Erlenberg (Iteration 1) Fly-Over

Good day everybody,

Not a terrible lot going on today, but the lads at WoTExpress have a fly-over vid of the first iteration of Erlenberg shown in our post on the proposed changes in supertest.

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Erlenberg (Iteration 1) Fly-Over

20 thoughts on “Erlenberg (Iteration 1) Fly-Over

  1. armando30 says:

    we will only know how good it applies to the game when we can actually play in it but on the visual side of the matter both supertest versions look better, it gives a better “lived-in” impression than the current map, I mean, if there is a castle somewhere and the population grows around it why would they build in the opposite side of the river? having buildings in both sides feels more like a “proper” town

  2. heinz says:

    I don’t like that the best smiling position in the south west (H1) was eliminated in both new versions. Don’t. Do. That.

      1. armando30 says:

        v2 got some hard cover it did not have before, v1 has the water but seems that you can still cross it to reach the soft cover (bushes and trees), in v2 however they countered the hard cover in G/H1 with a house for the opposite spawn at B/C1

  3. Stryga says:

    Both look nice, but 1st new version looks better, imho. In the second one too many new buildings, which probably wouldn’t solve the camping problems on same points. Like – really, on the Noob Hill near the castle we need more buildings, so more people can camp there?.. But wouldn’t know without trying it out.

  4. Ville says:

    The trees covering the green base from the castle side are OP, imagine an E 25 sitting there, NOBODY will spot him until you get within 50 meters

  5. Sojusus says:

    The first one guarantees a west only push. The barren flat NE corner is a killing field that will support a camp fest on the east.

  6. party1c says:

    dont change maps, dont change arty and what not… change the wg-personal who tells the developers what to do and decides what to implement or rework. if you want a game that is a truly competitive and team based tactic shooter: dont take the below average performing player as the benchmark for balance, MM and map-layout. with ranked battles on every tier as a real alternative to random more than 2/3rd of the changes we expirienced in the last two years wouldnt even have been nessesary. dont nerf or overbuff tanks, dont change arty from cancer to ebola, dont remove maps… remove the players that cant handle them. let them play random. and all others can have fun with equally able opponents in ranked battles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The “New verion1 ” stinks as a Corridor Map ! We put up with city maps and all the developments for the last few years have been City corridors – now they want to add corridors to rural maps. Heavies only – wise up WG the game worked on Rock Paper Scissors NOT Rock Rock Rock!

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