Fractured Space Launch Trailer

Good day everyone,

Something a bit different today, the launch trailer for Fractured Space!

From Edge Case games, Fractured Space centers on 5v5 team based battles for control over five sectors.

Gotta say, this one has come a long way.

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Fractured Space Launch Trailer

5 thoughts on “Fractured Space Launch Trailer

  1. mark west says:

    IM a big scifi fan and gamer, but this looks really lame. Plus, 5X5 means u get 1 tomato on ur team and u lose so i have ZERO interest.

  2. Yeah, played it a bunch of hours, most frustrating game ever, ships are really specialized and if even one doesnt do his job it usually means defeat, 5 vs 5 is not working, game is also really cpu/gpu heavy.

  3. bought this game before free to play got to say they haven’t impressed me anyways with how they fix bugs. last time i played this game a month ago match maker would still fail 3 or 4 times due to player drops just before match starting now that bug has been there since I bought the game before free to play. Just an heads up.

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