Gaijin/Warthunder an year later: Flips the disk but plays the same


It’s been pretty much a year since the last time I wrote about Gaijin/Warthunder, went to take a look and seems like they haven’t changed:

I used to play Warthunder years ago, even long before Ground Forces was in the game and I used to enjoy it. Even nowadays I believe there’s potential in WarThunder as a game, because it’s not a bad one! It’s those who run it and work for it that drove me away because of their shenanigans. Often you ask me why I don’t cover WarThunder material on RSR and truth is, I wouldn’t feel be honest with myself, you or any of my colleagues if I did so. Also last year, because Gaijin can’t censor blog articles like they can (and have been) censor Youtube videos, I was harassed by the company’s staff after I didn’t buy into lies they emailed me, in a petty attempt to make me change certain articles I had written.

I have in very few occasions modified certain articles and will but only as long is not something too serious, if they are not trying to censure and as long gaming staff ask kindly and give me honest reasons. However, if I get approached they way like Gaijin did they will get nothing but a very Portuguese “Forearm Jerk” in return.

The game and anything associated to Gaijin became nearly dead to me at that point, an apology was never given and truth to be told I never sat around waiting for it. I simply can’t support a business model that censors, blackmail, harasses and does all sorts of unethical and highly dubious actions.

I still gave Gaijin/WarThunder the benefit of the doubt, heck, I was even tempted to re-download it and give it a go because of recent introductions like the Tortoise, after all it were forum staff acting on their own who came at me but the fact that, Anton Yudintsev, the company’s CEO is the one making that poll…well, this is past reasoning.

Basically the game has been having issues with cheaters and he gave the community two options:

  1. Abuse Youtube’s Copyright system to censure and destroy the content creator’s livelihoods instead of fixing the actual problem.
  2. Ruin the mode where the cheating is taking place.


A company that has a history with copyright is now asking be backed by the community to censor content creators? This is not just a whole new level of bad but of stupid as well, this is not the 80-90s, nowadays there is so many competition out there, a sane gaming company knows the power that a content producer has, we bring most of the players into the games and going after us makes absolute no sense.

Did a last check before posting this article, apparently now they discussing the actual fix of the issue but the damage is already done, fixing the problem should have been the first and only option since the beginning, not trying to hide it under the carpet.


And just like MagzTV said, one thing is to control what’s said in the forums and game, another is when they try to control things out of their sphere of influence by abusing the law and doing all other sorts of shady actions.

Gaijin, you are dead to me until you prove you are actually changing your ways because right now, you are unthankful, a disrespect and a waste of time for any content creator, this is not how you deal with this situation.



[Developer] RB mode and illegal modifications

See also:

Thanks to MagzTV for making the Youtube video.

And remember readers, you can discuss this issue in this comment section, you won’t be sent to Goulag.

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Gaijin/Warthunder an year later: Flips the disk but plays the same

105 thoughts on “Gaijin/Warthunder an year later: Flips the disk but plays the same

  1. lafie says:

    Gaijin change? Don’t see that happening, ever. Not until after their game finally dies from the game equalient of suicide, at least.

  2. marianr87 says:

    Some American company should buy them out, or Wargaming could buy them when they’re company will be worth 2 bucks.

      1. marianr87 says:

        Because generally they are at least much better at PR. This was just an unmitigated disaster.

  3. qwelas says:

    I dont know if anyone read but in the forums they posted the reply to the poll, and… it is even worst than the first.

