Football/Soccer Mode Wall Glitch


Thanks to Tyler J. for emailing! Another Houdini magic trick  from the soccer/football mode:

And Wargaming proudly advertised they had fixed previous issues from this mode, seems worse to me…

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Football/Soccer Mode Wall Glitch

16 thoughts on “Football/Soccer Mode Wall Glitch

      1. Tyler J. says:

        Never thought of that! I’ve got up another video showing what happens, mainly showing that players can potentially explore the map if they don’t get stuck.

  1. X says:

    “And Wargaming proudly advertised they had fixed previous issues from this mode, seems worse to me…”

    Yes, because Wargaming should’ve also taken into consideration that players would do this exact thing and somehow this glitch affects the soccer gameplay… As always trying to ridicule WG whenever possible…

      1. X says:

        Right, because anyone who tries to not make a deal out of a seemingly pointless glitch must be a fanboy of WG. By your logic do you count as a hater?

      2. X says:

        And plus, if there are other glitches happening with soccer why didn’t you post about them, but instead posted this one which has nothing to do with the actual soccer game…?

      3. Klimax says:

        Sorry, but trying to make this glitch into something serious is wrong. Doesn’t affect a thing (no such thing like useful for cheating) and you have to try very hard to actually even trigger it. Accidental trigger is highly unlikely.
        If there are more serious glitches, then why are they not posted instead of this one?

  2. Rotopercutorul says:

    I’ve actually made the ball disappear in one match, we all shot into it and it went so high that it never came back. Good thing my team was winning 1-0 😀

  3. S842 says:

    The soccer/football mode IS much better this year. The curved walls prevent trapping the ball which means that play is more fluid and non-stop action now. As for this glitch, I have never run into it in any of my matches and if you want to deliberately do this, why?

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