FV215b 183 to Badger Trade

A few brief points before the new Tier X British TD hits the tech tree and replaces the FV215b 183:

  • As usual by now, those who own the FV before the trade in will keep it as a special Tier X vehicle.
  • The FV215b 183 crew will be retrained for the Badger. As the Badger has one more crew member than the FV, the new crew will come with a 100% trained radio operator.
  • Going off vehicle changes in testing, the FV215b 183 will also receive an ammunition capacity buff. Going from 12 to 20 shells. Obviously subject to change.
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FV215b 183 to Badger Trade

33 thoughts on “FV215b 183 to Badger Trade

      1. Maltratatoru says:

        @DickherMax no, just -8 to the front and -10 to the sides and i don’t want autoloader because i don’t want to wait like 3 dark ages to reload :p how often do you see oneshoted meds?

      2. Anonymous says:

        The Leopard has -9, 0 armor and no gun handling at all, if anything its the tanks that needs buffing since its a “Leopard”, not a naval gun on wheels.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The 183’s been in the game for awhile so if u had an additional crew memeber in the tortoise, chances r it’s either been reassigned to a new vehicle or it’s lacking all the training the 183 crew would’ve gotten.

  1. dino7777 says:

    I was at on the test server and yes all the FV215 183 crew gets retrained to Badger and the skills get reseted, so you can choose the skills newly.
    BUT the additional radio is “only” a 100% crew member.
    That means that the crew loses BIA perk, as the new radio operator does not have BIA at 100%.
    I was lucky and had a British radio operator in barracks with 3 perks left.
    But if you do not have any free crew member left in barracks to retrain to Badger, you lose the BIA skill that you had on the FV215 183.

    Other topic: the Badger is too much over-.powered!!!
    With improved equipment you get a DPM of about 4650!!!

    – DPM that is far the best available
    – impenetrable from front if LFP coverd
    – Lazer precise gun accuracy
    – The Badger is not that slow, like Tortoise was before 9.19 patch

    In a platoon, where you have your flanks secured, this thing is unbeatable.

  2. Creyf says:

    Why do people always have to complain. Use the recently free recieved female crew member as your radio operator en problem solved.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Crew skill reset is nice indeed. 100% Radioman is … better than nothing I s´pose – yet I think that most of ppl just have the guy from Tortoise (or as it is in my case – already temporally used and retrained to Achilles) slacking somewhere. And UK has plenty of radiomen once you progress to high-tiers anyway.

    Anybody knows if its low enough for Type 5 to shot over it? It would better to team up with IS 4 or 7 to keep your flanks but … thats not epic, is it?

  4. Timewarp says:

    Wow yet another tier X that is OP, well that never happens. Nop WG never realeses on purpose OP Tier X tanks so that the user base will spend money on Free XP to get them nope, this never happends.

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