FV215b HD Armour changes

I’ve taken screen shots of the armor profile of the 215b in the live and test clients. There are some buffs and some nerfs the lower front plate is stronger but the turret cheeks are a little weaker. The Pics are bellow. Current is on the left new on the right.



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FV215b HD Armour changes

12 thoughts on “FV215b HD Armour changes

  1. banjoman150 says:

    Oh my god … why are they nerfing the turret cheeks. Other changes look good but nerfing the turret cheeks is BS imo. It was already annoying when a T54 cunt pens your turret with heat. Now the chance of them bouncing is even less. Ohh the made the cupola smaller … oh wait its useless because the part they made smaller is autobounce anyway so it doesnt matter. Seems like they dont really want “everybody” running around with good and competitive T10 specials

  2. OeilBleu says:

    I was expecting slight buffs, like more armor on the sides and a sightly better rooftop so it does not get overmatch by 155mm guns, so kinda disappointed

  3. The only armour change this needed was the sidescraping part….forgot what it’s called….no one in the world ever asked for a lower plate buff….but WG will continue being WG….sigh…

  4. Limoncello says:

    ooh wow now fv will be really strong. this lower plate from 76mm to 102mm will make it unpenetrable…..
    And that was everything we ever want for fv. buffing lower plate so t6 tanks which are the main enemy of a t10 can maybe bounce now…..
    PS: And I want more t8 prem tanks pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  5. Goose says:

    They made the Cupola weaker from the Front, added 2 flat parts on the Outside with around 150. Redicolous. Conqueror Turret is much stronger than the FV´s.
    The “Buffs” they made are useless

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