From Supertest new Maps of Minsk

Two Versions one Summer and one Winter

Both prototypes partially reproduce the landscape of the real Minsk: the Railway station square and the district of the Troitsky suburb. Also two drivethrough video links.

  • The first version of the map. Simple Minsk in the summer time. City part, gate and railway lines. And you might see the bridge from the Port map, but it’s not certain.
  • The second version of the map. Unusual winter version with a historical touch



And two videos


Source WoT Express and WoT leaks, Videos


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From Supertest new Maps of Minsk

19 thoughts on “From Supertest new Maps of Minsk

  1. Anonymous says:

    …what? Didn’t they just do that whole Q&A and stated that they’re removing duplicates of maps and made a point that they’re removing winter versions of said maps? Also I gotta point out the irony in how the Q&A was with their Minsk office. Good job WG, now come out and say you’re doing black versions of premiums again to somehow honor a day of Christmas shopping.

      1. Anonymous says:

        What part of WG’s history leads u to believe that’s the case? There’s more evidence to indicate the opposite. Example: LOOK AT THE DUPLICATES ALREADY IN THE GAME. And why would they make two versions of the same map in HD if they’re only going to use one of them?

    1. ksdmlkdm says:

      If you were to actually look at the damn mini maps, then you would see they barely have anything in common. Don’t be one of those idiots that just reads the title without even looking at anything in the article. Though after seeing some of the STG comments, that’s probably a good 90% of the active player base.

  2. T54driver says:

    The rumor is that 13 yo Belorussian president’s son is a WOT big fan and keeps asking for stuff using back door semi-official channels. Now him and his daddy has asked for Minsk map…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am all for more maps, and I would hope WG would consider reintroducing older maps we all enjoyed (even QuickyBaby has commented on this). If this is a new map, I hope it wont be an EPIC FAILURE like Paris is.

  4. Trooper13 says:

    Enough with the Russian city maps! The two we play in now are absolutely awful and do not really lend themselves to tank play. Thank god this is not an African company or we would be inundated with jungle maps.

  5. Hansi says:

    Summermap = Ensk 3.0, total borring map, same shitty tactic and arty can only sit and wait for someone who will go out in the open area. Total of enovation.
    Number two map on the other hand looks very interesting

  6. ben says:

    Problems on current world of tanks maps: corridors, instant death zones, obvious camping spots, corner fights everywhere, all lights fighting for 1-2 good spotting positions, (in my opinion) too much cover so arty is ineffective (on some maps).

    the summer version of minsk solves following problem(s): none
    the winter version of minsk solves following problem(s): none

    conclusion: the maps have the same mistakes as all other maps so WG will probably publish them as they are.

  7. DickherMax says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a Polish map long ago? Studzianki? From 4 Tankmen and a Dog. What happened to that map.

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