  4. anon-kun says:

    You do like a bit of exaggeration rita, dont you?

    on a more serious note, i’ve read into this a bit deeper (because i happen to know someone on the inside so to say), and the situation is more troublesome than it might seem. thing is The game had issues with cheaters beforehand, (using markers in RB games) but they were very rare because one reason or another. Complexity in actually doing this, sever/client side calculation. whatever. thing is the snails knew about these problems and made ban-waves on a monthly basis if i remember correctly. Now, as long as very few people actually realize there are these cheats, even fewer will use them. So they were happy with the situation. And the differance between this and say, the warpack is this actually gives you a very unfair advantage. (not like hiding trees, that dont really matter because the tank isnt spotted/rendered or shoving obstacles being destryoed on the map or so) but actually allows you to shoot at tank WAY beyond what you can see, and this is possible because how tank are rendered at different ranges (comparng to WoT now), and you can now see the tank from insane distances. Point is, this is unlike say warpack completely gamebreaking in Tank battles.

    But this all changed as Phly posted that video, that showed everyone and their mother that you actually could do this, and of course massively increasing its popularity. Gaijin of course wanted to minimize damage (in this case, people that were aware of it) and used a… peculiar method for this. As i have understood it, they didnt per se force Phly to take it down (he didnt) but he spoke with them and made the video private insted, we can speculate all we wont if that is a good method or not (pro tip: it isnt). Problem is gaijin is a rather small company, and this guy has told me they it could be rather difficult getting rid of these cheaters.

    Now, most of the community has stuck with WT despite its flaws and rough time because of the more realistic approach. Of course no one wants to have markers in the RB mode, that would just be killing its own purpose. and no one wants the cheater either. problem is Phly kinda bumped up the cheater number. a lot. he understood this, and (reluctantly i guess) took down the video

    i just wanted to shine some light on the whole affair, sorry if i dragged out too long

    1. Spam got you, pulled your comment to public, you shouldn’t have a problem to comment from now on. Exaggeration? No. There’s nothing I’ve written that they haven’t done. The only exaggeration here is the fact that the company goes after content producers and even people who try to give constructive criticism. I still respect your opinion/point of view, but its how things have been and are, hopefully one day they will be smart enough and change.

      1. anon-kun says:

        phew, was worried there for a second 🙂

        and nvm the header, i usually start with readbait, old habit of mine. so, i’ll to try liven up the day just slightly, Anton did say “People have decided that not allowing people to advertise 3rd party illegal software it is not an accepted option for developers”

        now i do realize this is a bit of fixing paint on a boat split in half, but it is something

      2. Yes, its his usual tactic: Do sh*t, if sh*t catches on fire then apologize and tries to dig it afraid of bigger repercussions. But the fact is, its been smelling for years and now the place is stinking of burned pewp. I know it a weird analogy (see what I did there?) but that’s how it is… Unless they truly change their way of doing business there’s no way we gonna take our gas masks off.

      3. The one thing that was relatively nice was the CEO Anton spent 10+ hours on reddit and the forums during his free time to answer questions and brainstorm etc etc.

    2. bob says:

      You got no idea, right?
      Censorship is the worst…. – but also threatening to destroy modes, if they dont scream exitingly to do this horrible shit?

      Its like if i hold a gun to your head and say “EAT THE POISEN; OR I SHOOT!” … wtf man

    3. Anonymous says:

      This isn’t even the first time, that they propose censorship to hide their short-comings. A few years back, Jingles said a small piece about that on his Mingles-show that basically boils down to: “You can only be a supported community-contributor, if you do not show the game having flaws.” They’re a terrible company, that doesn’t understand their customers (hello repeated fuck-ups in RB and FR-modes) and has an obvious bias (hello OP russians and failed japanese). A company that, if it has the choice between a good solution and a bullshit solution, always chooses the bullshit solution, like they did with their ground assault maps, where ground attackers are somewhere between free food due to closeness of spawns and completely useless, because the AI ground-units literally suicide, robbing anyone except fighters of their purpose

  5. i remember seeing calls to leave world of tanks for War Thunder, well clearly they where wrong and wargaming by default won. and Armored warfare i guess is not doing that great ether.

