Flash Sale: Own the Leviathan!

This is the title of the NA April fools prank page that ultimately leads to a Buy Now button which links to the Battle Royale. It also has these wallpapers.


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Flash Sale: Own the Leviathan!

4 thoughts on “Flash Sale: Own the Leviathan!

  1. I decided to go with the $10,000 pack, and man with the Leviathan OP. It just one shots everything. Looks like I’m the only one to have bought one though as I’ve never seen any others in battle. So far I having a 100% win ratio on it, and at least 8 kills per battle. Best money I’ve ever spent.

  2. Ancient says:

    Not sure if anyone saw it on eu when you opened the launcher you had ” who’s the biggest noob in world of tanks?! ” with a picture of a maus upside down. When you clicked on it, it put you through to your statistics online.

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