French Superheavy Semi-Update

A bit of an addition to our post from the other day, further data mining has shown the following stats for the supposed Tier X French superheavy, SEAM 220t (detailed here):

Level – 10

Health – 3500

Hull armor – 180 / 120 / 120

Turret armor – 200 / 200 / 200

Speed limit – 25 / 10

Penetration – 264 / 312 / 88

Damage – 900 / 900 / 1300

Rate of fire – 2.40

Accuracy – 0.36

Aim time – 2.5

View range – 400

Signal range – 750

Weight – 220 042

Power – 1850

Power/Weight – 8.41

In February 1940, Société d’Études et d’Application Mécanique (SEAM) proposed a super-heavy tank for the French army. The vehicle, with an estimated weight of 220 tons, was meant to be over twelve meters long. For easier transportation it was supposed to be disassembled in two parts. However, the project was cancelled in April 1940. The vehicle only existed in blueprints and no prototypes were produced.


Of course this is all long buried info, and may change or not come about at all, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks to our own commentor Leggasiini for the heads up.

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French Superheavy Semi-Update

24 thoughts on “French Superheavy Semi-Update

  1. Brett Brakefield says:

    Alright, not a lot of armour…typical of the French, but…yeesh, a 900 alpha gun with 264 pen, 1300 HE in case it’s needed, actually reasonably mobile for a SUPER HEAVY, and particularly accurate despite the high power gun?

    The heck is this, revenge of the French?

  2. blockhaj says:

    Dis gon be interesting. Although it seems to be 75% fake. France did not blueprint this, it must have been a suggestion.

  3. my best bet on the gun from what I can find that they used is the navel gun 164.7 mm/45 (6.5″) Model 1896

    900 damage
    25 sec reload
    2,160 DPM

    suddenly the French Superheavies have gained my interest

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    0.36 accuracy
    2.5s aim time
    900 dmg
    264 pen

    What is this a tier X soviet reward ?

    So let me get this straight.
    -They have been nerfing TDs so their 850dmg guns would do 750dmg because otherwise it was too much for tank destroyers, aka things meant to obliterate tanks.
    -They have been nerfing arties – things with huge guns that sometimes let fucking craters in the ground when their shell lands – because a 240mm doing 2250 dmg if it pens is too big, but a 240mm arty canon now doing less than a 15cm heavy canon is okay.
    -They have been adding guns so broken they make no sense. Not only do we still have the 183mm HESH that can oneshot anything that isnt a tier X superheavy – and that from the front – but we also recently got basicaly an un-nerfed arty gun from pre 9.18 on a super heavy tank that is already immune to non-gold ammo from the front (litteraly. This has basicaly the same stats as the french 155mm arty guns except Type5 reloads in less than 20s).

    And now they are adding this thing which is has better stats than what they wanted to give the JPZ E100, a Tank Destroyer with one of the biggest guns in the game, for their global rebalance (which is not only scrapped but also there is a global clusterfuck going on right now).

    Arty is OP. TDs are OP. Let’s give super heavy tanks better gun than the vehicles that were specificaly designed to do huge damages while we nerf said vehicles update after update.
    Also on the same note LTs, which are supposed to be dedicated scouts, have purposely received worse view range than medium tanks, “so they become better scouts than medium tanks”.

    Whoever is in charge of game balance right now is trying to kill WoT ; Rubicon was a joke compared to what’s been going on for a month or so now…

  5. Megaman0_0 says:

    Tbh I would much rather see the conventional turreted French heavy tanks added first (amx 65t, char 50t b…etc) than these super heavies…
    Wg already buffed the Japanese and German superheroes I’m not too sure many would be fond of another super heavy line atm.

      1. El Diablo says:

        The challenger got wargaming kicked out of the place they got the archives to the mini branch. Because that stupid bastard is an asshat

      2. IRON says:

        It would be hard to get it since those morons wasted as premium the tank for this branch need at tier 8: the AMX M4 49 ! 😉

  6. armando30 says:

    I hope this super-heavy line does not mean the AMX 65t, AMX M4 (1948), Char 50t B ( will end up forgotten or as simple premiums since they could be part of the alternative heavy line ending on a AMX 50 variant Yuri P. mentioned before

    P.S: this has to come from SerB, I remember a ASAP video where they mentioned all major nations (at the time) can make a Super-Heavy line, not just Germany, I believe they even mentioned the american semi-trailer/Super-Heavy tank hybrid

  7. This is almost certainly some remnant 1st April hoax.
    Very unlikely WG posted on their own homepage and yet forgot to actually use their very own design template for background and vehicle panels.

  8. PUNISHER989 says:

    Holly F me Molly, 900 damage at 264 penetration. this thing is a beast and it even has more view range that the tier 10 lights.

  9. pixywing says:

    Another heavy tank with 400 meters view range, why play a light tank ever when heavies can spot for themselves and mediums are better in every way except mobility and camo on the move.

  10. sp15 says:

    Dude i had this confirmed as fake like a week ago. There are plans to do something like a french heavy branch (remember the tier 8 amx65t that was leaked last year?) but not like this

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