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      I remember the threads before WT:GF launched: “It’s a WoT killer” “Screw you SerB I’m going to play Warthunder” – and it was definitely not a WoT killer.
      If I want tank PvP action, WoT is the place to be, but I’ve been playing AW PvE a lot recently as it fixes a lot of the things that wind me up about WoT. I think Obsidian would be far better off making AW more PvE centered as that’s what makes it different from “WoT with modern tank skins”

      1. NotGezeiten says:

        I’m really enjoying AW PvE too, although AW PvP still have quite alot of problems to fix before it can come close to competition against WoT.

        The bigger problem is AW is being funded/published by a Russian company ( albeit developed by an American studio. From what I’ve observed so far, the publishers are no better than Gaijin although in a different way, which is quite bad news for AW Devs.

  6. redheadsg1 says:

    Yet, you still “sleeping with WG in bed” …. just saying.

    Also WG did NOTHING against cheaters for YEARS. Well, they might be trying to be “better” with community (i will give them that). Also about WG tank packs …. yea about that …

    PS: I am not defending Gajin …. they are definitely worse company than WG and i am afraid what is going to happen with Crossout

  7. flakeater says:

    >you wont be sent to Goulag

    i dunno,i wrote a really long comment explaining the situation, with insider info, but that wont show up…

    anyway, it actually says on the top of the forum page that they wont abuse the copyright thing, because the players reacted very strongly towards it (yay for people being reasonable). and they are working on other solutions

    1. flakeater says:

      my other comment is completely gone, and o tried it like 4 times. please dont be responsible for that Rita…

  8. Teobold Tor says:

    One of the stupidest decisions ever!
    You could make a case for them striking videos that were advertising the cheats – like the one for a well known tank botting program for WoT as that’s using their IP to advertise a paid for cheat. However, there is no excuse for trying to strike videos like PhlyDaily made. I watched it, he wasn’t saying how good the bot was, he was annoyed by the fact someone was using a wallhack.
    Gajin’s answer, that it would encourage people to cheat by hearing them mentioned is garbage. I used to cheat heavily in single player FPS games, just for the lols, and the first thing I’d do would be to Google what cheat codes were available for the games, anyone wanting to cheat in WT would surely do the same thing?

    As for striking videos, it would be very easy for them to strike any that posted unfavourable reviews of their content, something like the video Jingles posted on WoWP but on a WT review could easily be “disappeared” (I know WG didn’t do it, that’s an example). It’s essentially the same thinking “we don’t like you showing this so you won’t”. Isn’t it illegal to submit false DCMA claims anyway?
    Not sure how they’re expecting a Soviet style of CS to work out for them in 2016!

    1. Security by obscurity is never a good idea. Pretending a certain hack doesn’t exist by erasing all evidence of it doesn’t work. Yet still plenty of people believe in tactics like that…

  9. Planes were good, but the tanks are horrible, in my opinion. Shooting hundred times at an enemy, nothing happens to it, then he just shoots 1 at me and I blow up is so annoying right away, but the spawn killing… Base raping is less bearable than in a Battlefield games… Ground forces are just bad. Tried after release, did not like it, and tried it also like 1-2 years after if it got any better, but nope. It didn’t improve at all, same annoying and pointless frustration spiced with some boredom, cas it is so bad…

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      WT:GF in a nutshell: Drive for a couple of minutes, get ammorekt by something you can’t see. Respawn, get ammorekt by something you can’t see as by now someone’s camping near your spawn. Respawn again, shoot at something, do minor damage before getting ammorekt.

      1. Teobold Tor says:

        Indeed Shade, the biggest laugh is that Gajin fanboys slag off WoT because it had health bars and “WT doesn’t” well actually it does, but they’re not visible. The modules and crew do have health bars but you can’t see them.
        WT looks fantastic, but the game mechanics are no more or less realistic than WoT while the gameplay experience is far worse.

      2. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Don’t forget tanks doing Tokyo Drift every time you try to steer them. Oh, and how about towing cables shooting from… where exactly? I didn’t see any towing equipment on any tank model last time i played WarThurder (admittedly that was very long time ago). Much realism confirmed.

