keyboard asks him what he does for a job. But the WG employee responded nicely and even put a little joke in there. He even replied again with a link to a stream he participated in (which is clearly one of the things he is supposed to do) . Firehawk then starts talking about dodging questions even tho he got a nice reply that even contained some details/proof. At this point i fully agree about the actions taken by the WG staff since this was just a guy that didnt get the answer he wanted (which is”i do nothing”) and kept on trying in a more insulting manner.

    In the end i agree with the steps WG employees took when looking at the screenshots that have been provided. Reputations from the past should not be used as an exuse to slander on the WG forum employees or development. This post is a disgrace

    1. SirGruut says:

      I noticed my last post was written badly because i rewrote it halfway throught:

      I fully agree that forum mods will get somewhat pissed off after a random guy tells them their job is worthless. But the WG employee responded nicely, put a little joke in there and he even replied again with a link to a stream he participated in (which is clearly one of the things he is supposed to do) . Firehawk(i presume since name is blacked out) somehow starts talking about dodging questions even tho he got a nice reply that even contained some details/proof. At this point i fully agree about the actions taken by the WG staff since this was just a guy that didnt get the answer he wanted (which is”i do nothing”) and kept on trying in a more insulting manner.

      In the end i agree with the steps WG employees took when looking at the screenshots that have been provided. Reputations from the past should not be used as an exuse to slander on the WG forum employees or development. This post is a disgrace

      1. Telly says:


        you must suck the sea mods cocks then cause they are fucking toxic threatening bunch of fucking assholes
        I blacklisted them all so i dont have to see there bullshit they write
        One mod named centurian_irl in general chat said he would ban me and the other player if the other player was to pm him emojies
        They are just fuckwits that bring the game to destruction

        one such mod wassabi just trolls the general chat and you get chat banned for saying f**k splet like that

        They only just stopped chat banning players for writing any other language other than english in general chat

        Its fucking asian server not everyone speaks english
        They think they are right because they follow the eula
        No they FUCK THE PLAYERS OFF
        Chat banned for stupid stuff
        Its the biggest bunch of fuckwit mods i have ever seen in my life


  24. Anonymous says:

    Guys are you actually surprised? Not only on console.. all the wargaming wot company Is the worst.. they live from
    The customers of the game but treat everyone who criticise them or has concerns like shit.. never had that in a other game before..

  25. MTG says:

    in every game (and WG titles especially) people with grandiose complex are likely to become mods.
    The trick is, firehawk, no one cares.
    Opinion of community on the forum doesnt matter at all, as long as players play and pay

  26. I knew Max had a superiority complex, and that RaiBot was power hungry, rude, and abusive with her powers, but this is beyond what I expected. Can’t say I’m too surprised though, they’ve been slowly devolving in their ability to do anything other than build their little cults on the forum.

    1. Anonymous says:

      RaiBot is worse in my opinion, she comes across as “your friend” yet she’d happily stab you in the back if it helps her agenda.

      And all those cat posts are bloody annoying, I mean it’s a tank game not a cat sim. (Grow up Raibot)

  27. Anonymous says:

    you harassed WG mods in Private Messages, and then you got banned
    …this is EXACTLY how the system is supposed to work
    good riddance! 🙂 🙂

  28. Most pathetic post of 2018 has arrived, good job, achievement unlocked.

    This whole situation and story is such bullshit and over-exaggerated. If he hadn’t have been such a douche, talking from the high horse, with that disrespectful and demanding attitude, then maybe he wouldn’t have been perma banned. Also, it’s totally not his business what a WG employee does. Still the most disguisting is how his nickname is censored, while WG employees’ are not. Wanna start a drama, but not up to taking the responsibility, total bullshit…

    There is a rude but true saying in my country: “If you are a whore, don’t be surprised when somebody fucks you”. I think it sums up prettymuch the whole story.

    1. Anonymous says:

      At least we now know one WG employee’s tag on here.

      (Could’ve been so much better than “the grippin channel” though)

      1. I’m not saying that WG’s mistakes shouldn’t be published, but this is not the case here.

        If you are retarded enough to keep annoying the moderators themselves, then don’t be fucking surprised when they ban you eventually. This whole post is a tryhard drama creation, when it’s obvious how this guy was an annoying idiot.

      2. Robopon says:

        So if somebody disagrees with a post it means they are a “WG employee” or a “WG asslicker”? World of Tanks truly has a pathetic community.

