“GaMePlaY eXpERT”


over on RSR’s Discord, which btw has reached over 1300 users! We were having a good laugh so I thought about sharing it with you.

I present you, the WoT Console’s “GaMePlaY eXpERT”:


If you think Murazor, a WoT PC is bad (not saying he isn’t, mind), MaxChaos manages to one-up him with a leg behind his back. This guy, the meme that keeps on giving, is now also the head of Supertest for WoT Console. Think for a minute, Wargaming Console fired a good level-headed employee that actually listened and engaged appropriately with the community to give this guy a promotion.

We also wondered what Serb would think of this “Gameplay Expert”, if you’ve been around long enough this was Serb’s opinion on the WT E100:

“Waffenträger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.” – Serb, 1.3.2015, FTR Q&A

There’s no hard science on why WoT Console is the state it is…

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“GaMePlaY eXpERT”

44 thoughts on ““GaMePlaY eXpERT”

  1. Fun Fact:
    The WT E-100 was kept in the game not because “it is balanced” but because a lot of the forum moderators personally love the tank.

    If Serb says it’s for retards then… *whistles*

      1. Anonymous says:

        Apperently no one on Console can play the WTE100 which really does justify Max’s answer reguardless of how everyone treats it/him

        Just look at the tanks tier X stats
        Win% 41st
        Survival 20th
        Dam D/R 22nd
        Ave Damage 5th (4 other TDs are ahead of it)

        The only stat that it’s leading in is K/DR so basically if it survives long enough, at best it can pick off weaker targets but that’s the same for basically any autoloader.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So… You try to tell us that at some point in WoT Console history there was someone caring and promoting user opinions? That’s contradictory with everything said here over the years, but ok, whatever…

    1. You know what’s really AMAZING?

      There can be problems with the game NOW that didn’t exist BEFORE :O!!!!

      “No way!” I hear you cry. But it is true. New problems can arise when other staff take positions

    2. Seth H says:

      Don’t confuse an employee caring and promoting user opinions with what the end results are, I can speak to experience that employers don’t necessarily care what the employee says. The employer will do what they want regardless, that isn’t the employee’s fault.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this is America, so tech companies here don’t hire people based on who’s the most qualified b/c that doesn’t fit into their business model. They only hire people who can add to their echo chamber. They claim to be building diverse teams of workers but in reality they all have the same thought process. So when they need to hire someone, they hire someone who will do exactly as they wish and not question if it’s the best for the product. Almost every tech company in America is doing it, and it’s taken us from being the leader of innovation to a group of retards struggling to fix a minor bug. So when Seth says the WT-E100 is for retards, the American tech worker says it’s solid vehicle for people with dpm deficiencies. I really wish WG would get their heads outta their asses and just make all the WoT games cross platform to increase the player pool, but that’s just wishful thinking.

    1. You know what’s funny about your comment? Everyone on the Armored Warfare forums was complaining about how there *finally* was a western company making a game like this, unlike those big bad evil russian companies. As if western companies are any better…

      1. Nexus9877 says:

        You know what’s funnier? That was not an American run operation controlled outfit like you say. The shots were being called by Ruusians My.Com the Russians controlled that operation and the decisions! It was not exclusively American.

        Russian bigwigs were the author owners at the top.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Except that, as someone who works in the industry, I can tell you that is completely false. The only companies that actually do that are Google and Facebook (And no Buzzfeed is not a tech company) who, despite their revenue, employ a relative minority in the industry.

  4. Nameless says:

    I started counting actually good, intelligent people that worked/are working for WG that really do deserve some respect. Not a whole lot of ’em, gotta say… so far just 2 fingers up.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      There’s a few, TheLargeHuman, Chieftain, Tragicloss, Pigeon, Delhro, Juan, etc etc. The main problem is that the worst have been put in the most game/community damaging positions.

  5. (I’m going to play a little Devil’s Advocate here :P)

    You know, there might be a reasoning to his opinion (still stupid mind you). It depends on your definition of ‘balanced’. If you take two extremes, they cancel each other out and one might consider that ‘balanced’…

    It really isn’t though.

    1. DecoNoir says:

      The main issue is WoT’s PC team tried to make the “extremes” version of balancing work . After years of trying they still couldn’t get it to work and wisely decided to scrap it. Console’s WT is virtually unchanged since it’s introduction (aside from a view range nerf) yet is “fine”.

      1. If you follow the blog you can clearly see how her authors are bringing interesting and informative news, while Rita only posts when she can roast WG in general. She used to replace FTR so well, while she was enthusiastic, but that’s no more. All the nice content comes from other authors (shoutout to jerryatrick53). And I’m not saying WG is perfect, it’s quite far from it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @thegrippinchannel I hate Rita with a passion because she destroyed the heart of my lord and savior Jingles, HOWEVER, this is a good post, it’s revealing a huge flaw with a section of the WoT community that really ought to be more heavily harped upon until it is changed. Purge of WG staff! But I still hate Rita, sorry Rita, but when I rule the world, you are going to salt mines.