      3. Synvy (Tea) says:

        Sadly however that is one of the few closer to reality about tracked vehicles.
        Continuous tracks are meant to distribute the immense weight of a vehicle to to ground equally, grip is not the first thing they offer. On various terrain tank sliding do happen because tracks are extremely slippery, thick mud or even sand.

    2. marianr87 says:

      EXACTLY! Go out with KV-1. KV-1 stronk tenk, spend a few minutes to reach the where the action is, shoot a few times make minor damage on puny tank with little armor, get killed in 1 shot by a puny tank right through the mantlet. IT’S SO DAMN FRUSTRATING

  10. Gieke85 says:

    as I commented before on one of Dezgamez’s Crossout vids: I love the look of the game, I love the Interstate 76/82 feel, but I wont touch it with a 10 foot pole until Gaijin stop treating their customers like pieces of meat

  11. I’m still curious of your claims that Gaijin steals models. Not that it’s unbelievable, but I need evidence. I can see similarities between tanks such as the T-54 but WG base their models off from Kubinka and other museums which Gaijin most likely bases their’s too.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That’s really not nice to do to you Rita. I’m going to write them a nasty letter. They have gone to far now! 🙂 amazing WT thinks they can get away with this without a lot of backlash. BTW, I chanced by your twitter channel to see if you were resting which you never do..

    Do you know you have managed to find one of my favorite rare albums? Jeff Waynes “War of the worlds” ! I never have seen any one mention it before. Are you reading my mind sweetie?

    Your a she devil I swear ! :0

    Here is another one you will surely like if you like that.

    Alan Parson’s Mystery and Imagination..


    and this..

    Al Stewart is my favorite of all time btw.

    I swear we must have met in another life it’s so darn scary … Rita.. ” the Flying Sorceress” 🙂

    Please post this censorship stuff on the NA server If you can ..

    maybe this will keep WG from thinking they can do the same thing

  13. I spent ~500 hours and god knows how much money on War Thunder (not to mention lots of activity on the forum, trying to help improve the game) until I stopped playing two years ago. I didn’t regret spending the money as I enjoyed the game and saw (and still see) its potential, but this has completely changed now.

    It is beyond any doubt now that Gaijin is a company which is entirely unethical in its PR related behaviour. It started with censorship on their own forums, which sucks but is legal, and now they evidently have no problem illegally abusing the copyright system on YouTube and hurting content creators. They are a company that is to be boycotted. They do not deserve any support whatsoever, and unless heads roll within the company, that will not change. It’s a real shame, but that’s how it is, and I will use every opportunity to inform people of Gaijin’s behaviour and encourage a boycott.

  14. Anonymous says:

    wow…….. censorship or saw your leg off… WOW

    Totalbiscuit would vomit all over this – and so am i!

    1. bob says:

      WG might was dodgy at times… but never done anything like that.
      They rather ignore than censor – which i welcome every day of the week!

  15. Anonymous says:

    For me warthunder was about simulator mode for planes. Ground forces were like a dlc for me.
    Unfortunately Gaijin doens’t give a fk about sim players …

  16. wfschepel says:

    This is pretty much why I stopped playing WT. Spent some money on it, too. They aren’t going to get anything else from me, though, unless they clean up their act.

  17. I know what u did last summer says:

    Jingles doesnt make a video for a long time.

    At fucks up

    Jingles does video


    Having some distraction/ good boy face, during this sounds like a move made by politicians. Baby kissing game devs style.

    Just a theory…

  18. Very British British Brit from the land of British Brits says:

    Giajin… oh Giajin… when will you learn… this is why you are so unsuccessful, with so little players. Not only are you greedy Giajin, but you dont respect your player base, who ultimately are the only reason you exist. In the end, failing the listen to feedback and abusing your powers will get you what you deserve.

    Yes… Giajin suspended my account for report numinous Bugs on their forum.

