French Superheavy Line Inbound?

Quick post,

On the WoTLabs forums a user browsing the main World of Tanks NA site made an interesting discovery when looking at the updated tech trees (for the upcoming Tier X lights):

The images where quickly changed on the main site, but saved on this forum thread. So is this confirmation that the long talked about French super-heavy tanks will be coming soon, or at least being tested? Only time will tell, but this, as well as datamine seemingly showing modules for the Tier X, are a very good sign.


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French Superheavy Line Inbound?

38 thoughts on “French Superheavy Line Inbound?

  1. Enigmaticmuffin says:


      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        I need this. Screw playability. I will grind these tanks even if they are utter crap. French TOGs with derps are pure amour.

    1. IRON says:

      Yeah, I would far rather prefer those fine branches rather than one more faked up line.. And indeed i’m french, so i don’t want the french tech tree to be fucked up even more! 🙁

    1. Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t say made up, unless you meant that the vehicles there will be unhistorically overbuffed, then… yeah, probably. But I’m still excited as hell for those.
      One more thing – many of these had multiple operational turrets, they were talking about bringing ST-II into the game lately… maybe the multigun/multiturret mechanism will finally come?

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      IIRC that was going to be a combined line of super-heavies leading into the armoured variants of AMX M4 45. Basically, AMX M4 49 (Liberte) variants. The tier 10 of that would have had like 300m sloped hull.

      Looks like they remade it into a full super-heavy line.

  2. Seems like a lot of paper/fake tanks. I really can’t find much info on them except for maybe the FCM F1. And even that tank seems like it would be greatly handicapped if WG doesn’t introduce some sort of multi-turret system soon…

    1. Ww2Sn1p3r says:

      Yes, a lot of paper tanks but you can find some info about the FCM 1A, FCM 2C, maybe the FCM 2C Bis and the FCM F1.

  3. Steve says:

    WTF Wargaming. Why more French tanks ATM? France folded in WW2 quicker than any other nation. EVEN ITALY lasted longer and we have none of there tanks!!!! Also what about a U.K. Light line? A nation who actually fought in the WHOLE war.

  4. Thaldor says:

    If brought as historical, they gonna be just slow drepy TOGs bigger than Maus. That tier 8 (FCM F1) has 100mm of armor in front and apparently all around. Tier 9 is probably a fantasy tank based on the French desing parameters (100/120mm armor all around, 1000HP engine, 80-100t and 135/155mm and 70/90mm guns) for which FCM F1 and ARL were proposed SEAM 220t being “upgrade”. But as many on the forums, I believe WG will bring a metric ton of imagination and wetdreams.

    IMHO, WG should stop bringing imaginary tanks to WoT and at least bring the rest of the real tanks to the game. Bringing Italian TD and medium lines wouldn’t be that big of a problem and Italian light line would bring a lot of new gameplay (almost all something like AMX ELC). Also I still refuse to throw money at WG before they show some love to Finalnd and bring probably the worst BT-tank to the game, the infamous BT-42.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m oddly hyped for this, French tanks we’re planned and weren’t release, there Is even a video of FCM 2C Bis arty that was plan for release, but never made it, with Jap heavies, I plan to grind this ‘220t’ beast and darn I hope they have multi-turret support for FCM F1

    1. Thaldor says:

      Only non “real” tanks I know is the FCM CDF (which probably means The Char de Forteresser which was only a desing concept thought up by commission for new French heavy tanks) and the tier X SEAM 220t (which was some kind of desing by Polish engineer about an extremely huge tank, so huge that it needed to be split lenghtwise to transport, so basicly the worst armor ever and the idea was scrapped), I have no idea what AMX C39 and C40 are so I don’t say they aren’t real, but they might not be real.

      The problem here is that if many of those tanks are brought to the game as historical, they are going to be the worst cannon fodder there is. They are huge, they have no armor, they are slow and they have derpy guns. For example the tier IV FCM 2C: 45mm armor, 15km/h max speed, 2x250hp engines, 69t, 75mm gun and is a bit larger than TOG2. Or the tier VIII FCM F1: 100mm armor, 20km/h max., 2x550hp engines, 139t, 90mm gun and that is one HUGE target (somewhat bigger than the Maus). So, WG must make them unreal to compete, just think about tier VIII tank that is bigger than Maus, with no armor, with no frontal gun deppression (even a Maus can hide in front of it and it can only shoot the viewports on top of the Maus) and it has 90mm main gun (probbaly excelent RPM, but lacks the punch).

      1. leggasiini says:

        I guess that AMX C39 and C40 are actually AMX tracteur C 1939 and 1940 versions. Im not sure how they came up with the weird names, though.

      2. Thaldor says:

        @Leggasiini, could very well be. After all AMX Tracteur C desings were part of the Char de Forteresser project from which FCM F1 and ARL were the most promising desings with wooden mockups made. Namewise, well… we probably have an example what’s coming (I’m still not quite ok with few naming choices WG has made in the past, like Stug III having the G while the tank in the game has StuG III G hull but guns are from StuG III A (L/24, which never was in G), StuG III F (L/43) and F/8 / G (L/48) and then to some probably designed upgrades that never came).

      3. leggasiini says:

        Yeah WG has named few tanks incorrectly.

        I mean, what else they would be than two varaints of AMX Tracteur C?

  6. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I believe that the only difference was the mounting of the turrets. The 1939 version had a front mounted main turret, and a rear mounted secondary turret. The 1940 blueprint was designed that the main turret was more centrally located and the secondary turret was moved slightly to the right/left of the rear of the tank.

  7. nrnstraswa says:

    YAY! Looking forward to these. Hopefully a full branch is still possible and not that mini-branch (8-10) that was mentioned months ago. Any new information on the AMX 65t?

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