Double Q&A(Konstantiv Soldatov & Maksim Shuvalov): Polish Tanks, Arty & More


Gathered a double Q&A for you:

Answered by product director, Konstantiv Soldatov:

-New sounds and physics will be improved in the 9.15 patch. (RG: 9.15 and so on…)

-Like it was said before, SPGs will undergo rebalance. The devs want to pull arty into being a more supportive role instead of damage dealer. More details coming this summer (May-June).

-The match rotation issue that brings same map consecutive times in a row is in ASAP state/fixed as fast as possible. It was also stated that the problem is serious and it may take some time until we see such changes.   (RG: Haven’t they been saying this for years?)

-Devs are aware of the bug where the aiming reticle keeps on jumping and will be fixing it.

-The buff of certain premium vehicles (the list was published earlier) was requested a lot. It is not tied to the upcoming global rebalance.


Answered by product manager, Maksim Shuvalov:

-We are aware that the Polish tech tree is very important for the Polish community but there are already so far a lot of false rumours.

-Dev team is not 100% sure how the tech tree will look like because they are still gathering data. Depending how much data they will find, the Polish tanks may have their own separate nation or just be thrown into a European tree.

-This is not a issue that affects only the Polish tech tree but a general one due to post-war construction.

-The historical department is working on various European nations (gathering data): Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, etc.

-Historians looked for information in the Warsaw University of Technology archives but many data has been lost/removed long ago because it was unused and outdated (engineering, etc). But fortunately there are preserved copies.

-We found (give or take) 12 projects. Sample of the documents:

-Polish Tech tree is planned to be introduced in 2017.

-Why so late? We want each new tree to consist of unique vehicles unlike the Chinese tree which consists mainly of Soviet clones.

-Chinese tech tree was implemented to that WG could enter the Chinese market.

-Its possible that premium Polish tanks will be available earlier.

-I’ve heard of a HT invented by Stanislaw Lem- Its a good idea to bring it to the game but only as a special game mode for an event.


-The previous game modes were a success (Chaffee Racing, Football/Soccer mode, etc) and we will be doing such things more often.

-TKS is still in testing phase, its not even decided yet if it will be a tier II or III.

See also:

-Devs havent decided if TKS will be a Regular or Premium tank.

-“Rudy? I was a big fan of “4 armoured” and I love this tank.”

-Whether Rudy will be in Polish or Soviet line is possible, its purely a technical matter. Its even possible that players get to decided that.

-10 Premium tanks will get buffed in 9.15.

See also:

-Rampage mode was not as successful as we would like but there are several solutions in view, all of which we are satisfied about and will introduce in the future.

-We cant personalize tanks for the time being because there are more important matter to concern about/direct resources to. We added too many things in a short time which messes up the game.

-We wont remove artillery nor make +/- 1 changes because it would not solve anything.

-Its complicated that various tanks of same class have different roles in the game, we are aiming to simplify that.

-I agree that tanks like MAUS that should be leading an assault are victims of gold round spam.

-Artillery is cumbersome because of its long reload times and high amounts of damage it deals to opponents, we will be changing this class to fix that. (RG:See Konstantiv Soldatov’s answer on the matter above).

-We are working at the moment in a complete rebalance of tanks, crew skills and many other interface details.

-Several new tanks and maps will be introduced this year (RG: Don’t forget that Storm said that the team is planning to have less but better maps, most likely they are replacements of the crappy ones we have so don’t expect more maps).

-We will be further diversifying the sounds in-game.

-The new sound engine uses a different core than the whole game but we are working on it so the GPU doesn’t get so abused.
-Team is working on “HD” maps
-We are not giving up on BigWorld because we are continuously improving it, Its server part is what we have worked the hardest to make it work and we will not abandon it because we are satisfied with the results.

-WoT Consoles look good and we are aiming to do the same with the PC version. We will be testing weather elements  viability.

-A third server for EU? I know nothing.

