First look-FV217 Badger on Klondike

First video of the upcoming FV215B (183) replacement for patch 9.21. The video is by Amway921WOT.

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First look-FV217 Badger on Klondike

3 thoughts on “First look-FV217 Badger on Klondike

  1. Anonymous says:

    The full tank is up on gamemodels3d.

    Interesting armour weaknesses, from head on the Badger has ~350mm armour from the upper plate to the top with no cupola at all.

    Instead from the front there is the middle of the lower plate at ~240mm. Only the middle bit. The sides of the lower plate are almost 300mm.

    But that’s not all. Only the plates facing the front are really thick. The horizontal plate under the gun barrel is only 63mm so hitting right under the gun barrel with HE does unusually more damage.

    Also for comedy reasons the engine deck roof is 17mm. No mistake, every artillery shell it meets will go right through for full damage. Or for that matter any tank flanking it can point the gun down and shoot through with HE because it’s not a tall tank.

    350mm from the front… 17mm over the engine deck…

    Apart from that, it replaces the Tortoise as the DPM king by a couple of hundred DPM and will be horrible to face at long range because its weaknesses are the sides and roof. Slightly the lower plate but it’s not a big lower plate.

    The stats shown before would appear to be wrong about gun angles also. I’m seeing -10 and +20 as well as 15 degrees to each side so a total gun arc of 30 degrees. Not quite as big as the Tortoise with 20/20 for 40 degrees but not bad.

    Badger will also be faster at 30/12 and 14.6hp/t vs a Tortoise at 20/10 and 10.5hp/t.

    But bottom line is… the armour is interesting… completely paper if you can hit the engine deck and horribly thick directly to the front.

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