  19. Dominik Kost says:

    The forearm jerk is called “Kozakiewicz’s gesture” in Poland. This is a refference to an olympic champion from Moscow olympics in 1980, for the whole tournament, the russian audience did everything to piss him off, whole stadium was boo-ing every time he was about to make his jump, and when he finaly beat the world record and secured the first place, he made a gesture that every Pole in a communist-run Poland wanted to give to the Russians. Here’s a short clip from that moment:

    1. The Forewarm jerk is also the way a Portuguese will give the middle finger, but as the Portuguese we are, we will give the whole arm. xD We call it “Toma” which kinda translates to “Take It/that”.

  20. Standup Philosopher says:

    i started with wot, after i stoped playing wow, because of TANKS!!!!!^^
    but i realised, wot is a cash grave….
    so i tried war thunder.
    it starts well, but come close to wot pretty fast…
    so i trie armored warfare.
    aw listen to the community(at the start), did everything better than wot+wt (at the start),
    but end up in the same shit like the others…
    so i end my “free to play” (my ass),adventure and buy ordinary tripple a games like fallout4, stellaris or the division.
    i enjoy my time in the free to play (my ass) games, but after i spend almost 4k€ for 4 games (included wows), that change the game with any single patch, i stop playing this cash grab “free 2 play” games…

  21. LeLrebel says:

    Gaijin is made of russians, they do not understand concepts as: free speech, liberty and constructive criticism.

  22. Terminus says:

    I think this is very telling of Gaijin, if this is their knee jerk reaction then i think its very clear they don’t have their playerbases intrest in mind.

    Its sad that theres no other Sim-Lite (not full on simulation) WW2 aircraft games out there cause for now i think im done playing warthunder.

  23. Game Critist says:

    Meanwhile, WG bans german streamers showing off their mod packs in streams and videos. Yeah, imho both companies are run by ridiculous douchebags.

    In general I can understand what Gaijin is trying to do, basically banning illegal mods/cheats and the discussion about and around these. Do you really think if someone would upload a video showing off how to hack the Pentagon wouldn’t get striked?
    Another example is if someone would do video maybe about 9/11 how “good” it was, it will be eventually by the community and/or Youtube itself.

    I played World of Fags (until I had 3 TX; WTF E100;E100; STB-1), ShitThunder (until I got my mouse and realized how it performed against every other nation that had access to post-war shells-_-) and finally Armored Bullcrap.

    Sometimes people should make theirselves a mind about what they are posting here. Comments like, “Game x,y,z is shit” without any explanation are as dumb as Gaijin’s player treatment.

    @Rita_Sobral; I like your idea to boycott all of Gaijin’s work, but honestly do you think they care about you or the MagzTV guy?
    Same goes for me. If don’t want to play the game and don’t do it and don’t write, “Gaijin, you are dead to me until you prove you are actually changing your ways because right now, you are unthankful, a disrespect and a waste of time for any content creator, this is not how you deal with this situation.” I liked the Rita that was neutral blogger, but now I got the feeling that you were sold out to SerB,Kisliy and WG.

    Srsly, I’m out of this shit….

    PS: If you call them “unthankful”. Than what are you? Have you ever did anything to useful to any of Gaijin’s/WG work, beside your Q&A’s?
    And to all others, if you say that you don’t like game mechanic x,y,z then explain the reason and how you would improve it yourself.

  24. Aprophis1987 says:

    So….where to start….well, i honestly have to say that I never really played War Thunder at all (besides trying the PS4-Version for about 3 battles or so)…..BUT: A company that gives you a choice between ruining a game mode or abusing a system from another company…..WOW…that’s not even a choice…That’s Bullshit (sorry for the harsh words btw)….I seriously can’t believe that people are actually voting for this…I know that the WoT-Community in large parts is very toxic but I am sure that the WoT-Forums would explode if WG would try something like this…..WOW…I’m shocked that something like this is even possible nowadays and I do not know what else I could say…..just WOW!!!