-We are debating the possibility of adding a positive reward/report system like in WoWS.


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Double Q&A(Konstantiv Soldatov & Maksim Shuvalov): Polish Tanks, Arty & More

92 thoughts on “Double Q&A(Konstantiv Soldatov & Maksim Shuvalov): Polish Tanks, Arty & More

  1. Planon says:

    “We are working at the moment in a complete rebalance of tanks, crew skills and many other interface details.”

    Part of me hopes that the skill system is changed to something similar to WoWS, since that’s a more versatile system than the current one.

    “Its complicated that various tanks of same class have different roles in the game, we are aiming to simplify that.”

    I don’t like the sound of this though, it reeks of streamlining. Giving classes defined roles is a good idea, but various lines of tanks should retain their unique way of fulfilling that role.

    1. It sounds like they are aiming for a more defined rock/paper/scissors sort of system, so we don’t have medium tanks who can outperform heavy tanks in their tanking role for example. Which would be a good thing.

      1. Yeah, and how do you think to achieve that? Nerf T-62A turret armor to 50mm and buff AMX 50 100 armor to 120mm? Nerf 50B speed to 19km/h? Buff SU-100M1 gun alpha damage to 390?
        This kind of rebalance would be the most retarded, unreal and stupid thing which they could implement.
        General class characteristics as wiewrange, camo ratings some sort of roles and ideas are fine. But if they will try to make all in game heavies like an IS-7, then WOT will be doomed.. 🙁

      2. They already told us how they planned on achieving that, so any discussion about it is moot…

        It was postponed the first time, but they said they were still planning on doing it.

      3. [Seriously, implement EDIT already!]

        And they were also talking about adding class bonuses similar to what AW has (increased cap speed for LT’s for example).

    2. Xx1Tommy1xX says:

      Idk the crew skill system of WoT console is actually good. Only down side is that you work a perk/skill at a time. But you don’t need a 2-6 crew members, just the commander and the commander lear all the skill and perks. Is also not that time consuming to get them to 100%. The perk BIA in PC to work require us to place it on every crew console you just learn it ones and that’s it(it also go’s to repairs and camp).

      Another upside to this is that if you have premiums that have more or less crew members, you just dump the commander in the premium and it works perfect. Unlike PC depending on the premium you have you need more crew slots to train or you don’t have many crew slots. (Ex: hellcat crew 5- Scorpion crew 4)

      Personally I like the crew system on console that in PC.

      1. Planon says:

        I don’t mind having skills for all crew members, I just think the “Receive points to put in a skill tree” system WoWS uses is a tad better than the current skill system.

        I wouldn’t want skills to be reduced to Commander-only.

    3. RedFalcon_325 says:

      “-Like it was said before, SPGs will undergo rebalance. The devs want to pull arty into being a more supportive role instead of damage dealer.” So… WoT ends up with a lot SPG’s with the characteristics of the pre-nerfed FV 304. i.e. Low Alpha, fast RoF, good accuracy, shorter range with higher shell trajectory… All of the things the tankers screamed about that they hated about the pre-nerfed Bert. LOL Beware what you ask for. You may get it.

  2. fighting_falcon93 says:

    – “Artillery is cumbersome because of its long reload times and high amounts of damage it deals to opponents, we will be changing this class to fix that.”
    High alpha is the only thing that makes tanks like T92, Jaegeroo, Deathstar fun. But sure WG, listen to players that don’t even play TDs and SPGs. I’m sure everything will be soooooo balanced and fun if you only listen to 1 half of the communtiy.

