Gaijin/Warthunder an year later: Flips the disk but plays the same


It’s been pretty much a year since the last time I wrote about Gaijin/Warthunder, went to take a look and seems like they haven’t changed:

I used to play Warthunder years ago, even long before Ground Forces was in the game and I used to enjoy it. Even nowadays I believe there’s potential in WarThunder as a game, because it’s not a bad one! It’s those who run it and work for it that drove me away because of their shenanigans. Often you ask me why I don’t cover WarThunder material on RSR and truth is, I wouldn’t feel be honest with myself, you or any of my colleagues if I did so. Also last year, because Gaijin can’t censor blog articles like they can (and have been) censor Youtube videos, I was harassed by the company’s staff after I didn’t buy into lies they emailed me, in a petty attempt to make me change certain articles I had written.

I have in very few occasions modified certain articles and will but only as long is not something too serious, if they are not trying to censure and as long gaming staff ask kindly and give me honest reasons. However, if I get approached they way like Gaijin did they will get nothing but a very Portuguese “Forearm Jerk” in return.

The game and anything associated to Gaijin became nearly dead to me at that point, an apology was never given and truth to be told I never sat around waiting for it. I simply can’t support a business model that censors, blackmail, harasses and does all sorts of unethical and highly dubious actions.

I still gave Gaijin/WarThunder the benefit of the doubt, heck, I was even tempted to re-download it and give it a go because of recent introductions like the Tortoise, after all it were forum staff acting on their own who came at me but the fact that, Anton Yudintsev, the company’s CEO is the one making that poll…well, this is past reasoning.

Basically the game has been having issues with cheaters and he gave the community two options:

  1. Abuse Youtube’s Copyright system to censure and destroy the content creator’s livelihoods instead of fixing the actual problem.
  2. Ruin the mode where the cheating is taking place.


A company that has a history with copyright is now asking be backed by the community to censor content creators? This is not just a whole new level of bad but of stupid as well, this is not the 80-90s, nowadays there is so many competition out there, a sane gaming company knows the power that a content producer has, we bring most of the players into the games and going after us makes absolute no sense.

Did a last check before posting this article, apparently now they discussing the actual fix of the issue but the damage is already done, fixing the problem should have been the first and only option since the beginning, not trying to hide it under the carpet.


And just like MagzTV said, one thing is to control what’s said in the forums and game, another is when they try to control things out of their sphere of influence by abusing the law and doing all other sorts of shady actions.

Gaijin, you are dead to me until you prove you are actually changing your ways because right now, you are unthankful, a disrespect and a waste of time for any content creator, this is not how you deal with this situation.



[Developer] RB mode and illegal modifications

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Thanks to MagzTV for making the Youtube video.

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