Erlenberg Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

So a few variants to Erlenberg are being passed around on Supertest, lets go over the changes:

Version 1-


This version will see a significant expansion to the urban area in the center (zone 1), hopefully better facilitating heavy and slower machines, and protecting them from attacks on the flanks. The base areas (zones 2) have also been remodeled to make reaching the base more difficult with defenders present. Areas for those defenders have also been remodeled.

Version 2-


1- New locations for the team bases.

2- New spawns, which will take advantage of the teams natural tenancies when moving out, and hopefully cut down on teams funneling into one flank.

3- In another effort to cut down on the circular lemming train play, a few points have been added to optimize a teams attack or defensive capabilities on a particular flank, depending on the situation

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Erlenberg Supertest Changes

25 thoughts on “Erlenberg Supertest Changes

  1. Ion7 says:

    Unsure of many of the changes , but it sounds as if with spawns changed that it will be like the old erlenberg…Map updates are cool regardless.

  2. Shayke says:

    Frankly, I love Erlenberg. right after Sand River.
    but those maps aren’t good for the Maus and Type 5, so I guess they’re gonna change ’em both.

  3. Mkoo says:

    The only thing really wrong with this map is the river in the middle. Remove it and it will be better. Players need to git gud.

    1. heinz says:

      Why is the river a problem at all? There are 6 ways to cross it. 3 bridges and 3 places where the shires are flat and the water is flat too. Its just that many people don’t know two of the important places in the middle

      1. Mkoo says:

        Removing the river would make it possible to cross anywhere, which I think is what you need when you want to break the camp that can happen on the ridges. It would also allow both teams to spawn symmetrically, making the fights on both flanks more symmetrical. Right now the team in the west has a large advantage in the west, and the team in the east has an advantage in the east. That’s why the lemming trains happen. Though I don’t play WOT anymore so whatever.

      2. cynicaldutchie says:

        There could be a 100 crossings, doesn’t solve the problem where you get fucked by campers the moment you try to cross the river though.

  4. Zed says:

    All they have to do is put both bases on the castle side and it is fixed, the only reason the current meta is happening is because HTs from one side get spoted and shot before they can go to castle so the other side wins it having faster and safer access

  5. Tiger says:

    So lets see WGs logic:

    1. Make HTs unpennable from the front by increasing armour and removing weak spots

    2. Tell players that u need to flank to hurt them.

    3. Make maps so that flanking becomes rarer


    1. manny says:

      Now thats the essence of the situation. lets not forget the accuracy nerfs if they wanted others tanks to flank they would abolish corridors

  6. party1c says:

    there are basically 3 paths to cross the river (yeah, i know its actually 6). the only way to lose is beeing stupid and cross the river earlier than enemy team… the whole concept of this map is mega stupid. delete it, cosmetic changes will not help.

  7. Never mind says:

    Face it Derpenberg is just a corridor map and nothing is going to change that. Here is an idea, why not make a new better map as apposed to screwing up an already messed up map. OR bring back Dragon Ridge! That map had something for everyone.

      1. True! Re-add all of the old ones. If you don’t like the map, it’s less than 15 minutes to the new one, and it’s not likely to be the same maps over and over.

  8. SElars says:

    WG- We can not have HT being outflanked.
    Lets make Corridors that are supported by TDs.
    Lets punish aggressive plays and make front to front confrontations with Goldspamming the only option.

  9. marshal89 says:

    I just dont like both options to change it. And i think, its a stupid idea to change a map for a hand full of tanks while most others get disadvantages.

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