    1. Joel Weimer says:

      1. T92 isnt a tank, it’s a self-propelled artillery vehicle 2.Waht if you miss is it fun to wait for minutes doing nothing (like the arty does game after game in my experience) 3. show me recourse where you know that “only” half of the player are complaining about arty(also know as:”skycancer”) since 2011 when the game official got released 4. if you wanna oneshoot something play sea war, you just need a friend, pen, paper

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        1. Doesn’t matter if it’s a flying cactus, it’s still part of the game and some players favourite vehicle.
        2. If you miss because of bad aiming/prediction, it’s your fault -> wait for reload. The problem is when you miss a perfect shot because of RNG.
        3. Show me where more than half of the players dislike arty? I stated half because it’s quite obvius that a lot of people like their T92 when T92 is ranked 14 out of 42 in frequency of occurance according to vbaddict. Or why do you think they’d grind over 500’000 xp to get it and then play it so much?
        4. Stupid argument. What do you think the selling concept for T92 is? Have you ever thought about that? When people start grinding their first arty line, and compare which line they want to start on. Why do you think people chose T92 over let’s say an Obj 261? Oh I guess you never thought about it that deep did you?

      2. Darth_Clicker says:

        Look up the definition of a tank. SPGs are a type of tank under most definitions. You should not make light of the term cancer by calling players this horrible disease. But, I know that all of the cry baby groundpigs have to call people mean names to make their points…lol. But, I am sure that all of these cry babies will continue to cry and complain after the arty rework because their will always be something in the game that they feel is the only reason why they are not the best player…except for their own skill level of course. Always a victim.

      3. pacer123 says:

        Try to find a definition that describe SPG as a type of tank-GL MATE. Arty is an area-fire weapon (except of large cal ones such as T92 or SU-14-2 which are fortress busters) and DOESN’T FIT THE GAME. OFC it’s still favored by many-in the same way as many people favor Justin Bieber’s songs, Twilight movies or Naruto. But DAMN do those things have really some good quality??? No bees no honey, no work no money. ARTY BREAKS THIS WELL-KNOWN PROVERB BY JUST SITTING IN BUSHES AND RELYING ON RNG ALL THE TIME. And please, don’t even try to tell me to play arty to know how it is- I played them and almost got tier 10 (GW E100) if i didn’t go for Obj140 and then lost all interests in them except a tier 5 I use for PMs.

      4. fighting_falcon93 says:

        What does the definition even has to do with this??? As I said before, it doesn’t matter if it’s a flying cactus, it’s still part of the game and some players favourite vehicle. And arty is SUPPOSED to fire from safe distance. Just because they work from safe distance doesn’t mean they don’t work. The RNG is indeed a problem, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they won’t buff accuracy, because how could they know that accuracy is a problem if they only listen to whiners that don’t even play arty.

    2. stormcrow99 says:

      T92 is a T92! That gun is a (excuse my language but it’s necessary in this case) motherfucking 24cm gun!!! Two hundred and fourty! They won’t make it load fast, just no.
      I get their intentions, but some things simply cannot be done, chill out.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        I hope you’re right. Can’t see the logic in giving a 240 mm howitzer the same damage as a 170 mm gun.

      2. pacer123 says:

        Solution? Remove and replace them by Cold War era’s SPG (152-155mm guns, ~1200 dmg). BC 155 55 is the way to go. Don’t even bother to add 1st gen guided rounds-WOT arty is already using them. OR even WT way is really good- I would like to get XP from grinding arty back.

      3. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Do you realise that people have grinded over 500’000 XP for one single arty line? Sure, WG could replace them, but in that case they’ll need to compensate unless they want to be real douchebags. You really think that WG will compensate players with millions of free XP and credits?

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        @Pacer123 Since the Reply system here is utter garbage, No arty doesn’t use guided rounds. You’re not an arty player and have no clue how little arty actually hits (not talking lefefefe or FV304, those abominations MUST BE NERFED. ACCEPT. NO. SUBSTITUTES.)
        and are pissed about oneshots and the like. I hear ya, it happens, but you need to calm down and think beyond your own ass.

        Also how do you replace the damage as you climb the tiers? Removal of high tiers isn’t an option. We’ve already established how people hate RoF and accuracy of arty, so that isn’t a thing. Mobility isn’t a thing that you change from one end to another just because of balance. KV-1 doesn’t go 60 km/h even if it had a 40mm gun and paper armor.

