Don’t Be fooled by its size


received this WoT email, Wargaming you cheeky scrublord:


This is how you do advertisement. 😀

Thanks to Michael H. for bringing this to my attention!

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Don’t Be fooled by its size

25 thoughts on “Don’t Be fooled by its size

  1. Renarde Martel says:

    I got the mail and I was like “the first to own it”? Dude, you sent me this like a day after it went on sale guys, I’ve been owning it for hours already.

  2. siralexice says:

    No, you do advertisement by sending on Monday the World of Warships weekend special e-mail. Because f* logic.

  3. Colddawg says:

    Did they mess up the turret? The ratio of the turret neck looks completely wrong compared to the real life tank.

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