Further Premium MM Tank Changes

Further changes to PMM premiums are being made in order to makes them more “competitive”. In this case, lets see what’s going on with the Chinese tanks (most of these have the same gun, so this is going to repeat quite a bit):

Type 59/Type 59 G:

  • Reload reduced from 8.342 to 8.055
  • DPM increased from 1798 to 1862.2
  • Rate of fire increased from 7.192 to 7.449
  • Aim time reduced from 2.21 to 2.01
  • Frontal turret armor increased 200 to 230
  • Horsepower increased from 520 to 580
  • Power to weight increased from 14.44 to 16.11


  • Description changed
  • AP penetration increased from 175 to 182
  • Premium Ammo shell velocity increased from 640 m/s to 720 m/s


  • AP penetration increased from 175 to 182
  • Premium Ammo shell velocity increased from 640 m/s to 720 m/s

WZ-111/WZ-111 Alpine Tiger:

  • AP penetration increased from 175 to 182
  • Premium Ammo shell velocity increased from 640 m/s to720 m/s
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Further Premium MM Tank Changes

32 thoughts on “Further Premium MM Tank Changes

  1. 182mm gun penetration, does WG even play there game?

    or is it WG intention for 75% Gold APCR anno spam to damage a enemy, and then make zero credits per game

    try to penetrate any new since 2017 T8 HT’s lower plate or so called #weak spots’ or the IS3 with only 182mm pen –
    or far worse the Defender with almost zero weak spots ~ you cannot! and its even worse at 200mtr+
    then there is Tier 9’s (unless PMM are mostly/ 75% top tier (yeah that will be the day lol

    All Tier 8 Medium Tanks should get a minimum of 203mm Gun penetration,
    or exactly what is there role now to be worth playing them now, today with so much armour/ gun power creep going on

    1. Anonymous says:

      No, tanks shouldn’t be BUFFED to offset the powercreep. That brings in more powercreep. The super heavies and premiums should be “nerfed” with the introduction of weak spots. Though I’d call it a fix rather than a nerf.

    2. A_merica says:

      The reason why there not getting the 200+ buff is most likely some caliber rule BS and doing any more would be “too strong” for a “Pref” tank.
      Yes, they will are still trying to get rid of the +1 MM on them but this is a short term solution to make them “competitive” right now.

    3. Partybooper says:

      182mm of pen on a tier 8 seems ok to me. I even consider 220mm of pen on a tier 9 to be alright. Guess not everyone can position themselves to make full use of that amount of penetration. Just don’t sit in front of an enemy you cannot pen from that angle. I hate people doing that all the time, especially in my team.

      “Oh, a hulldown T34, let me go back and forth, show him my tank the entire time so he doesn’t need to move and while doing that I will shoot his turret for no reason!”


    4. Anonymous says:

      Your right. Unless they fix the MM where your not always bottom tier, 182 WOULD BE fine. but till the MM is fixed this is a joke… TY WG for nothing….

    5. Anonymous says:

      Its not a t8 medium/ heavy. Its a tier 7.5 medium/heavy because they have preff MM. WG should really just remove the preff and buff them to the level of a fully competitive t8 tank which will be a lot easier and better

  2. _4No1AfR8_ says:

    If i pay for a tank, i want the quality for it. If you can’t afford it, too bad. Not everyone ride’s a porche or can afford it.

  3. Infernal969 says:

    Welcome changes for the Type, even if the pen is still bad. The rest is a joke.
    Now, are they going to do something worthwhile about the FCM or do they think that buffing the already good mobility will make a giant barn with no armor, no alpha and ten years of aim time playable?

    1. StevoMS says:

      My 112 is my most played tank and i love the thing to bits, but 182 pen is just not enough, sure a buff is a buff but 182 is still not enough pen to safely go through so called weak-spots. Especially when heat pen is only 250, best example of what i mean is 250mm heat cant go through the lfp of the 252 and 182 mm is sill not enough for standard to do so either. 210mm of pen would make me comfortable to drive the tank without bringing any prem ammo into a game (even though I still will)

  4. banjoman150 says:

    *looks at the pathetic mini buffs*

    Thats what you get for bitching and whining about you beloved preferencial MM tanks to not be changed to regular MM.
    Screw you!

    Thats exactly what you deserve

    1. ROMBAT says:

      Why are so angry this retards with the preferetial mm? Because their no pref mm tier 8 are 8 out of 10 games matched with tier 10?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think 182 pen will be just fine if Wargaming would balance the MM so that these tanks would see more battles with tier VI and VII tanks. These tanks seeing only IX and VIII almost all the time is what is so frustrating for the PMM tanks.