      5. Klimax says:

        @stormcrow99: No, they don’t need to be nerfed. They work correctly. (But I guess I found one of my victims… :D) Accuracy versus power. At least one can hit something semi-reliably, unlike with other SPGs…

      6. stormcrow99 says:

        @Klimax except this is a situation where it’s like a normal 1v1 tank clash, but only one has the ability to hit. If the arty is behind solid cover, it can fire over it, and the other tank has and never will have anything to respond with, since it’s immobilized.
        OH YES. YES IT FUCKING IS. One hit takes the tracks, the second one WILL WITHOUT FAIL be the second track, after that, no return. Bang, bang, bang, nothing you can do. The arty will not miss, you won’t get your tracks, it’s a one-sided torture session.

    3. Peter vis says:

      I see the point you make about the high alpha td’s like jt e100 and deathstar. In my opinion they should be turned down a little bit. And especially the prem rounds should go on the jt e100. Its retarded it gets that much pen, its not needed, it tales all skill of finding weak spots away. The isu bl-10 gun should be nerfed. Its not fun as tier 6/7 to Be 2 shotted by these guns you cant even bounce at the tier armor.

      Artillerie is just a mess. The high alpha and bad aiming ruins the game. You may like your arty’s but most people dont because it ruins the game. Le me as tier 8 medium just minding my own bussenis (not camping but full on attack) gets balanced by a tier 7 arty doing 1200hp… Well done wargaming doesnt Ruin the fun at all. It makes people Camp. Instead of not camping in my medium when I see arty I Camp more. It has a reversed effect of what they wanted. It was badly implemented and the devs were too proude on this misscarrage of a game machinic.

      But this is my opinion. Sorry for the long reply. :p

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        I agree with you that arty is broken, but I don’t think that lowering the alpha for the tanks that are basicly unique because of their alpha is a good solution. IMHO they should do this instead:
        1. Limit each team to only 1 arty.
        2. Buff accuracy so the arty hits where the player actually aims.
        3. Keep damage as it is.
        Observe results, and if necessary:
        4. Only allow HE for arties and make HE penetration 0.

      2. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

        Fix arty by

        1. Add Illumination shells to spot
        2. Add smoke shells to cloak
        3.Eliminate arty AP
        4. Add tracer rounds to call in bombardment
        5.Nerf arty camo
        6. Nerf arty range
        7. Buff arty HP
        8. Remove XVM
        9. Remove damage from arty from WG api.

        there I fixed it.

      3. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Sounds interesting, except for reducing range. Arties where designed to shoot from safe distance. Turning arty into something it isn’t is not the right approach IMHO.

      4. Nerf arty camo? LOL….if you nerf arty camo people playing pac man will be able to see arty and will get distracted. Nerf arty camo…that is funny. I need to take my GW E100 and go do some passive scouting I guess….lol…or even better, my Su-14-2. Now that is a vehicle with true ninja like camo qualities.

        Just as WG for an “easy mode” instead of asking for the list that 1N_Soviet_Russia asked for.

  3. Phentarus says:

    “-Its complicated that various tanks of same class have different roles in the game, we are aiming to simplify that.”
    Please dont. Really. The more variety the better. Dont bring the whole game to the level of the least skilled players.

      1. Blizzard36 says:

        It would depend on how they do it. Some of the confusion could easily be reduced by simply reclassifying many of the tanks that currently fulfill other roles than their classification usually does. WG has so far stuck to the vehicle’s historical listing because it is historical, even if it leads to a massive difference between expectation and performance.

        The AMX 40 and Valentine for example are only Lights in comparison to what they were fielded along side. And the French Heavies are only heavy tonnage wise, they perform more like Mediums. You’ld think with as long as they’ve been out everyone would know this, but I still have someone complain every other match about me not doing my job and taking hits for them in those French Heavies. Change the icon over the tank and a lot of those false expectations would go away.

