Fair Play Policy

Good day everyone,

The World of Tanks EU site has just posted this bit of news clarifying their position on mods, illegal or otherwise.

  • We’ll continue to expand our work on anti-cheating technology solutions. We are being realistic about the problem: we can’t promise that the game will be 100% cheat free one day. Cheaters are clever and tackling them will go on forever. What we can promise you is that we will keep up the fight to keep competition as clean as possible, reduce the incidences of cheating, and take action against those who don’t play fair.
  • We’ve outlined a clear list of illegal mods that we will share with you here and now. Moving forward, we’ll be keeping an eye on new mods and update the list accordingly.
  • We’re also establishing a clear penalty system. It is uniform across all regions and applies to everyone found to be using prohibited software.

Players caught using illegal mods for the first time will recieve a notification and a 7 day ban. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.

WarGaming will be looking at mode in rouggly three categories:

  1. Mods that do not provide a gameplay advantage, but merely allow information customization for the viewer. They are “pure” mods in the traditional sense, and we like them.
  2. Mods that do provide a gameplay advantage, but one that we believe contributes to the game in a positive way. In the short term, we’ll treat these as good mods, and we will look to implement them into the vanilla client in the future.
  3. Mods that do provide a gameplay advantage, one that we think is bad overall for the game. These are classified as a cheat and are illegal going forward.

And what type of mod would fall into the third category:

  • Mods that reveal the position of enemies in a way not included in the vanilla client, by marking objects destroyed on the map and minimap in real-time, by altering the display of shell flight tracers or calculating the position of enemy SPGs with tracers and marking them, as well as those that keep spotted vehicles displayed, even when you aren’t aiming at them
  • Software that makes it easier to block an enemy’s shell by indicating their exact aiming point, for example, with a laser beam
  • Modifications that alert you when spotted vehicles are reloading or show enemy vehicles’ reloading timers
  • Auto-aim or so-called “aimbots” that provide more functionality than the “aim lock” in the vanilla client, specifically including those that aim at the enemy’s weak spots and/or lead the aim automatically so that a cheater can focus on maneuvering their tank
  • Software that enables the automatic use of non-Premium consumables
  • Mods that aid in finding enemies by letting you adjust the transparency of objects on the map
  • Software that leaves “ghosts” of enemy vehicles on the battlefield, placed where they were last detected
  • Mods that actually alter the physical properties, performance characteristics, or effects of any vehicle or object in the game, or subvert the game rules.

They go on to note that in-match will not be added to the Forbidden Mods list at the moment. This will change eventually as WarGaming is developing their own version that will be added to the game at some point in the future, after which such mods will be forbidden.

Armor viewers that only function in the garage are fine however.

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