Fair Play Update 13th wave

Ensuring fair play has always been our top priority, so we continue to act on those who use illegal mods that manipulate gameplay by providing an unfair advantage, thereby making the game less enjoyable for responsible Commanders.

We rely on your support in this battle and will continue to punish those who use the unfair World of Tanks modifications. We have zero tolerance for cheating, and this ban wave will be followed by others in the future, so stay tuned!

If you’d like a deep understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, read the detailed Fair Play Policy.

Accounts Sanctioned

For this wave.

  • On SEA server: Penalized 1922 accounts. 1802 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 120 have been banned permanently
  • On RU server: Penalized 43,352 accounts. 33,077 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 10,275 have been banned permanently.
  • On EU server: Penalized 4,410 accounts. 3,335 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 1,075 have been banned permanently.
  • On NA server: Penalized 414 accounts: 324 of these received their first warning, and 90 were banned permanently.

If you are in doubt whether any modification is a cheat or not, just visit the Mod Hub to discover all the verified and newest mods for World of Tanks. The Mod Hub is the safest place to download various mods for World of Tanks, without worrying about policy violations.

Just a thought, look at the numbers for the Russian cluster compared the the rest of the world to see just how huge the comparative player base is.

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Fair Play Update 13th wave

3 thoughts on “Fair Play Update 13th wave

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job Wargaming… thank you!

    Now, can you start NOT LOOKING AWAY from the Unicums in top clans (i.e. WoTs Oligarchs) that you allow to run warpack, and start penalizing them please?

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