      1. atomicemu says:

        Pershing was reclassified as a medium shortly after the war, long before work on M103 started.

    1. Considering the fact that the incoming arty rebalance will surely include a damage nerf, I dont think a gun even bugger than T92’s will ever be added. Or it’ll end up being another case of gigantic splash gigantic damages arty even post rework.

      This thing could do 2m holes in the ground, these are battleship guns we’re talking about…

      Just look at CGC’s current state (about 1 shot per minute, terrible accuracy making it unablento hit most targets, splash okay but requires gold to play well…) and now add an even bigger mortar gun without the huge gun traverse arc. 1 shot every 90s, 20s aiming time, 30m splash and 3k HE damage. That’s how it would be in current WoT.

  4. Ares says:

    I wonder, if in those 10 prem tanks, is Lowe. Cuz he is simple, way worse then rest HT with no prem mm. He is old tank, was buff, but not that what is bad in this HT, mobility, and lack of dpm for 320 alpha. But i have feeling, that Lowe wont get any buff.

    1. FeralGangrel says:

      While I would love a buff to the alpha, I doubt it will happen. The Lowe is a solid tank, and while it has its shortcomings, not bad by any means. Prems shouldn’t be better than same tier equivalens.

      1. Ares says:

        So tell me, how IS 5, IS 3 a, are tanks with more DPM, and bigger alpha dmg. They are faster tank, with better armor. And pen on those tank are not bad.

        320 alpha should had lower dpm that 390, so why 100mm soviet tier 10 meds, have better dpm then most 105?

    2. Lowe doesnt need buff.
      Learn to play it like it should be played, this is not a “tank” nor a damage dealer. This is a support vehicle made to hit targets accurately from distance, able to bounce effectively from average range, and mobile enough to get into position.

      If you want a contact tank doing huge damages, go for IS-6 or T34. If you want a mobile medium-heavy, FCM50t. This tank follows the german tank gameplay perfectly : good luck to win dpm fights or to absorb damages in a Tiger II. Lowe is just as balanced as prems should be : better than a stock Tiger II, but worse than an elite one.

      This tank does not need a buff.
      What needs a huge buff is the brain of people playing this tank, who completely ruined its reputation and ask for needless buffs because they expect to get results driving it like a regular heavy tank.

  5. Anonymous says:

    -New sounds and physics will be improved in the 9.15 patch. (RG: 9.15 and so on…)
    /// so………. my tanks will stop sounding like LAWNMOERS!? ……… ofc they wont. As if…

    -Like it was said before, SPGs will undergo rebalance.
    /// Jaja… hearing that one since Beta.

    -The match rotation issue that brings same map consecutive times in a row is in ASAP state/fixed as fast as possible.
    /// Jaja… hearing that one since Beta

    -Devs are aware of the bug where the aiming reticle keeps on jumping and will be fixing it.
    /// Its not a bug. Its THE AIMBOT EVERYONE USES…. so yea- no fix necessary. thanks!

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      No seriously, that’s all that comes to mind. Pessimistic butthurt little dumbfuck who only reads RSR to hate on WoT. Get a life.

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

      Have you actually heard what a tank sounds like? until modern tanks you did not have the high whistle of a turbo diesel. the deep throaty grow that you desire is only produced by specialized exhaust systems. WG nailed the sounds, if they sound worse you are playing with shit hardware.

    3. You dont even know what you’re talking about idiot… New sounds ARE realistic, go play pacman if you want shit sounds.

      ”Like it was said before, SPGs will undergo rebalance.
      /// Jaja… hearing that one since Beta.”
      Well dude you havent played WoT a lot since Beta because arty got completely destroyed in 8.6, and 9.6 made it even worse than it was (and that’s a hard job).

