Fair Play Policy Update

The eighth wave of bans for unfair/illegal mods has taken place. From WoT EU. RU and NA.

Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters. Recently, we penalized 4,056 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 490 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

From RU cluster: So, we imposed restrictions on another 60,226 accounts for using forbidden programs and permanently blocked 5,156 accounts for a repeated violation.

From NA region: Recently, we’ve penalized 802 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 116 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

Cheaters Get Banned!

Getting flagged for using prohibited third-party software for the first time will result in a warning and a seven-day ban. Breaking the policy for the second time will end in a permanent ban. Please be careful of the modifications you are using, so if you are not sure if a mod is allowed or not, don’t download it to avoid the potential risk of losing an account you’ve built for years.

We’ll continue the fight to create a system that’s as fair as possible. We also have an important message for you: ensuring fair play will always be our top priority. However, in the end, it takes two to squash the use of harmful mods: players and developers. Please stay away from illegal programs and help us create a great gaming environment! If you’d like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, head this way:

Fair Play Policy

To make it as easy as possible for you to find game mods that are safe to use, we have recently launched the all-new Mod Hub where you can find modifications officially verified by Wargaming. Find more information in the announcement or visit the Mod Hub directly.



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Fair Play Policy Update

14 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy Update

    1. Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget players using bots still give wg money for premium time and tanks so we don’t want them to stop paying right?

      1. wolvenworks says:

        hah very funny. lil factoid here: SEA usually has the least amount of bot bans. unlike programs, if you have a JOCKEY to play your tanks, they’re technically not bots. and jockeys are a lot harder to get caught because they play like retards, but not all the way to bot lv…

  1. Saša says:

    Easy way to remove bots: Limit progress to higher tiers based on average winrate. Player with 40% winrate shouldn’t be allowed to “play” tier 10 tank and ruin game…

  2. Tiger says:

    I reported a bot account to ASIA server committee; he still plays.

    Sent an email to Jingles (Mingles with Jingles 228) to bring that issue to light.

    Nothing happened to him.

    WGs banning is a joke

  3. Dead says:

    I am going t assume all these new reroll accounts are probably due to the unicums getting busted and banned, and now have to start a new account to cheat with,….. go figure

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