Fjords Map changes Patch 1.1

A comparison video of the Fjords map now and in patch 1.1. This has been in supertest and significant changes have appeared including the accessible area being moved north slightly. Whether the changes are beneficial we will see.

WoT Express.

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Fjords Map changes Patch 1.1

6 thoughts on “Fjords Map changes Patch 1.1

  1. Steven Wilhelm says:

    Third time’s a charm, or will this be yet another failed attempt to fix a trash map? Just take it out already… Bring back Dragon Ridge!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is all to cater for “Steve ” the is7 driver , crying because he could only hull down on 1 choke point on the map . Now he can do it on all of them.
    Fjords = Fishermans Bay MK II and both just don’t make sense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why did they have to “improve” the map in the first place? All they did was wreck it, making it totally unbalanced.

    When reintroducing old maps, why cant Wargaming just reintroduce without making structural changes to the maps? The old maps played out fine… all they seem to do is wreck them, and remove the fun factor.

  4. heinz says:

    Just to whine some more: this map is still useless for all vehicles without armour so no improvement. scouting impossible, even more corridors.
    and because you all really care about my opinion, here it is:
    make maps 1.5 x 1.5 km (15vs15) size and NOT symmetrical. include big differences in heights, make all/most parts accessible. make some parts not accessible for slow tanks. provide flanking opportunities, dont include too many (if any) instant death zones. place many bushes, trees and no houses (WW2 battles weren’t fought in cities).

    before you ask: no i cant design better maps myself but without feedback nothing will change at all.

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