    PS: Sorry for the harsh words; Greetings from Germany to everybody.

  25. Aprophis1987 says:

    Well, in terms of the gaming community as a whole I think the guys from Gaijin are actually, literally what the word “Gaijin” means…

    Greetings to all from Germany

  26. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    The Russian Federation never existed. It’s just the USSR with a new coat of painting. Such things like hard work, integrity, and liberty are of course nowhere to be seen. (You can’t blame them for their culture. Deceit and failure have been in their blood for years.)

  27. Regulus says:

    Honestly, I’m inclined to agree with Anton, I don’t think youtube content creators have an inalienable right to discuss/publicize illegal modifications on their game, especially under the EULA of WT (and most other games). Reasonable people can disagree on that, but I see Gaijin is actually interacting with the community on how to resolve this genuine issue & came up with a kind of solution that ultimately doesn’t rely on taking down youtube videos all the time. So it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  28. NA says:

    Dropping a small criticism (longtime lurker). Please don’t get mad. When I read this article, I thought “It was written in English, it uses English words, it even sounds Eeengleessh… yet it reads like another language”. It’s hard to read and digest in the proper sense. Get Jingles to read it and get him to give his honest opinion, gloves off, no nonsense.

    This has been an ongoing affair since you took over from SS, small raw bits pieces here and there (spelling and grammar). My guess, if someone had raised the point, they’re setting themselves up to be lynched by the legion of fanboys/girls – thus the long silence. Yes, I do understand that English is a second language for you, it’s the same for me …. and even SS (and yet his articles were generally very legible and written with quality). Therefore, as a scapegoat, it’s reasonable to say that it becomes invalid over the years. What remains?

    Thanks for reading and I’d probably suggest bin/delete this under non-public view (not sure if it needs approval before it appears as pub comment). Keep up the good work, I always do check this site for WoT updates or tank related stuffs. It’s pretty much the defacto English site that I know with a large following.

  29. Ilnahro says:

    Frankly, if you publish a video, it gets viewed 100k times and the day after, they start noticing 2-3x more cheaters in the game, they do have a point, dont they? How important do you actually think you are? Yes, depriving users like you of your livelihoods is not desirable. But if you are too stupid to view the outcomes of your videos in a context that goes beyond the fact that making a video about cheats increases your viewer numbers by a factor 10 for one video, then I also cannot blame them for taking down a blatant advertisement.

      1. Ilnahro says:

        And this is the problem with listening to streamers. You scream really loud, but your argumentation is useless. You know I’m right and you cannot even provide a single argument for your case. Maybe you should think about what will convince people instead of how to keep being the loudest.

    1. Klimax says:

      Heh. Classic blaming the messenger… how about they fix their bloody idiotic mess? (Like server determines what should be visible and whether some info will be visible at all)

      1. Ilnahro says:

        That is what world of tanks does. Does that make cheating impossible? No. There are plenty of cheats for world of tanks and we as players pay the price in the form of the ridiculous spotting delay.

      2. Klimax says:

        However, if you have bothered to compare situations, WoT suffers from very limited class of cheats, which are client-side only. Auto-aim (aka aimbot) and bots. Both are client-side only, don’t present any information not available otherwise (like unspotted tanks or other similar limitations) and both are input-only. (They control some or all aspect of player input – aiming at weak spots or moving tanks autonomously)

        Most of cheats are not available in WoT due to sever sending only permitted information and validating commands from client.

        Note: there is another class of cheat, which however is blatantly illegal in most jurisdictions: infected mods which send information to cheater/cheating team.

        I don’t think I missed any other significant cheats. (Arty mod is gray/borderline as it forces existing and valid firing solution, which however is not available fro most SPGs and available through UI and suffers from penalty of increased shell time-of-flight)

        Spotting delay does exist, but there is no other way to kill most of cheats. Not even consoles are immune to that, that’s why they use same restrictions.

