Amway tests new HD maps

Found this trawling through the Russian blogs. The footage of the HD maps looks interesting. Sorry no English version.Update. Added a short exert showing how debris is thrown about.

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Amway tests new HD maps

16 thoughts on “Amway tests new HD maps

      1. SpottableSky says:

        T10 lights are actually due on the next big update as stated in WG NA QnA stream, wich is prob due at the end of next month or beginning of the month after. The graphics however most likely late summer to early fall.

    1. Ion7 says:

      Dev tool, you can see him hold tab and what ammo he would like to fire. Hopefully it doesn’t work in random battles…

    2. I think that’s a dev tool. he’s pressing a button on the keyboard while he’s clicking the mouse, so maybe it replenishes all ammo and instantly loads the main gun. Coax mgs and stuff aren’t in the game and won’t be anytime soon.

      1. AdmiralFishHead says:

        They will never be in the game. It’s completely pointless in almost all situations. Just look at war thunder.

  1. xperiaboros says:

    so they remove all possible climbing opportunity, sacrificing lot of fun, all for better graphics. No variaty in tactics, making gameplay boring.. gg

  2. OrigamiChik3n says:

    To sum up, new graphics is about pressure waves from shots being visible on grass and water; tanks getting wet when driving through water and then dirty when driving on sand; waves being only visual effect rather than “physical” (i.e. they don’t make splash when hitting the tank); more destruction effects (not much will be visible on low graphic settings, understandably). And most importantly, statues having dicks.

    P.S. and yes, CAPS+2 is a dev feature for instant reload.

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