ELC EVEN 90-T8 French Premium. LT

Another tier 8 premium is coming to the game in update 9.21 the French ELC EVEN 90 tier 8 Light tank. We have some screen shots alone and with a Maus, MS-1 and UE 57 for size comparison, also latest stats.

Images from WOT Express English overlay on Tank Inspector screen shot by RSR.

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ELC EVEN 90-T8 French Premium. LT

58 thoughts on “ELC EVEN 90-T8 French Premium. LT

      1. wolvenworks says:

        it’s tier 8 from the looks of it. since troll plats are no longer available, good luck with that since LTs are never toptier outside tier 4

      1. StandupPhilosopher says:

        you don`t need multigun mechanics for the ontos. make it a 6 shot autoloader. no need for any new mechanics.

      2. volcanares says:

        if you add M50 Ontos than add ELC EVEN 120 (4x120mm guns) plz (https://i.imgur.com/yb6SxAy.jpg)
        or even the ELC EVEN 120 twin autoloader (https://i.imgur.com/DN7XsyB.jpg), you can clearly see 5 shells per magazine so 10 =D
        There are also several proposals with multiple guns made by AMX for the chenillette 6t or ELC program if you are interested i can show you blueprints (6x105mm, 4x120mm and 4x150mm yes 4x150mm guns)

      3. exactly, just make each gun fire in rotation as if it had a drum that was rotating like the french autoloaders, furthrmore I suppose you were thinking about the MULTI-TURRET mechanism because the multi-gun mechanism was developed long ago for the super rare Marmon-Herrington MTLS-1G14 with dual 37mm autocannons
        there are a few video reviews of it on youtube

        btw, it depends which Ontos they decide to add, there’s the most famous with the 6 rifles but there’s also with a single or double rifles, etc…

    1. Deadman_38 says:

      WG need to introduce more premiums to earn money to update the game. They will not work with this game at all if ehy are not earning money… Would you make a F2P without any way to earn money out of it ?

      1. Uh no. WG needs to fix its problems to get more players playing. More player playing means more players spending.

        Besides, WG already earns enough to update and add content. Premium account is already their main source of income. Not premium tanks.

  1. alehodero says:

    I haven’t bought a tier 8 premium in a long time, but I am going to buy this the day it comes out, if it comes out. Super hyped for this tank, love the size and that 38% camouflage rating.

  2. jenik2398 says:

    Well it is looking quite retarded 😀 But I like it 😀 the size makes it cute – maybe good trainer for my ELC AMX Bis? (yes still playing it even after these nerfs)

  3. This is the most retarded premium candidate ever. Size of an MS-1, 70 top speed, probably the best camo, and a better gun than the normal light. And you can start crying how it’s DPM is bad and everything else is bad, but it’s size,camo and speed trio will make everyone suffer no matter what…

  4. MaXXonite says:

    Damn ppl Will underestimate that one to on battlefield, just like the AMX 13 57, i’v Been called all kinda thing postgame after som fights, the bigger thank i’v killes the harder the words. Bring it on. IF ya know to handel it, it Will sertain rock some ppl outa their doubts.

  5. This thing is so UP it will probably become a meme. 600 dmg every 25 seconds… It might as well not have a gun. What a joke to get this as your top tier in T8. It is worse than the AMX 12t in tier 6 and this is supposed to be a T8?

  6. Indy_ah says:

    That camo, size and speed is really good, but that dpm is so bad.
    660 dmg in the clip, 25 sec reload and 2.3 sec intraclip. Well it can scout like a boss, but this wont use much when you cannot fight other tanks properly. Superb tank for open maps, but a really bad one for city maps.It is also really teamdepending with that dpm. Well i really dont know if i buy it or not.

  7. Keller says:

    My 1357 is going to eat this thing for breakfast lunch and dinner. Unless they buff that gun it is worthless as top tier where you need to be dealing damage. And as for the spotting and scouting 380 isn’t great. The only thing it has is mobility, camo and above average depression. Which with current map meta is not viable. How many 600 and 800 meter brawlfest maps do we have? Can you imagine this on mines as top tier going hill? You will be rammed to death before getting a shot off. If not I’ll rip it to pieces with any other light tank.

    1. Phat_Buddah says:

      It´s tru KELLER, the AMX 13 57 will def make stardust outa this one initialy, in it´s present state, but since this numbers of the presented stats is just a “teaser” i think it will be a new Tier 8 “13 57”, or atleast i hope, cause i really love be a irritating wasp with my AMX 13 57 at the moment, and like i stated be4, the Bigger the tank the more ignorant they are at that light tank, but after the game they will def look into post stats and check out, WTF was that….a Wasp on Steriods….. 🙂

  8. Will meet Tiers 1X/X/X1 (Tiers 9 and 10 and 11)

    with that shit gun 175 pen with AP AND with only 3 shells in a mag and 25 seconds to load
    lol o lol!

    Tier 10’s will farm this for jolly fun the thing will be a light snack for Tier 10’s

    ~ should be preferential with those shit gun stats –

  9. ShoterPipe314mm says:

    Bulldog You`re the dead man….


    ELC EVEN 90:


    – HE: pen. 45/ DMG 270;
    – APCR: pen. 215/ DMG 220;
    – AP: pen. 175/ DMG 220;


    Forward: – 70km/h;
    Reverse: – 20km/h;

    Concealment (if this thing (ELC EVEN 90) is real small (photo)):

    – near by 670 ~ 750 (without the Camo. Net);
    – 796 ~ 810 (with the Camo. Net and Gold Camo).

    ….. Okay WG…. Go Ahead….

  10. arthurwellsley says:

    DPM is poor, probably bad gun handling, not good enough view range. Meh will still probably buy it as I like light tanks and have a 13 57 already as well as types 62 and 64 and Blackdog.

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