        BTW: To see what happens when checks and validations is absent, see Dark Zone in The Division.

  30. Akula971 says:

    Devils Advocate: If your company’s product is threatened by a software issue (cheaters) that will undermine players confidence in it and thereby reduce your revenue, do you want that software issue publicising? No you do not. If you find that a bank has a security issue that could allow lots of people to access your friends accounts (loss of cash), do you publicise it? If you do publicise it and they try to restrict it, do you cry that they are impinging on your free speech? or do you take the mature approach and realise the damage your actions could do? Take responsibility for your actions?

    Could the Warthunder team have handled it better, of course they could.

    Quite honestly the way some Youtubers have reacted has shown a cogent lack of maturity and responsibility. Some whose channels are dependant upon Warthunder content have shot themselves in the foot, head and groin for good measure. They are not indispensable, no one is.

    When I see the venomous responses to Gajin actions in comparison to similar bugs issues in Wargamings products, one sees a bias, as if certain people know where their bread and butter comes from.

    1. Migsaec says:

      Asking people to remove those videos is fine. You don’t want the folks to know about it and go looking for it, that’s understandable.
      But let’s be serious, if someone really wants to use cheats, they will look for it regardless of whether they know it exists. Just type the right terms in google search and it’ll come up if it exists.

      Its mostly stuff like taking down videos that have legitimate criticism about the game and taking down youtube channels that destroys what respect anyone can have for them. These actions are downright childish responses to constructive criticism and leave a bad impression on players(and potential players for their games in general, not just WT). They just keep shooting themselves in the foot constantly with their disastrous PR.

      WG may be incompetent half the time, but they don’t take down anything that have legitimate criticism on their games. Rita has posted posts about WG messing up a lot of times(WG EU in general, models being messed up when they shouldn’t, etc), WoWP has been stated to be a complete failure a lot of times by a lot of people(Hell, Jingles made a video on how bad it was, if it was WT, that video would have been removed), etc. Are those criticism removed? They aren’t.

  31. Rita, you are late to the party. They already scrapped this idea and are now working on a software to fight the cheaters. It was just stupid that they even considered it in the first place.

  32. Elliott Hall says:

    This is why I don’t make war thunder videos, it is all just such a pain and gaijin never makes a straight desision and when they do everyone gets pissed off, at least war gaming has the balls to tell people straight, not abusing systems in place to censor their critics. (Then again they might do just we don’t see it happen)

    1. Anonymous says:

      We would see it happen, if they did. The audience and the amount of community contributors is infinitly larger, plus WarGaming themselves, make fun of their shortcomings. They have a successful show called “RNG” on their own YouTube-Channel, where stupid crazy shit happening in their game, is celebrated. Gaijin meanwhile, bans community contributors because they voiced an opinion about a bug in one of their videos.

  33. Erik says:

    I am speculating here; but I feel that to some extent this is a very “Russian” reaction. After all, seeing the persons who make issues (such as crime and corruption) visible in Russian public life as the problem (rather then the crime and the corruption) is very much public policy. So it should not be suprising that it rubs of on companies active in that country.

  34. Squiggle says:

    I played War Thunder since CBT, since they have shown such total disregard for their customers over the last couple of years, I can’t even be bothered playing it any more.

  35. 1389__ says:

    Gaijin / War Thunder is laughable. As Squiggle says, absolute, blatant disregard for the free-to-play community (which I presume is a large percentage of players.) and an incredible lust for cash, so much that it became intolerable, and a tyrannical disregard for freedom of speech. No improvements are being made to the terribly unoptimized and bugged game, and the only new things they do introduce are hordes of rocket tanks for clickers to buy. Oh, and I almost forgot…russian bias indestructible T-34 bouncing shells from 88mm Tigers…sikrit documints…say a word and you’re of to gulag comrade. Keep playing WoT and don’t bother with this…

    1. Squiggle says:

      Do not complain, buy Calliope, buy premium, ignore Russian bias, buy eagles, do not mention everyone uses premium type ammo constantly, buy a premium plane, do not complain…..etc….

