Gamescon 2016 Q&A


there’s a new Q&A out from Gamescon (Storm and the other guys been far too silent as off lately):


Will there be unified Premium Accounts (including currency) for all Wargaming games?

Premium accounts are already unified across our PC “World” games, but currency is a different story. We’ve considered unifying it, but it didn’t work out with each game’s life cycle and economy. For that reason, we’ll keep them separate for the time being.

Why do I only get three or four maps over 40+ matches during a single play session?

In Update 9.14, we increased the map variety, and we continue looking for cases that limit certain players’ map availability, and we’re addressing the ones we find. Keep in mind that when you filter the types of random battles, it may limit the number of maps you see, since not all maps are available for all modes.

Why are you removing maps from the game instead of reworking them?

Most of the maps that have been removed are being reworked. Sooner or later, we may bring them back into rotation.

When will World of Tanks get Italian vehicles?

Our historians are currently researching European tank-building schools, including Czechoslovakian, Polish, Italian, Swedish and Hungarian. We’ve had more luck with the Swedish tree and we were able to fit 19 vehicles in two full branches, with hopes that we’ll release them by the end of this year. As for Italian tanks specifically, they’re not coming this year, but hopefully in the future.

Why is matchmaking +/- two tiers with normal tanks and +/-three with scout types?

We’re working on a new version of the matchmaker that should solve current problems with team balance. You can expect to see some public tests of this later this year.

Have you considered operating an official “mod store” so you can ensure they’re virus-free?

Yes, we have definitely considered it. We love our mod-making community and we want to make it easier for players to use mods while protecting them from harmful ones. We’re looking into a number of ways to do this, and we’ll let you know once we’ve finalized our plans.

Can we expect weather effects similar to the console version of World of Tanks?

Weather is one of the things where we don’t have anything to announce at the moment. We recently moved to a new version of Direct X and the development team is working to improve in-game visuals and performance.

Are there any plans to change Personal Missions to prevent mission rigging?

We happen to be working on it right now. Not only on the missions, but the Garage and battle interfaces, making them more user-friendly.

How long does it usually take to create a map?

It depends on the scale and setting. If we are talking about a completely new setting with all new objects, it could take up to nine months for the full cycle, including map creation and testing. If we reuse objects, the process would be a bit faster.

When will you finally rebalance artillery?

We’re working on this right now, and we have a number of prototypes that need testing. Sandbox testers have seen them on that server. We want this class to fulfil its role without being a letdown for other players.

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Gamescon 2016 Q&A

12 thoughts on “Gamescon 2016 Q&A

  1. Please let them change MT-15 for T55a, been stuck on that mission for ages… Not enough td’s or my team win by 15-4 and I have no chance of sneaking some td kills.. I need to complete it with honors because i don’t play arty that much and I’m not very good at it anyway. Did it once with a Sherman Firefly in a tier 8 but my team lost..

    As for HT-15, finally completed it this weekend. 13,7k in total with T110E5, damn I love that beast.

    I hope they won’t scrap the tank rewards as I am so close now.

      1. Must have been a great game, dealing over 2k damage and surviving in a tier 8 match isn’t all that easy. Guess, I’ll have to wait longer to complete mine, or not. Good chance that the Grille will be the top of the tree tank coming 2 months. Lots of td’s will be flooding the mm.

    1. Anonymous says:

      just finished mine on Saturday….did light ,medium, TD and arty all with honors ……..cant do HT12 for over half a year( i am a scrub 🙂 ) …. but I got mine T55A…..first 4 games in it top on xp and dmg….and we lost all of them…. another weekend in wot 🙁

  2. Infernal969 says:

    I’d love the personal missions to be actual missions instead of a bullshit grind until the RNG favors you.
    But that isn’t going to happen because it’s their point to keep people playing as long as possible and milk the cash. If you don’t dump mad cash at this game, it has stopped being satysfying long time ago.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nada de novo nas respostas ,basicamente responderam a treta do costume, então no que toca há rotatividade dos mapas nem vale a pena perder tempo

  4. Happy that there are actually somewhat lengthy replies instead of the usual “no plans” or “when it’s done, it’s done”. And speaking of Samdbox, is there any news on when it’s coming back? They said 2 weeks ago that there was meant to be an announcment last week but that never happened.

    1. Tyrud says:

      I’m with you, man. My guess is it’ll comeback Soon™ as per usual, there chances are there will be a second iteration before the end of the year, since they made it a point to say they really wanted to bring tier 8 vehicles into the fold to start balancing them too.

  5. “Most of the maps that have been removed are being reworked. Sooner or later, we may bring them back into rotation”

    ha ha! sarcasm and lies and yet more lies,
    gotta laugh so hard it hurts!

    if anyone out there believes this bullshit PR crap you may as well believe in
    – Santa clause, Elvis lives, Moon is cheese, and yes you win the lottery jackpot soon
    above is about the same as believe WG bullshit about new Maps or reworked old Maps

  6. Death_Bot_3001 says:

    The problem I have with MM is that you get a penalty for not having 3 tanks in your platoon of the same tier then you get light tanks that NEVER will be in their tier. Its cool that we can include a T37 with our T-29s and get the same MM. Losing the bonus because WG was to RE-RE to see that this would be a problem really isn’t much of a surprise.

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