FV217 Badger coming in patch 9.21

We have from Super test some renders an armor model and some stats of the forthcoming “Badger”.For the stats I’ve taken the Russian tank inspector screen grab and overlaid the Russian captions with English.

Source WoTLeaks

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FV217 Badger coming in patch 9.21

35 thoughts on “FV217 Badger coming in patch 9.21

      1. Anonymous says:

        You say it as if it doesn’t matter.

        There are tier 8s with greater premium pen.

        320 premium pen as a T10 TD is the lowest with the next ones being….

        325 on 120mm APCR (autoloader) France
        330 on 130mm APCR Russia
        334 on 150mm HEAT Germany
        350 on 105mm APCR Swede
        375 on 155mm APCR USA
        395 on 152mm HEAT China
        395 on 152mm HEAT Russia
        420 on 170mm HEAT Germany

        230 on 183mm HESH UK is technically lowest but it’s a totally different kind of shell

        As for 272mm regular pen…

        257 on 120mm AP (autoloader) France
        279 on 150mm AP Germany
        290 on 152mm AP China
        290 on 130mm AP Russia
        295 on 155mm AP USA
        299 on 170mm AP Germany
        303 on 152mm AP Russia
        308 on 105mm APCR Swede
        310 on 183mm AP UK

        Not to mention that the tier 9 Tortoise below it with the 120mm gun compared to the 123mm gun here has better premium pen.

        Tortoise 120mm: 259mm AP / 326mm APCR pen
        Badger 123mm: 272mm AP / 320mm ???? pen

        Yeah that makes sense.

      2. Because a not so powerful broken ammo is good for the game. I would rather the rest of the ammo you listed get nerf than have more broken crutch ammo in the game.

        The sooner this broken mechanic is rebalanced the sooner we can get some sane armour thickness in the game.

      3. Anonymous says:

        If the change was “remove premium ammo” that would be something to think about.

        But they are not changing that and listing this tank with inferior premium ammo compared to the class and tier it has.

        This tank as listed will be inferior at penetrating armour than the tortoise the tier below going by premium ammo penetration.

        WG isn’t offering any change to premium ammo so look at the tank compared to what it competes with and what exists.

        It doesn’t look right at all.

      4. It “may” not look right, but is it a problem? No. 320 is more than enough. The only thing not right here is other premium rounds having too much penetration. WG should fucking rebalance premium ammo already. That way we can have some actual in depth gameplay and balance in this game because we can now have sensible armour thickness.

      1. Hooli_Gun says:

        is it?

        you mean,it is given you dont roll low on RNG,so you are talking about a 50/50 chance to pen aMaus turret or type….wolud you take it?……

    1. Nocomment says:

      lets have 500mm then all the other tanks can have 500mm too. Then we can buff all the armour and start round round again….

      Sooner this stupid ammo type is nutered to somthing reasonable on all tanks the better.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should rename this post’s title, because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    “[sic] FV 251B(183)”. What?

    Uhh, maybe something like “FV215b (183) Replacement coming…”? Maybe “FV 205 Tier X TD coming…”?


      1. Zorin says:

        Actually no I made it. It was zora then I learned of legend of Zelda then I made a few changes to zorin. Been using it for years.

  2. It looks like they’re really sticking to the idea of unifying the tank lines – in this case giving tier X main feature of the AT line – every subsequent tank being even more useless at its corresponding tier than its predecessor was (gold pen is worse than on Tortoise – lol indeed). At least I won’t have to look for another crew for the Shitbarn…

  3. IDK why wargaming all of a sudden feels like messing up the tier 10s of half the tech trees in the game after years of them being out. Its like they want to f*** over new players who didnt grind the line yet. First foch the fv215 then this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wait…so….Russian 122mm guns get 440 alpha at tier ten, but this 123mm gun gets 420? I mean, its not like giving it 440 would be game breaking, hell, it’d raise its DPM to 3,800-ish from its current 3,700. Other than that, looks like it’ll be a decent tank.

  5. I think WG have April Fools in their office still. First Ob. 268 v.4 and no this. I know it have better mobility and armor than Tortoise but for me it’s not enough. Low alpha and dramaticcaly low penetration destroys this vehicle completely. I don’t want to see another 750 dmg gun but Ob.263 gun is great example for balanced gun.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really wonder what the US TD switches will be… Whatever it will be, it’ll be shite compared to the E3. Not to mention the Jageroo

  7. Tim Allen says:

    So it’s basically a slightly better Tortoise, but on a Conqueror chassis with less weak spots on the front? Sounds good to me. But in all seriousness, this thing, for once, doesn’t look too OP. It has the same lower plate weakness as the Conqueror and Super Conqueror, but without a turret. The premium pen is a little lacking, but I think it’s fine because you can still go through fairly thick armor with it and 272 is also fairly OK for standard pen. My one issue is the gun traverse arc angles. 16.7 degrees isn’t the actual gun arc angles, but it’s 8.35 degrees, which is not very good. I’m guessing they want you to actually use this thing as sort of an assault tank? Which is perfectly fine, I guess. Also, I would’ve liked to see a hitpoint increase as well since you’re going up a whole tier and only getting a measly 50 extra hitpoints. Maybe bump it up to 2200 hitpoints or something? Especially since this thing is completely different from the FV215b 183, where you have to keep hitting the same tank over and over and over again instead of side scraping and shooting once every 22-23 seconds. Overall, this seems to be a sensible path leading from the Tortoise, but aside from those concerns listed, I think it’ll be at least be an interesting tank.

  8. Berto72 says:

    22 degrees chassis traverse i pretty ridicolous, about 3 deg less than the worse TD ingame now…. too less, a lot too less….

  9. MTG says:

    more important questions – what is the next line with t10 replacement?
    I am not asking about 268 v4 because having that will not give me free tank

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