      And on the aimbot, keep sucking on youtuber’s D, that’s totaly the way to get taken seriously here. “wow QB showed a replay of aimbot so everyone uses it !!!! 11 ! ”


      1. Anonymous says:


        YouTube: tortoise tank…
        2nd result. Sounds kinda like a jet engine at times, while pushing the engine speed. -compare.

        Or u want bring the “can’t record all tanks argument?” Cause not even a fraction of the in game tanks still drives. Not to mention this kinda iconic.

        If anyone is “not smart” (Mr insulting makes me adult)
        Talking about realism… Its an arcade game. (I leave this one open for you, to count how often realism comes into play. They pull two cards out of their hat : realism / gameplay -which ever fits right now. Just like you do now too. Thats.. What was the word again…? Right… Being a hypocrite.
        At least I know what I like. I like the gun and richochets…and some engines… But I dislike that tortoise..
        T34prem etc sound like a lawnmower. (Look this sound up too. You might notice something)

        Fact is: Arcade is their strong point.
        If I want it real (including sounds) I start WT or some sim.

        That why their fun modes are popular. That’s why wot is unique in it’s way. That’s why they can get away with a lot of weird- yet entertaining stuff.

        Not because of realism.

        I highly doubt, you guys care anyway. I won’t find threads with ur name on it, about topics like “remove fake tank xyz from game”

        Realism tourists.

      2. Billybob says:

        “Retard ur hereto hate”
        Oh I live that line. Good job Fanboy.

        That’s where WG community gets his reputation from!

        … He rather sounded disappointed, than swearing like u.

        Many asked for old sounds during QA….- those must be retarded too… – which comes back to said reputation. /endLoop

        Last time the overall reception was better. Bevor that-worse… Will change again. Might improves for a certain %/of “retards” (which ever side ends up as minority)

  6. Horizonwalker says:

    -Chinese tech tree was implemented to that WG could enter the Chinese market.

    Oh, yes, they are telling this lie again. WG had already entered Chinese market prior to the implementation of Chinese tech tree, they made this tree purely because they want more money.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      And GOOD they did! The Chinese tree with the medium-heavy hybrids is some of the most fun this game contains when done right. The T-34-3 and the 59-16 are only some good examples.

    2. Actualy the chinese tree exists in the game since Type59 ans Type62 came out. You could see a “chinese” tab in the shop/hangar or whatever.

      If they consider this the chinese tree (as empty as it was) they’re right.

    1. Blizzard36 says:

      I actually enjoy the Chinese lines more than the original Soviet ones because if those slight differences.

      But you have to admit, when you’re looking at having 4 or more very similar lines of tanks instead of 2 those small differences are less and less interesting.

      They were able to find a unique line for the Czechs, but I doubt they could manage it for the Poles, Hungarians, AND Romanians as well. Sooner or later they’re going to end up repeating.

      1. Dowbor says:

        We have many unique tanks up to tier VI (more than twenty projects). WG have found another 12 projects after WWII it’s enough to create more than one minibranch.

    1. A polite way to say everything you grinded for is gonna be changed so much it would become a separate class.

      For exemple if you currently spent 500k xp to grind T92 for its huge alpha damage, know that this will be gone and you’ll *probably* get much less alpha for much better reload and accuracy, but then there would be no point in using this arty over Obj261 for exemple.

      Same for FV183 : you should not be able to oneshot tier X with it. Or maybe you’ll still be avle to do that because it requires cheat ammo and that means more money for WG.

      And last exemple : medium tanks wont be scouts anymore, instead, scouts will be scouts (crazy right ? Medz steal ur jebz ! )

  7. Sack Storm
    he is the main reason that WOT is so shity to play now before he took over 2 years ago yea it had problems for sure but only minor ones,

    now its real awful to play race-car-battles – this 5x weekend I saw my first sub 3 minute battles CAN it get any worse? yes it can! judging by the previous 2 years of messed up patches and Maps

    2 years ago it was 15% RNG (now 25% ( for comfortable Heavy Tank play
    2 years ago Maps were mostly ok (now ALL corridors zero cover
    2 years ago Match Making actually looked like it was working ( now there is ZERO Match Making
    hence the 3 or 4 minute battles

    2 years ago LTs and TDs had a role (now? both are pointless, may as well delete them from tech tree (make dumb Heavy Tank players happy

    ~ I think WG actually planned all this, it is deliberate cannot be an accident game to be this poor now

  8. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “I was a big fan of “4 armoured””

    Of what??? “4 tankers and a dog” is a book that “Rudy” comes from. Never heard of “4 armoured” though.

