Fair Play Policy Update

The Sixth round of sanctions is here.

So by sever and time zone:

SEA: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspention 168, Second offence, Ban 45.

RU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspention 13,124, Second offence, Ban 3,185.

EU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspention 2,035, Second offence, Ban 708.

NA: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspention 264, Second offence, Ban 71.

Current version of Fair Play Policy

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Fair Play Policy Update

21 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy Update

    1. Of course they are. Just like the entire fair play thing is. I still see many, many well known cheaters playing and videos of people using questionable mods are still popping up undiminished…

  1. Som30n3 says:

    A friend of mine uses destruction mod, never been warned or banned and ive also tested out cheat modpacks on another account to test these bans and it survived two ban waves also. Seems like they are doing a great job…

  2. Sandor Nagy says:

    Is the User any way notified about the 7 day ban? Asking because i know many ppl who plays 2-3 days (at that point he/she is forced to take sedatives) then does not touch the game for a week or 2. Anyone with an answer?

  3. ROMBAT says:

    It,s not enough. Wg system of detection is slow and not so effective. Yesterday i was gang banged by a platoon of cheaters in my obj 140. First one with an obj 140 in the first shoot took my ammorack frontally. I repair it. His platoon mate with batchat 25 t put his first shot in me and took my ammorack again and guess what…his second shoot blowed my turret of in a spectacular ammo rack explosion….wg is just sleeping.

    1. DickherMax says:

      It is because of Obj. 140’s ammorack being bugged since like ever.
      I remember when I got it and within like 20 battles I got ammorack damage from Ru 251 like 3 times. Thing was, it was my first damage taken during these battles. So first-shot and damage. In general ammorack was often. So i reseted my perks and put Safe Storage on the loader. Ru 251 was still able to damage my ammorack with the first shot. Ammoracks were still the issue, not exploding ones (funnily enough, they rarely explode but they get damaged like crazy). I was pissed and added to my setup Wet Ammorack module… Guess what. RU was still able to damage my ammorack with the first shot and funily enough the bigger guns were damaging my ammorack less often, but smaller guns on LTs were still able to sell me “hello ammoracks”.

      To be honest, it might be a thing to test, because I remember a game where I was holding the base myself in my T95, but it was just buying some time because I could not pen enemies due to their positions and my team was about to get into their base using the other flank. There was an IS-7 which yolo’d to me from the front and we were holding each other like 10 meters away behind partial covers. I knew he can aim my tits while being so close so I decided to hold his gun destroyed. I was shooting his gun with HE shells, 10 of them in total. (cal 155mm). After the game I checked stats and I DID NOT EVEN DAMAGE IT.

      Two games later on Malinovka enemy did not go near the map edge through the field. So we creeped in into their base, me in T95. When we came halfway to the cap, some enemies were already at our forrest-hill near the cap. 480-490m away so barely in render range. I got spotted and T54 ltwt. shot at me from there. First shot I received in this game, it hit my gun and DESTROYED it, without any hp-loss. Just an LT shooting an AP from 500m and destroying T95’s gun.

      There is something with this game and damage to modules which WG does not tell us.

  4. Martel says:

    The numbers match the server population. out of 2 mill 16k suspended on RU, out 200k 2,7k suspended on EU, out of 20k 200+ suspended on NA.

  5. Never mind says:

    I got to agree, given all the bullshit play here in SEA, there is no way in hell only 168 players were using illegal mods. I see that much in a weekend.

  6. Gunner says:

    If you go on to the test server the russian players all have some sort of aimbot. they shoot at you without even aiming its a joke. 13,000 should be 100,000 lollllllllllllll

  7. Random Dude says:

    Cheat detection is nearly non-existent. Honestly. Given the number of illegal mods available… and that are updated regularily. Does ANYONE seriously think that the modders who make them would continue to do so if their users were actually being caught? There are nearly more ‘bad’ mods available than total people caught for crying out loud. Given the number of downloads of some of the more popular mods, if WG actually banned all the users of them, the server would be a ghost town.

  8. DZ says:

    comical to see all the dweebs sitting here as if they even have a freaking clue what is and isn’t cheating in this game.. u get hit, you feel like you are entitled to kill that player and should get a participation trophy from WG because u downloaded the game.. u people are the real cancer in this game..

    1. Anonymous says:

      Don’t know how old you are but if you think this game isn’t being heckled by certain people you are a very naive individual. Go on the test server and play some games with the Russians tot won’t believe what goes on.

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