Final Tank madeover into HD Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu

There was a HD client package in the micropatch but no one seamed to know what the contents were? Today it came to light it was the Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu. Thank’s to WoT Express for breaking the screen shots.

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Final Tank madeover into HD Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu

12 thoughts on “Final Tank madeover into HD Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu

      1. Kyros says:

        My guess is that they dont want to call AMX40 the last reworked to HD Tank with Ke-Ni also in the patch. So they micropatched it, and killed any attention that Tank could get.

  1. GTRP says:

    This tank is not Ke-Ni (Don’t mismatch it with Ke-Ni) – From WoTB experience, this tank has an 37mm autoloader with 3 second-ish reload time. It was sold for a few bucks before it was clarified OP by WG (Ended up in a permanent removal because they didn’t want many of the Mr. OP keep on rescuing what you call helpless refugees in your team.)

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      Don’t know the stats for Blitz but on PC it is (and always has been) just a slightly less good version of the regular Ke-Ni, mostly distinguished by it’s looks than anything else.

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