Down the Memory Lane: Type 59/Patton Hybrid’s story


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After the past Q&A gathering and by the way, your questions have been submitted, thank you for sending them in, I do –in a sadistic way– enjoy reading what are the topics the community is mostly focused on, that not only allows us to orient ourselves at RSR but it also bring article ideas. As far Q&As go, I rather be a channel and letting you have a voice than asking my own questions, after all, I most likely would “definitely not biasedly” spam WG that the buffed T95 is unfair and I demand a Tortoise speed buff too.

Anyway, especially after the last Q&A I noticed that the 59 Patton has become somewhat a hot topic again but I also notice that most people are not aware of its entire background. I have, in fact, 2 years ago posted an article about the vehicle when it came out but I do not expect people to remember everything, heck, I have trouble remembering it all so instead of going “Support team” mode and paste the article’s link a gazillion times as an answer I am dusting it off and bringing it back up again.

So without more delay, here’s the story behind the 59 Patton which also lights how things work in the Chinese server:


“Hello warriors,

recently, it was leaked that the Chinese tree would get a new tier 8 premium tank, a Type 59 hull with Patton turret. Naturally, given how ridiculous this thing is, most people simply assumed it’s a fake from “SerB’s design bureau” (and a bad one at that). But is it really?

To find out, we contacted the best person for such question – Wargaming’s very own historian, Yuri Pasholok. He confirmed that the vehicle is “real” – in a way.

As you probably know, China has some very specific laws and it is for this reason that the Chinese server is completely independent. In return, the Chinese server operator, a company called Konzhong pays Wargaming license fees and also provides some information on Chinese vehicles.

And here’s the issue. Pretty much nothing coming out of Konzhong is verifiable in western sources, so stuff like T-34-1, T-34-2, 112, 113… all these could theoretically be fake. They were given to Wargaming simply as a DVD with a bunch of drawings (no historical documents or anything, just drawings) with descriptions and designations.

The Type 59/Patton hybrid is exactly this case as well. It comes from Kongzhong without any photo or proof. According to the Chinese, this project didn’t exist other than as a proposal – it was a product of the “thawing” of relations between USA and China and never went anywhere, as it was significantly flawed from early on (the turret rings don’t match and there is no real reason to put a Patton turret on Type 59, it’s not like it is better or anything). Chinese “favorite” method of explaining absence of any documents is that the “prototype was destroyed during nuclear trials”, so if something like this appears in the description… well, we’ll just have to see.”

Hope this has enlighted you or refreshed your memory.

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