Fractured Space is now FTP



I’m going to make an article exception to tell you that Fractured Space became Free to Play and for those unaware:

“Fractured Space is a competitive 5-v-5 tactical space battle game fought over five sectors. Brought to life in the stunning Unreal Engine 4, giants of interstellar conflict fight in spectacular close quarter battles for dominance.”

Its pretty much like WoT but in space and each ship has its own role, I’ve been playing it for pretty much a year now and have visited their office and CEO in the past.

The CEO in particular, James Brooskby is a friend of mine and a really down to Earth great guy (I probably said this before…its… its hard to not fangirl!) and he keeps a friendly and close atmosphere with the community. As example, after this latest update there were some issues and he stepped straight ahead to communicate with us, not many CEOs do that, he is really passionate about its job and is a major geek who likes model building and likes tanks as well.

I will be streaming Fractured Space tonight, I favourite ship has to be the Enforcer (Up close/personal type of combat ship) but I will try to play with a bit of everything.

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Fractured Space is now FTP

37 thoughts on “Fractured Space is now FTP

  1. Dammit, looks like a fun game… wish they’d fix the incompatibility with Bitdefender already (can’t connect to the server if you use Bitdefender for some reason).

  2. i herz boobies says:

    I mean i like to reward good games and bought it…
    yet i cant feel quite alright about this move …
    have to check, if i get anything else than that “beta play” stuff…. (kinda pre-order stuff like skins)

  3. E.T. says:

    Why do people compare this game to WoT? Considering the size, maneuverability, speed and shooting mechanics of the ships it resembles WoWS, not WoT.

  4. wremisekrummels says:

    well, i have bought that game long ago, cause i thought it would be a nice slow game with big battelcruisers and a lot of mikromanagment… well it turned out to be a fast game, with a toxic comunity who blamed me, cause i was a noob… i droped it after that; is the game now better aka slower?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought it as well to support another good friend of mine and member of my WoT clan, FILO, Jamie Ferguson – who also works on this game with Edge Case. It’s always good to support those people who help you out and are part of your community.

  6. Lee Stone says:

    I also paid for this game to support a good friend of mine, Jamie Ferguson, who’s also one of the devs on this game. Jamie has been a part of the FILO community in WoT’s for many years now and it’s always nice to support those people who take time to be a part of your community and become good friends. Good luck to Jamie and Edge Case, I wish you every success with this one!

  7. Well, if you whine about one ore two nubs in wot not doin their job………..imagine when you’re only 5 in each team, that is my biggest gripe with the game so far anyway.

    1. pixywing says:

      I won a game despite having an AFK (AFK didn’t occur till 20 minutes in). The worst part was we clearly were way better than them, but it still took 30 minutes to end the game as our ships were slow got killed and then we had 45 second re-spawn timers and you can’t push with 2 ships against 4. Ship travel time is awful for starter ships at least.

  8. WarStore says:

    Sorry, Rita: Interceptor/Raven >>>> Enhorser.
    Enhorser is fun, but the Interceptor is tons of fun. Raven is a great and fun ship as well (though I liked it better before the new update)

  9. pixywing says:

    I have so many issues with this game I couldn’t recommend it to anyone:

    -The grind is insane as it takes 30 hours of game-play to get a decent ship and takes 10 hours to unlock the first ship that isn’t one of the starting three.
    -The tutorial is 20 minutes long is far too repetitive.
    -Game-play is slow as you spend most of the game travelling, space jumps punish you as you can’t jump anywhere for ten seconds after jumping thus allowing base rushes to occur and you are stuck defending your base for eternity instead of being able to go back on the offensive, this could be easily fixed by allowing you to instantly port back to base, re-spawn timers are 45 seconds at the start of the game and you will die 4-5 times in a game, games take 30 minutes to finish which is insane.
    -Queue times and match maker. Queue times take 3-4 minutes to get a game in the evening I fear for someone trying to play this game during an early morning.

    Fixes: Grind needs to be fixed A LOT, ships need to be going faster this would also make the games shorter as 30-40 minute games are insane for this kind of game, aiming should actually matter and it shouldn’t be spam all your stuff into them and if you aimed close it auto tracks to them (steering the ship behind cover matters, but this takes out most of the skill of the game)

    1. WarStore says:

      It doesn’t take 10 hours to unlock the first ship. You also don’t need 30 hours to unlock a decent ship because the game has a different approach. The higher tier ships are not better than the others. They are more specialized. I have a few high tier ships and I still play the Pioneer because it great against some of the ships people are using currently. It is not rare that I end up with a 25 kills and 3 deaths with the Pioneer. It is that good.
      By the way, aiming does pay off. Once you break the armor of an enemy ship, if you keep pounding that same spot, you deal 200% damage, instead of 75% against intact armor. You will notice that once you get ships that deals massive bursts of damage in a short period but with long cooldowns. Depending on your aiming, the same weapon will either deal 2000 dmg or 8000.

  10. JWA says:

    This looks great and I would love to play it (and pay for it) but I don’t play any game that requires the STEAM-ing pile of s*** to play.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it could be interesting but the only download link I can see goes to a Steam version. Is this a Steam exclusive?

  12. EndlessWaves says:

    It looks interesting but the only download link I could see goes to a steam version. Is this a steam exclusive?

      1. EndlessWaves says:

        That’s a shame. I’ve been stung by the requirement to install the steam storefront for far too many games bought from other stores.

        Although I suppose it’s fair enough for a Free to play game to get it’s revenue where it can. I see it’s still in early access/beta so maybe I’ll give it another look when it releases.

  13. Jotaro says:

    Tried it on the last free weekend on steam and it was heinously buggy with terrible server issues and poor graphics optimisation. Maybe it’s gotten better. Or maybe the Dreadnought beta has caused them to crap their pants. I might wait for a while to see which one is worth sinking my time into. I was recently stung supporting the beta of AW on the NA server, whose population has since collapsed. Once bitten, twice shy.

      1. Jotaro says:

        I don’t doubt your word, it’s just hard to get behind a game when my personal experience trying it was so frustrating. That was a couple of months ago though. Since you released this article I have been researching both games further – FS currently has a much smaller community and a history of more development problems (with subsequent playerbase churn) than Dreadnought’s, so I suspect that it will not be successful. It has a lot of interesting gameplay ideas in it though, so I sure hope I am wrong. Please keep us updated.

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