  9. Ares says:

    Victor said, that 10 oldest prem tanks, will be buff. So type 59, KV5, Lowe etc. I wonder, 9.15 or 9.16, or never, cuz its hard to trust them after 10.0

      1. Ares says:

        Hard to say, gun has bad pen for LT, only AMX has worst, but he has auto-loader. They buff type 62 few patches ago.

    1. You can forget about your battleship gun in the tank game.

      They choose to go for an arty rebalance. So no hope to see it. It would have worked in the current arty gameplay but any rebalance to make things playable for both arty and target doesnt fit with such a huge caliber.

  10. Uuuhhh says:

    I love the comments on these Q&A sessions. The “solutions” some people come up are gold. They usually involve punishing people who actually spend money on the game or nerfing something b/c they don’t like it. I will say that I play on the NA server, and I spend my money on the game. My only issue with the game is MM. I couldn’t care less if one TD has insane pen compared to the others of the same tier. I do care about going into a match facing 3x as many Heavies or facing a platoon of 3 otter or simp unicums and their t110e5’s. But that one really can’t be helped lol. But over all, the game is great and almost all the complaints I read on these comments just seems like a lot of sour pusses who didn’t take the time to research which vehicle lines are the most rewarding to go down. They’re mostly user error, and if u don’t like arty being in the game then Blitz is also on the PC. Oh and one last thing, tortoise4life

    1. The funniest are regarding arty :
      -After saying billions of times it wont get removed, “remove arty from game !! ”
      -Without knowing how random arty accuracy is already “nerf accuracy !! ”…

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      Most of the tanks that have preferential matchmaking need it, with the exception of the FCM50T. Tanks like the Valentine II at the shallow end of the gene pool to the IS-6 wouldn’t cope as bottom tier. Then there’s the B1 and the Dustbinwagon which are painful enough to grind with +/-1 MM spread. They’d either have to buff the tanks to make them adequate as bottom tier or offer a refund on premiums which would be extremely expensive.

  11. Jacob Tan Jing Hong says:

    Maus victim of gold, Type 5 victim of gold. Apparently the “unicums” are so skillful, autoaim hold down left mouse button, farm WN8. Its really pathetic coz they are too fking lazy to aim and flank and yet are considered good players, but when arty XVM snipes them they complain how skill less that is fking ironic

  12. jetpowerfie says:

    Do we have a release date? I saved off a lot of 8-ball replays and I wanna record them off before the update but I lack the time right now.

  13. Migsaec says:

    Arty as they are right now, imo, is more of a support role than a damage dealing role. You still depend on the team to do the bulk of the damage and spotting. All they do is drop a HE shell on enemies to make the team’s work easier every… 30 to 50 seconds?
    The problem is the damage, but with the reload as it is, the high damage balances it out, kind of. Who wants to fire a low damaging shell(if it hits) and take 40 seconds to reload?
    If they reduce the damage(which they should for some of the arties), they need to buff the reload to make it up for that. Lower tier arties need better reload as well.

    Gold, well, implementing a limit of how many gold shell you can load into the tank could be a start.

  14. madogthefirst says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I like my crew skills just the way they are. This ain’t too say that if they made the lesser used ones more worth while I be too heart broken. All I can hope for is that they do not change it to a similar crew system in Warships.

  15. Me says:

    The new sound engine uses a different core than the whole game but we are working on it so the GPU doesn’t get so abused.

