Fair Play Policy Update

The Latest round of anti cheat sanctions is upon us.

  • For SEA: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 695. Second offence permanent ban, 174.
  • For RU: For RU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension,  17,323.Second offence permanent ban, 5,510.
  • For EU:For RU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 2,807.Second offence permanent ban, 782.
  • For NA: For RU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 814.Second offence permanent ban, 215.

FAIR PLAY POLICY   and legal mods The Modhub 

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Fair Play Policy Update

13 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy Update

  1. I Could Be Good But War Gaming Will Fuck Me Over Anyway says:

    Yeah Bro Banning your playerbase is just a fucking stupid idea
    just dont let them have mods
    WG lets players download and install anything so its Fucking WG own stupid Fault

  2. Never mind says:

    This is a joke I know for a face more people are cheating on SEA, but if they ban 17, 000 players like on the RU server, there would be no one left. This is just a little show a bandaid on a festering issue.

  3. ROMBAT says:

    Wg is so slow in detecting and punishing cheaters. Yesterday i played 10 games. In 5 of them i found players that i had in my blacklist because of cheating…so they are way to slow and we are not getting rid of them because they have a second and even third acount to play and cheat further.

    1. Onicorn says:

      and how do YOU know they were cheating?
      I’ve been accused of using aimbot and that enemy reload thing. I don’t use them by the way, never have.

  4. TankU4TheMuzak says:

    Are you sure those on your blacklist are cheating? I know I have thought people cheated, then went back and analyzed the replay just to find:
    1. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and a “magical” blind shot was really me being spotted and killed before 6th sense went off.
    2. If the player had used laser finders to check the direction of my gun they would not have been missing my team mates obvious shot earlier.
    3. I was being dumb and camping in obvious places where an experienced player might send a blind shot; and the shooter can be seen shooting other camping spots in hope of hitting some camper.
    and so on and so on.

    The few times I really haven’t been able to find a plausible reason for a behaviour I have sent it to WG as a report…HAH! Not that it matters, but what else is there…

  5. Tiger says:

    WG should start Naming and Shaming these jackasses.

    Release a list of players who got cheating the first and second time.

  6. WGequals/\/!663RZ says:

    When will they punish all the t-22 medium mission riggers in the “top clans”? Oh wait, nvm they won’t b/c WG like the “good” cheaters are fucking naggers.

  7. ROMBAT says:

    Wow … only innocent cyndarellas are in this game…how do i know that are cheating?…when the dude knocks my ammorack out on the 1 shoot annd i repair it fast and the second shoot knocks my ammorack again just to blow up with ammo rack hit the 3rd time…then i know….or maybe another combination…ammorack, fire, ammorack, commander, after each shoot…and the opponent is red like a monkey as than i know who i,m dealing with…

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