French M10 Stat Comparisons and Screenshots

Well, maybe a bit odd considering the usual trends in Premium tanks (Soviet… heavy… usually tied in with new lines) we have a French M10! Here are the stat comparisons and some screenshots of the model:



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French M10 Stat Comparisons and Screenshots

6 thoughts on “French M10 Stat Comparisons and Screenshots

    1. I looked at the stats for the M10 on The stats are almost identical from the looks of things with the exception of the gun stats which are actually worse. reload time, rate of fire and dispersion is worse. The DPM is 2,248 on the standard M10 and on the French M10 is 1,755 which is probably why they aren’t comparing the two.

      1. From the official forum post:

        “As the French М10 RFBM is just entering the closed test, its parameters are far from the final and fine-tuning will take place once testing results are gathered.

        Until then you may use those of the American (with the historical setup) as a reference for now.”

        As such, I’m imagining they’re likely using some of the stats from the American one as placeholders for now (perhaps with the stock gun’s RoF?) until they narrow down the stats further. (For that matter, part of me is hoping that they turn it into the SA50-equipped version of the M10, since that would be a bit more unique.)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Or you can just put french blue on your M10 and put some french flags: Boom. French M10, only that you can mount modifications and have no premium advantage whilst grinding appropriate tanks to the nation.

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