Football mode?


there is a rumour in the Russian side of the community that Wargaming has planned a Football/Soccer mode for this summer which will match the Euro 2016 Football/Soccer cup which will be held between 10 June and 10 of July.

The devs also took into account the issues of the past Football/Soccer issues/bugs.


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Football mode?

10 thoughts on “Football mode?

  1. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Let’s just hope that they give some nice rewards this time, either credits, crew xp or even free xp 🙂

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Because if they’re “only” fun, most players play a few games, and then stop because they don’t want to halt their progress. I mean it’s pretty obvius that you’d want to progress and not only play a gamemode for a few days that you’ll have no use of later. The fun aspect gives incentive to play a few battles to *try it out*, the rewards gives incentive to *keep* playing.

  2. SlayerBR says:

    yeah normally these new modes are fun, but after a couple of battles it loses sense to play since generally there are not good missions to pair with they, for instance, the Winter Showdown and the chaffe racing made more success because they both had great missions to make you keep playing the mode (chaffe, the huge amount of crew exp, and Winter Showdown the money, crew exp, and battle exp)

  3. Laserguided says:

    WOT need to make the fun mode actually fun. I like the chaffee race, but others are not so much. The balls of steel is less fun then the WOWS bath tube one, so maybe WOT can learn something from the WOWS.

  4. from 10 of june to 10 of july, I see they are missing another major football event that will run from june 3rd to june 26th
    it marks 100 years since the first Copa America and will be played in the US, it would be nice for them to anticipate the start of the soccer mode specially since it would be a good way for them to attract more south-american players

    other than that I hope they run the Chaffee race mode during the Olympics between July and August

  5. GUGO says:

    The previous football event was good. You could use all the xp to train you a commander as in an elite tank. In the moon bounce, you only got xp tied to the vehicle unlockable by gold.
    Both where fun. But I have played the football mode a lot. Even that I do not like real football.

  6. Delta says:

    The main issue with the footbal mode of someone bailed out or wasn’t good enough you’d lose.
    I grew a masive blacklist from the last football gamemode.

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