    2. At the time I wrote this. I was told the article would be posted anonymously so that the WG mods couldn’t make up more false strikes to add to my account. Then when it turned out the mods were breaking their own rules to get me banned faster, it was decided to just post the article anyway

      1. Jabster says:

        Im waiting for the watergate/rigginggate
        But i guess all the fanboys, will continue to troll any threads about such observations

  29. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, you were being a douche. You really were. WGNA could have handled it better and more efficiently by slapping you down the first time you did it but the mods are utter shit so I am not surprised they fucked it up.
    While your experience is a bad example, the WGNA mods do exactly what you describe. They punish posters they don’t like for imaginary infractions while ignoring significantly worse posts made by those they do like or who aren’t on the naughty list. All in all, WGNA mods are self-important idiots.
    Your experience is proof that even a blind squirrel can find a nut.

  30. Michael says:

    Rule 1, never give WG any money.
    Rule 2, if you’re pissed off, go elsewhere, play a different game
    Rule 3, never give WG any money


  31. Mr. Rolleyes says:

    1. WoT Console edit.? LOL? Seriously?

    2. Their Forum. Their rules!

    3. Publicly calling out a mod?

    4. Them: Corporate entity staff.

    5. You: Troll.

    Conclusion: The way you go about your work is destined to fail, unless what you wanted was to stirr up controversy in the first place.

  32. ruriggerpowerfilth says:

    The WG staff created the conditions for T-22 med riggers. They create fantasy stats and maps for op bias russian tanks. We all recognize what rigger rhymes with.

  33. Godwin says:

    They were heavy handed and unfair but imo the way you started the message thread with max was a little insulting too. Telling the guy you think he does jackshit and then asking him if you’re correct isn’t the best way to go about requesting information.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Tbh you were kind of harrassing him. But the issue i have is that no one from WGCB wants anything to do with comp, and those that try have no clue how to help. If they need help improving the competitive scene they could just ask D:

  35. Toodlepip says:

    I recently received a ‘warning’ in the regular WoT forum because I mentioned Jerabek’s name – more specifically, I said that I did not understand how Jerabek got his job … turns out that giving the real name of a Wargaming employee is a violation of the forum Rules. I can’t see how that was in any sense offensive enough to warrant a moderation, but whatever – it’s Wargaming.
    Perhaps they should consider turning their righteous anger at a worthier subject. Such as the rampant racism in the game, for instance.

  36. “made an alternate forum, where opinions could be freely shared without having to be constantly looking over your shoulder for the banhammer about to assassinate you.”

    Be careful with this statement/sentiment. In my experience of people going off to do their own thing on the basis of “I can say what I want” quickly turns into “I’m always right and If you question it, I’ll remove your comments” The atmosphere also turns from one where users support and encourage their enjoyment of the product, to one where they piss and moan about every minor nuance.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This article is pure garbage.

    It only sheds a bad light on the player asking MaxChaos24 in an impolite and suggestive way.
    He deserved the punishment he received.

  38. Jabster says:

    Im permanently banned from pc forums, the final point ban was for the horrific use of the word “clinton”
    Mean while a fan boy ive been reporting for >12 x abusive posts PER DAY, manages to not even get 1x day ban.
    Guess i should be lucky, no ones poisioned me with nerve agent yet.
    That seems like the commies usual way with silencing those with a functioning brain

  39. Jabster says:

    Not only console, pc forum also corrupt.
    They do not award punnishment based on rules.
    They make it based on if you are pro wg.
    Pro wg, can freely abuse players unpunnished

  40. Anonymous says:

    Dr Bodge had a thread deleted for showing stats proving that player numbers are dropping.
    I also just got a warning and my thread deleted for talking about things wrong with the game as reasons for poor retention.

    My thread –

    So with all the talk about player numbers thought I would post some of my concerns and potential reasons.

    Third time posting this thread as it keeps being vanished censorship much WG ?

    What are you afraid of?

    OP premium tanks at low tier not a great experience for new players helps kill retention.

    Poor map designs that favour only certain types of tank and poor rotation.

    T9+10 lt’s are nothing but paper mediums due to view ranges at those tiers.

    Refusal to listen to player base on things like limiting arty to two per team this has been suggested for years.

    Constant re skins while much needed balance changes are ignored.

    Seriously greedy marketing tactics and no universal accounts for prem time, currency and vehicles.

    Game modes that are absolutely pointless on certain maps Widepark encounter for example.

    Map imbalances like the td ridge on ghost town and poor suitability for higher tiers like Mines and Ensk.

    Lack of a good tutorial for new players to learn about the different tank classes etc.

    Just posted this thread a minute ago had one reply and the thread vanished. Did not show in my content either.

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