Fair Play Policy update III.

Wargaming continues to clamp down on players caught using prohibited mods to gain a gameplay advantage. The results of this round of penalties by server are.

  • SEA: Warnings for first offence, 201. Bans for repeat offences, 51.
  • RU: Warnings for first offence, 18,871 Bans for repeat offences, 5,453.
  • EU: Warnings for first offence, 2,891 Bans for repeat offences, 898.
  • NA. Warnings for first offence, 275 Bans for repeat offences, 88.

If you’re not familiar with the rules, or just want to brush up on your knowledge, head over here:


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Fair Play Policy update III.

16 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy update III.

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Nice to see they’re banning cheaters. At this rate I’m confident we will have eradicated them before update 9.63810… Better late than never I guess ?

    Still doubt it’ll make a big difference, but at least they’re trying.

    It would still be easier to have an official workshop of authorized mods, and every modification that doesnt come from it should be considered illegal and the player shouldnt be able to start the game for file corruption.
    But I dont see how they could fight third party programs like Tundra, unless they add an in-game thing that detects when textures are altered and autoban the players doing it.

    1. CharlesBronson says:

      If mods not in the official repo are allowed, how are mod developer supposed to develop and test their mods? Against the test servers that run different releases of WoT than the real servers?

    2. I can’t believe my eyes, I think this might be the first time I mostly agree with you Speedy. Need a system in place for new modders to tinker new projects rather than get autobanned but otherwise it’s a simple and efficient plan.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Cheats like Tundra run as separate .exe files, they dont require any modification to game files.
      Forbidding mods would only solve a part of the problem. It would make some mods impossible (mainly the ones that use live informations of the battle), but programs that can alter files during gameplay would still exist.

  2. PlayR says:

    This fucking bullshit again. They just feed you with random numbers. To make idiots believe that something is happening.

  3. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    If there is one thing we console players like it’s that we can’t have mods. Actually two things and it includes team killing

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