Erlenberg Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

So a few variants to Erlenberg are being passed around on Supertest, lets go over the changes:

Version 1-


This version will see a significant expansion to the urban area in the center (zone 1), hopefully better facilitating heavy and slower machines, and protecting them from attacks on the flanks. The base areas (zones 2) have also been remodeled to make reaching the base more difficult with defenders present. Areas for those defenders have also been remodeled.

Version 2-


1- New locations for the team bases.

2- New spawns, which will take advantage of the teams natural tenancies when moving out, and hopefully cut down on teams funneling into one flank.

3- In another effort to cut down on the circular lemming train play, a few points have been added to optimize a teams attack or defensive capabilities on a particular flank, depending on the situation

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