Frontline first impressions

The Mighty Gnomes thoughts on the implementation of the Frontline mode. And now added one from DezGamez. This has a slightly different view of the map.


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Frontline first impressions

13 thoughts on “Frontline first impressions

  1. Lasix says:

    Given the map size, wouldn’t it be terrible to drive a slow tank like Maus?
    Do you need to cover a lot of ground during the fight?

    1. It’ll certainly be an issue, but you only really fight over one WoT map at a time, there are just 9 of them… So long as both teams meet, and you don’t get your team racing ahead, it’ll be fine. If your team DOES race ahead, you might be able to move sideways to the next sector.

  2. DezGames has a video up now. There seems to be a difference in opinion between the two as to whether the initial stages of the game classify as ‘corridor’ maps. Looks like it to me, even with the paths between.

    1. You would be right that the initial stages are corridor in design. Some of the lanes might be deceptive because of their size but so long as you can sit a Maus or Strv down one end of the road to stop flanking scouts and mediums, it’s a cooridor map.

  3. speedphlux says:

    It’s often very stressful to carry 14 tomatoes in World of Tanks … I can not possibly imagine having to carry 29 tomatoes, on a map 9 times as bigger, specially if I’m driving anything slower then a Patton.
    Played it – hate it. It’s basically a 3 games of 10 vs 10 with objective points, because you actually CAN NOT cross over from A to B, so you could try help C. You get big fat warning messages “leaving your zone”.

    1. You always have the option of suiciding your tank 3 or so times or even desserting if you don’t want to carry a team of tomatoes. Then you can reroll the mm for a competent team. The 45% players do it all the time because the tomatoes are always on their team and jam up their unicum skills. MM is rigged.

      Sarcasm aside, I think they just haven’t had the time to work out a rewarding economy for heroic last stands like in normal pubs. If you’re any good, you’ll find you get a lot more high calibers and top guns when your team is full of tomatoes rather than competent kill/damage stealers.

  4. GamingW/War says:

    I’ve played it. I don’t like how it’s implemented, the attackers always win. The defenders can’t hold 3 objects all at once. What ends up happening is you get into 3 v 7 fights and can’t win. All the attackers have to do is all rush one point winning because of sheer numbers. Plus once you loose an objective you have a minute to get out of the area or you die. So, slow tanks end up dying and tanks that are too far away are dead either way. In my opinion it needs to be a 2 lane fight or one objective at a time that way the defenders have a chance to win.

    1. It is the first iteration of the new game mode, a lot of balance is no doubt needed. My experience was a bit different, easier to defend when all the enemies were clumped up in one push. The count down could probably be longer for getting out of a captured zone but it’s easy to spot your zone is falling and to get out ahead of time. Otherwise you were so deep in enemy territory you were dead anyways. But in general, if you can find a good spot behind a bush to stop people from capping or even draw things out with an artillery, a few people can hold onto a point for a remarkably long time. I’d imagine it would get easier to permanently stop capping with artillery rebalances because of their splash.

      This essentially is the same game mode as in battlefield games where you have a rolling defense with multiple tickets for respawns. It works but you’re right that it needs a lot of tweaking for the world of tanks mechanics.

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