    1. S842 says:

      Let’s give Rita some slack. English is not her native language. Yes there are a number of English language mistakes, but I never have a problem in understanding what she is trying to explain. I am just happy that she is a good source of information since the demise of FTR (For the Record).

  36. S842 says:

    I don’t play War Thunder, but I am not that surprised by this company’s supposed underhanded dealings. Belarus is run by a dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, who according to the BBC,” recently won a fifth term as president with no significant opposition candidate allowed to run. This country has been heavily criticized by world rights bodies for the suppression of free speech, muzzling the press and denying the opposition access to state media.”

    So War Thunder is using the same type of tactics to attack their critics. They have a mindset that is an outgrowth of how things are done in their country, so they are running their business in the same manner. The readers here need only understand a little of the government situation in Belarus to see how this can carry over into company governance in Belarus. Thank God I don’t live there.

  37. I had tried out the WT game recently just to see what all the fuss was about. I can see where some aspects of the game have potential, but I also went into it knowing that there was a lot of complaints against the game. Obviously, as a noob in that game I’ve not experienced as much as the more veteran players but I can see already that some of the complaints are in fact valid.

    Course, what bothers me is that some of the same complaints applies to World of Tanks too. Especially with respect to cheating. I am glad to see them add more to the game in order to discourage the use of mods. However, until they stamp it out completely then there will always be the potential for it. I’ve often said since playing WoT (and some of these other Russian based, owned or programmed games be it WoT, WT or APB Reloaded) is that it seems to be stuck in the time period of 1997-2003 when modding and exploiting games was all the rage and cheating was so rampant that a cooperative of game developers set up a website dedicated to it that was They helped usher in the era of PunkBuster and other anti-cheat development as well as keep track of the many roving internet-based gangs of known cheating players and clans. In some ways, that could be seen as the early days of the Steam VAC where if you get banned from one game, you get banned from them all that were part of the cooperative of developers looking to crackdown on their games being ruined.

    While everyone knows that the video game industry is a billion dollar industry, even multi-billion dollar industry in 2016… very few realize that the game cheating industry is nearly just as big and recently topped the $1 billion mark itself. And no game is immune, sadly.

    At one time APB Reloaded started a name & Shame for a few months revealing the names of players who had been permanently banned for using various cheats or exploits in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This ended up upsetting their ownership group and they were forced to stop because it was cutting into the game’s profits. Then there was Funcom who runs games like Anarchy Online and who banned me for 7 days (the most severe penalty under the new system) for nothing more than reporting a person using a game cheat and which invovled getting other players killed in the process giving themselves an advantage both over other players but also enabling themselves to complete solo a difficult quest that they otherwise would be unable to. Funcom originally had perm bans but later changed it to a 7 day ban for the worst of offenses. Much less time period bans for smaller offense. Their ownership group too was concerned about losing profits.

    In the end, who suffers? We legitimate gamers who play the game the way it was intended are are purists when it comes to gaming. And with all the rampant cheating in existence, sometimes condoned by the companies themselves, is it any wonder the gaming communities are so toxic and hateful? I wonder sometimes if game companies seek to turn players against each other in order to get the heat off themselves.

    And one thing everyone needs to keep in mind when dealing with gaming companies and developers who may be acting dubiously…. the excuse of “it’s just a game” doesn’t work in the legal system. It may well be a game but primarily it is a business about a game. Meaning, they are held tot he same standard as any other company whether it is Amazon, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Walmart, McDonald’s or even Gailin. Report them to places like the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission (especially since it involves international commerce) and the counterpart organizations in other countries around the world that they do business. Maybe after they have their business reputation questioned then they’ll start to act more like an upstanding business should.

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