      1. Rita Sobral says:

        I do his laundry, make him coffee, keep house clean, landscaped and created a garden, made lots of reworks around his house by myself just for him and walk&bathe dog as well… What an horrendous evil creature I am. :v

  6. Anonymous says:

    Imo the WT E100 if were still in Pc wont be all that considered ‘overpowered’ because atleast you can pen that tank.
    Its also breakfast to either fv 183s, the new ‘balanced’ arty or the type 5 cancer
    than again this is console and not PC. i bet he wishes the 257 were coming soon.

  7. Nocomment says:

    Before Sticking Serb up on some sort of pedestal of good judgement and ratuional thought… This is the guy who fought tooth and nail to keep the kv1-s the way it was originally and saw nothing op about it.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Having lurked on the forums for months and seeing his attitude and behaviour towards the community, wouldn’t surprise me if he went that low.

      1. Ruthless4u says:

        Well staff has been caught before( twice) altering what’s said by forum members, and not by censoring the post but changing what’s been written to mean something else.

  8. CreepySasquatch says:

    I remember when Max was just a fellow supertester. Don’t remember him having much of a personality when I chatted with him but he seemed like someone who cared about making the game better. Was only in the program at the beginning though, couldn’t balance supertesting and running a clan at the same time, so I can’t speak for how he progressed from being a simple tester to working for wargaming. I assumed they just liked his work ethic. If what you all have said is true then it sounds like he let the job goes to his head and he forgot what it was like when we just wanted to have a good game and have fun playing it. What a shame 🙁

  9. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, old KV-1S and WTF e100 were op back then, but with all the new tanks added after nerf/remove and now they would be lot more balanced than for example type 5 or Object 268 Version 4.

  10. Jan Manthay says:

    I have massive problems reading this text.

    “If you think Murazor, a WoT PC is bad (not saying he isn’t, mind), MaxChaos manages to one-up him with a leg behind his back.”

    What does this mean??? A WoT PC is bad???

    “This guy, the meme that keeps on giving…”

    What??? What does this mean???

    Please keep in mind that people read this blog, whose first language is not english, and there may be problems even read a “normal” english text.

  11. Robopon says:

    Actually I really hope that WTF100 will be the highest reward for the new set of personal missions. In the current meta WG can easily make this thing balanced, it’s not 2016 anymore. And community should be listened to carefully, because we all remember an outcry when Foch B was introduced and then turned out it’s a huge piece of crap.

  12. Nexus9877 says:

    What the heck? At this point in time I wished I had my WTE 100 back to be honest with you guys. I still think it just needed proper changes and it will work now even.

    I didn’t mind it so much. They should have handled it like the the FOCH 155 situation, if anyone was being retarded it was Wargaming, but what else is new ?

    I am on the NA server and they are downsizing, closing, laying off, 117 NA employees at the Emeryville CA Office. And, they are having to Turtle in Austin Texas, because they failed from bad business decisions, destroyed the NA server, it’s population, the Employees are all heading for the unemployment line, with no bumping rights, etc.

    It’s not even a move. It’s a complete house cleaning. It’s just a small office that was already there existing to begin with they purchased a long time ago. It’s a complete wipe out.

    From a business stand point Wargaming is the retarded one one that completely failed on a large scale in the NA.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gotta say, I highly disapprove of this post Rita. You are actively going out of your way to smear MaxChaos24 for echoing what his bosses are saying because you know there will be no repercussions for you on here. Don’t get me wrong here, I think the Waffle is an absolutely disgusting vehicle in both terms of historical accuracy and in-game balance but openly attacking a Wargaming staff member will get you nowhere in changing it.

    1. Nexus9877 says:

      Pardon me for interjecting. But myself personally, I don’t have a problem at any point calling Wargaming out openly on things they do. Directly, personally, officially, for the record, on the record, and publicly. No matter who it is at Wargaming. 24hours a day.

      If his bosses are crafting Bullshit, Lies, Faslsehoods, and atypical Wargaming fairytales, and he is being a completely company man dotard, repeating their talking points, then he probably deserves what Rita has said about him.

      Don’t get me wrong either, in this game their is nothing wrong with the Waffle WTE 100. Because, the game is loaded with entire tech trees of Russian tanks of non historical ones, which are not balanced! Some which hardly even came frome blueprints. You have other nations of tanks which never existed! Cancelled before prototypes were made etc. Balanced for the game? Are you kidding me? Wargaming doesn’t care about that. They make money from imbalances, If they had a balanced tank game they would be exposed for the trickery they use elsewhere in they game milking the player base. Get real man.

      Most people in the NA have woke up to that a long time ago.

  14. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    This is his opinion about the AMX 50B not getting it’s well deserved aim time buff.

    AMX 50B is currently #2 in damage output for Tier X Heavy tanks. It’s not in need of a buff at this time. Console players are rocking this tank.

    Forumer. Q. Then maybe tell me why the 50 120 has better aim time with the same gun?

    Maxchaos24 A. The other stats are different to make up for it. Don’t just compare the 1 stat.

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