For Supertest Aufklärungspanzer V Version IV

A version of the Aufklärungspanzer V is going to Supertest with a 105mm gun. This will be tested along side the previous 75mm gun version, the final choice will be made between the two.



  • Hit Points, 1150, +50.
  • Engine Power, 1200 bhp, +300.
  • Specific Power, 26.67 bhp/ton, +5.17.
  • Turret Traverse, 36 deg/s, -12.
  • View Range, 390m, -10m.

Gun Stats.

  • Penetration, 167/200/105,
  • Damage, 330/330/430,
  • DPM, 2,106.4.
  • Reload, 9.4s.
  • RoF. 6.38/min.
  • Dispersion, 0.42,
  • Aim time, 1.5s
  • Gun Elevation +20°/-10°

Thanks to DoM1N for the heads up. Source WoT on VK.

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For Supertest Aufklärungspanzer V Version IV

33 thoughts on “For Supertest Aufklärungspanzer V Version IV

      1. wolvenworks says:

        but prems never had an option play, so WG needs to factor in how that will change the game since all prems are predictable in one way or another due to the fixed loadouts

  1. Deano says:

    a 105mm gun? i did not see that coming…side note this thing has higher alpha than the tier 10 light tank right? thats hilarious XD

    1. Deano says:

      also 45 ton tank with a 1200hp engine? thats pretty incredible, (this blows the wz1321 out of the water as the ramming king of the lights)

  2. Zorin says:

    Did they put the GT 101 engine in there? 1200 Hp.
    If prefer the 75 but 105 is something to fit it’s playstyle more I guess?
    (censored gun?)

  3. Mikosah says:

    A light tank at tier 8 having this kind of alpha is unprecedented, especially considering that it still has fast aim time and the typical 2.1k base DPM. I like it, I think it would do just fine. But having said that, tier 8 lights and mediums are infamous for having laughable firepower. Overall balancing at this tier and for light tanks in general may need some more work.

  4. Partybooper says:

    If the turret stays the same… How the hell will they fit the gun breech of a 105 mm gun with 10° of gun depression in that turret?!?!

  5. •Penetration, 167/200/105,

    that’s a Tier 7 gun at best with 167 pen

    330 alpha means nothing if it cannot pen all those Tier 10’s which it will see 75% of every battle

    So a LT that’s forced to get in close and brawl
    suppose actual ‘Scouting’ is now for the Medium Tanks ……

  6. Kyros says:

    So it’s the A-44 Gun in 10 times better ? Well well well how the tables have turned. Remember me calling out A-44 rotten garbage ? Well now we have the same Gun 10x better on a 10x better tank.

  7. Vanler DearNoob says:

    basically it is the new light tanks ripper. Monster HE (better tha the old RU) big, fat and fast. The nightmare of the RHM

  8. Anonymous says:

    If that thing keeps the 105 mm gun with the same stats that are shown here (at least the pen and damage) I will buy it. This looks like a premium tank that is actually fun to play 😀

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