Fisherman’s Bay Supertest Changes

Quick vid from the RU community showing off the changes made to Fisherman’s Bay in supertest:

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Fisherman’s Bay Supertest Changes

4 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Bay Supertest Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    is this it, put a pair of trees , had 2/3 buildings at most , and they call this changes??? its the same crap…
    granted its on the supertest server but none the less its the same shit…
    instead of working on new properly balanced non corridor shitty maps, they do some cosmetic changes to some, and then called them a ” new map”
    if they would do a fucking proper job, of reworking the match making system to a proper 1 tier higher , 1 tier lower, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A FUCKING IMPROVMENT
    who hasn`t played the grand battles , now that shit was awsome and FUCKING WORKED and was a fucking single tier, what more tho those retarded assholes need to make a proper balanced match making system?

    1. Snow says:

      If you’re complaining about them fixing some really needed things on this map you might as well just stop playing, you sound like one of those players that complained about the V4 but played the hell out of it when it wasn’t nerfed. I personally approve of these changes, even though i mostly play middle on fisherman’s bay.

      1. Dracon says:

        “Play Middle” Oh, you mean sit behind the buildings there all match, not doing a damn thing to contribute to the battle save making some pop shots here and there while the flanks do all the work winning, or losing because oh jee, not enough team support. I wonder where they all are at. Oh, right. Nice meme dog.

  2. Like wow!

    blink and you miss these so called changes!
    and what?

    more and more I think that the WG Map developers in Minsk NEVER play there own game

    and the few that do just plod around in Tier 10 Super HT’s in straight lines across open fields for the ‘lol’s’ and funny meme’s

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