Gamescom: Paris Map is back! Preview


remember the Paris map that had been cancelled due to the terrorist attack? Is back and a preview has been shown at Gamescon:

The minimap should look like this (unless they made recent changes):


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Gamescom: Paris Map is back! Preview

10 thoughts on “Gamescom: Paris Map is back! Preview

    1. Honestly they shouldn’t have cancelled the Paris map when the attack occurred, that was the same as acknowledging/giving importance to the terrorists. Maybe is just me being cold but if I had family or if I was a victim of an localized attack I wouldnt want people to stop things like things like these bc they may offend me. Keep on rolling, fuck the terrorists.

      1. I’m not French or a resident of Paris, but from what it remember of the map it was billed as “ruined capital” or some such thing. I think the Eiffel tower was collapsed as well. Change the name, put the tower back up and proud…i’d say put the map in.

  1. tango35 says:

    Except for a few maps, almost everything is either a city map or a corridor map. WG needs to develop new maps since most of the current maps are for the heavies. It’s all kind of redundant.

    WG keeps talking about the forthcoming rebalance and wanting to ensure each of the tank types have a specific style/mission. It isn’t going to make much of a difference if we’re still playing the same old maps developed for the heavy drivers.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      oh shut up for once. ppl were whining abt “not enough city maps” back then too. looks what that ended up to: Severogorsk got booted, Hidden Village got booted, Northwest got booted, and Tundra+Redshire still sucked (but at least Redshire is no longer a campfest)

      1. tango35 says:

        True!!! WG can’t seem to get its act together by providing a balanced number of city/corridor maps and open/rural maps. Even if they did, I doubt the map rotation would sequence the maps in such way that players would see a decent blend of maps being presented.on a daily basis.

      2. wolvenworks says:

        the thing is, as long as there are whiners there will never be a time where ppl will not complain about “too much city” or “too much plains” becuase they are still complaining abt “too much corridor maps”. WG tried to remedy this back then with a “you know what? you design it” contest, but 90% of the map designs submitted are pure crap i heard

  2. taief98 says:

    It’s a really shit map, stalingrad isn’t too bad because there are loads of routes.
    This one has fewer routes with all of them in view of eachother, 3 TDs shut this map down

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