Enhanced Customization in Testing

Good day everyone,

As mentioned in a few developer Q&As in the months leading to now, enhanced customization is now being tested, and looking to come out in December with 9.21. This includes being able to paint individual parts of the tank, scaling camo patterns, and some changes to the emblem overlay interface.

No fear though for those who prefer the more historical aspects of the game (such as they are). There is apparently an in-game option to disable non-historical camouflage.

Also of note, and as also mentioned in various Q&As, there will likely be more customization possibilities coming in the future. This “3D” customization will bring customization camo nets, helmets and various other bits hanging off the tank. None of which will affect gameplay or armor models.

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Enhanced Customization in Testing

52 thoughts on “Enhanced Customization in Testing

  1. skivster says:

    Something thats already in War Thunder.
    Played WT really long time ago, lately saw Boris’s WT video. Apparently you can put bushes and other shit on your tank. Pretty neat!
    And now it comes to WoT. Even neater 🙂

    1. The bushes in WT can be used to obscure weakspots – although weakspots in general are less of thing in WT in general (I swear at least half the time I get killed by penetrations directly through the mantlet, lol).
      Obscuring weakspots in WoT would be much more gameplay affecting, so it’ll be interesting to see how they implement it.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        What weakpoints? :Kappa:

        But on a more serious note, I doubt that there will be large, obtrusive “Decor”. Even if there are things like bushes, the Penetrator Indicator exists here, unlike in WT

  2. Mexican says:

    Now the ridiculous “clown” camou for desert environments of the British tanks wun be the only meme-ist things I put on my tanks now :^ )

  3. Hopefully you’ll be able to turn it on only for your tank, so that we can maintain historical battles (imagine pink Maus of terror rolling towards you) whilst being able to further enhance the historical appearance of our tanks via helmets, camonets etc.

  4. sturmi0545 says:

    equally fun and useful as the truck horn they thought about introducing …
    as long as you can switch it off and have some kids financing the game with it, I am fine.

    1. Let’s just not bother with the fact that the dev team has been working on HD maps, new tanks and this for a while now, all of which incurs new balancing changes often.
      Let them make their pretty colors, as long as they don’t fucking leave the game in the dust

      1. Never mind says:

        All that is just “pretty b.s.” and does not improve the game play address the still broken MM, or address artty or gold ammo. WG is the master of deflection from the issues.

    1. Yomir says:

      why didn’t you put camo on it till now? Cause is costs gold? do you think this new feature will be free?
      WG: “You underestimate my power!”

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ll paint my death star pink and purple with yellow gun. Gonna throw some flowers on it too, just to make my targets day look prettier for 3.4 seconds. 🙂

  6. Thander_Tank says:

    Now the next step is to completely change the mechanics of artillery because the last change has not improved in almost anything in the game, they remain stupidly annoying, and any artillery-free battle is much more interesting and fun

    1. Partybooper says:

      The only good information I took from this article:
      “I don’t see that BS if I don’t want to.”
      That’s the most important part of this “feature”.

  7. CrochetyOldGit says:

    What would be still nice would be the Welsh,English and Scottish flags.
    They are independent countries same as Russia, Belarus,and Ukraine are.

  8. Potato Cake says:

    honestly, i’d prefer if we could add some stuff to our tanks like camo nets draped around your tank or some sandbags at the upper plate, toolboxes, a log, entrenching tools etc. which would purely be for cosmetic purposes only and won’t affect gameplay

  9. Tiger says:

    More Gold sinks coming ladies and Gents.

    At least in WT there is the option to get the camo patterns by destroying certain number of vehicles; in WoT, the only way is to keep spending credits or 1 time gold investment.

    These new features wont be any different; more gold and credit sinks.

    Nothing More

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is beyond ridiculous…I mean it was bad enough with the clown camo and the flat black camo tanks.

    I just find the idea stupid that people can run around with multicolored tanks like this is some FPS game with cosmetic BS.

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