Drive Through Video For Minsk “3”

A video to go with the earlier DecoNoir post.


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Drive Through Video For Minsk “3”

11 thoughts on “Drive Through Video For Minsk “3”

  1. Grunt says:

    I think there is a lot of open, flat space at the moment and the river gives me an erlenber feel with only 3 ways to cross. The desing looked promising (from maps on this blog) but this doesnt look finished at all.

  2. heinz says:

    All i see is corner fights and instant death zones. To say something positive as well: It looks better than Paris. But what i hate is that all new maps have at least 1/2 of the area buildings so heavy drivers don’t cry like babies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too DO NOT WANT to see another CITY MAP. I think tactics wise, it looks only a little better than Paris. It reminds me a lot of Paris, and for many players, Paris is a FAILURE.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It looks AWFUL.
    Flat, no cover it may as well be a table top – which is where I think WOT will end up as that way the Heavies will not have to worry about any tanks sneaking up on them. They have actively decided the only winners should be heavies , so more will play them, buff the armour reduce pen , so more spam gold and of course you cannot run without a premium tank or premium account so more cash for WG.
    And if you have the shame to play lower tiers in order to raise credits – well then your Hall of Fail stats do not count as you need an average of Tier 6.5 to count. Which means every time you drop down the tiers you need to play hi tiers again (Spam Gold) to balance to tier 6.5!

    Total cash grab and they completely forget why this game was good and why it was popular.

    10 friends of mine have stopped playing for these (above) reasons.

  5. in 2 years or more all we got was
    Paris (Rubicon)

    City maps ..

    and around 11 0lder but fun popular open Maps to play removed / deleted this within 2 years,
    why fuck knows.

    now WG give us this shitter of a brawling City map
    do we need even more brawling Heavy tank paradise Maps

    fuck no!
    stick this shit Map up where WG sun don’t shine

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, it seems like we’re getting a new map and probably as soon as 2020 nontheless! To bad it’s quite small and more of the same, but you can’t have everithing right? If having 10 maps removed in the last years is the price to pay for this masterpiece that we’ll probably won’t see for another couple of years I’m sure we’re all willing to pay!

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