    This is either google translated, or writted by total dickhead. How is GPU abused by new sound engine? They are using CUDA/OpenCL for SOUND calculations?! And if yes, they will offload it to CPU to be more busy with calculating crap than it is now with calculating nearly everything instead of GPU?

  16. George H. says:

    I think it would be cool if they added the starter whine noise as the engine turns over at the beginning of the game.

  17. Teobold Tor says:

    I wonder what’s going to happen to crew experience if they change it too much? I’d be happy with them reworking it to be more like WoWS or AW in theory but then they’ve allowed people to convert free experience to crew experience so people would probably get quite upset about that and I like my 4 skill crews. Although, premium tanks are sold in part as crew training vehicles so they probably won’t do anything too drastic, because money. Plus the amount of gold used to retrain crew skills.

  18. Paul Marshall says:

    I think that they are looking too hard at rebalancing the whole game and it’s a bit worrying because the single most important thing to fix first before any tank rebalances (with exception to the odd few tanks we know to be totally OP) should be the MM!

    They need to fix the amount of tank classes per side. So often (especially in high tier games) you can very often predict the outcome of the battle based on this.
    For example, we see the enemy has lots of mediums, and we have 2 and on any given map this can totally influence the outcome of the battle… Maybe the enemy has 2 TDs and we have 7… Oh no campy team time… etc,etc

    Fix it by giving each team a more even amount of heavy, mediums and TDs at that tier. So if they have 5 x tier 10 mediums, then we must have at least 4, 5 or 6 as well – not 1x tier 10 and 4 x tier 8s to counter them. This sort of scenario forces players to do stuff they wouldn’t normally do.. e.g. “F*k going to the 9/0 line – I’m just going to get annihilated by tier 10 meds”.

    I would suggest a 2 tank spread. So if they have 5 heavy, we should have at least 3 but never more than 7. If they have 6 mediums, we should have at least 4 but never more than 8. So no team ever has more than 2, or less than 2 of a certain type of tank.

    I know there is a lot more to take into consideration, with regards to how it’s done, and I would hate to see an AW approach where you see a similar amount and type of tanks on each team to make it totally even – that’s boring. WOT has enough tanks to overcome this problem I think.

    If the MM worked more fairly, I don’t think people would cry about the balance of tanks so much because the odds of a game would be left in the hands of players and not what cards the MM has dealt you.

  19. Liam Gavaghan says:

    Reading what alot of people are saying here, I get the feeling that everyone has an opinion. But, the reason they have TD’s is to stop people from rushing from one side of the map to the other. We have arty, to punish people who hide behind a rock the entire game. If you get hit by either or, it’s your own fault.

  20. wolvenworks says:

    i say if they wanna make a PVE system, something like AW’s would be nice. i really hate WOWS’s co-op mode since there’s less ships to blow up than Randoms, and it’s nowhere as rewarding as Randoms. for someone like me who just wanna shoot 350mm cannons for fun (and not for the utter sole purpose of soulless grinding), it makes the steep grind to get Carriers (and getting the fuck out of Myogi) a vertical grind (i.e. i give up)

    1. wolvenworks says:

      ps: admittedly, i’m also a sucker for AW’s “more tanks the better” policy. i mean cmon, who DOESN’T want MORE TANKS? it’s one of the best no-brainer counters to WoT, AND you get income boosts for hoarding tanks. to consider, if WoT implemented that system of free garage slots, i would have to extensively filter my carousel just to find one tank in 100, but at least i don’t have to sacrifice one of em for a slot

  21. “the Polish tanks may have their own separate nation or just be thrown into a European tree.”

    lately WG has been saying they are taking more into account what players would like in the game and here’s proof of that, the European tree was desired by the players and at some point WG denied it but now with their change in attitude we might finally get it, much to the joy of the Italian or Polish Tree fanbase

    of couse there’s also those competitors fanboys and chronic haters who will say this is all a lie and that WG didn’t change

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