    1. Kulingile says:

      Or at least get into more tier 7/8 and 8 battles.

      182mm of pen can deal with tier 7 tanks, but starts to struggle against tier 8 heavies. If you can actually hit commander’s hatches or turret roofs, it’s workable. However, tier 8 superheavies will laugh at your pitiful penetration and roll right over you.

      Tier 9 tanks? Good luck, even with gold. Seriously, some of these preferential premiums really need higher gold round penetration. 217mm on the IS-6 is just pitiful, hell even the KV-5 has higher (albeit only 2mm) gold round penetration. The Super Pershing, Mutant, WZ-111, Type 59, 112, and FCM 50t all have gold round penetration greater than 240mm.

  6. dr.Z says:

    WG again doing wrong thing.
    This 7mm buff does nothing.
    Only solution is fixing MM for pref premiums.
    My IS-6 will continue to collect dust in the garage…

  7. Partybooper says:

    I already enjoy playing the Type 59, because it has pref MM (it never sees tier 10, so this is fun!).
    Now it even gets buffed a little bit. I take it!
    Remember guys, before you cry that they are not as powerful as other tier 8s: It is not supposed to be! Because, well, obviously, regular tier 8s have to fight tier 10s. The pref MM tanks do not. That is why it is ok that they are, performance-wise, essentially tier 7.5 tanks. And with that in mind, I think my Type 59 does perform ok already. With these buffs, it will do a little bit better even.

    I like it!

      1. Partybooper says:

        Well, in the latest batch of news (even here on RSR), it was stated that they will keep their preferential matchmaking. The stuff with the KV-5 being buffed so it will have its pref MM removed is already obsolete.

        I think WG realized that people bought their pref MM just because of the pref MM perk (so did I, by the way) and that there will be a shitstorm if they take it away from those tanks.

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is an issue. When pref mm tanks were made there weren’t armored beasts like the o-ho,defender,vk1001p,liberte and patriot. The most armored thing you would fight was the is3. Plus the point of pref mm tanks is that you struggle against tier 8s (that you now always see) but farm tier 7s (that you now sometimes see) and tier 6s (that you now NEVER see). And don’t get me started on the tier 9s that don’t even notice you when you bounce gold on their weakspots. Pref mm tanks work great…..In wot of 5 years ago.

  8. Orti6 says:

    With this tanks you came always with tier 10&9 together, this Buffs are useles and sell mit more of this underated Premium Shit. WarGaming destroyed soo many good Tanks in the Past. Best advice for WOT = PLAY WITHOUT Money ! The Time comes where the Servers all Down, and your Payed Money is gone. Whats the worse thing in Game/Teams = only Easturopean Teams with Kids,human Bots ans real Bots, Westeurope ist too many players Leave WOT ! A Betrayal Game !

  9. SkaerKrow says:

    Preferential MM isn’t going away. Try educating yourselves before spewing BS all over the internet. These buffs are entirely sufficient for these vehicles. The Type 59 remains a strong tank all around, the T-34-3 will be a more credible flanker and medium peek-a-boomer, and the 111/112 will be stronger hybrid medium-heavies with an even better ability to bully lower tier vehicles. Quite simply, if you can’t make these buffed vehicles work then you need to pick a different class or line, because there’s nothing wrong with them.

  10. A_Merica says:

    “As the feedback and testing showed, the reason you take these tanks onto the battlefield or bring them into your Garage in the first place is their preferential status and unique characteristics. In response to your comments, we went back to the drawing board to work on another round of adjustments.”

    Goal: Improve the experience for preferential tanks while keeping the preferential matchmaking parameter and their unique characteristics intact.
    Solution: All-around vehicle rebalances on a tank-by-tank basis combined with matchmaker rule revision. The latter is aimed at reducing instances of getting matched at the same position (top/middle/bottom) on the list for several battles in a row.

    If you believe that WG is still not trying to find a way to get ride of +1 based on these statements you must believe that they are actually listening to us.
    If they actually were listening to the play base MM would be fixed, op tanks would be rebalanced sooner and the “tests” on the prem tanks wouldn’t be happening. Arty would be removed and everything would have +1 mm or skilled mm. Light tanks wouldn’t be useless and the 268 4 would have never seen the light of day.

    Call it BS but until they give us something tangible and actually follow through with their “promises” this is just another “please continue to spend money” statement.

    Take it at face value and it’s just another “fix” right now to make them “competitive” until we figure out what we want to do.
    I still think there going to take away there pref status because it WG and they like money.

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