German Heavy Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

A few changes in supertest to a couple of German heavies: E-100 and VK72.01 (K)



-Penetration of 15cm Kw.K L/36 increased from 235 to 246mm


-Shooting while still from 0% to 0.69%

-Shooting while moving from 0% to 0.36%

Changes to the tank discription.

VK72.01 (K)


-Increased penetration of 15cm Kw.K L/36 from 235 to 246mm

-Aim time reduced from 3.26 to 2.7

-Reload time reduced from 21.096 to 19.178

-Rate of fire increased from 2.844 to 3

-DPM increased from 2,133.1 to 2,346.4

-Number of rounds increased from 24 to 35


-Turret Rotation from 0.153 to 0.096

-Movement from 0.221 to 0.201

-Hull rotation from 0.221 to 0.201

-Turret rotation at maximum speed from 2.76 to 1.73

-While moving at maximum speed from 9.48 to 8.66

-While turning at maximum speed from 5.29 to 4.83


-Front armor strengthened from 200 to 240mm


-Shooting while still from 0% to .85%

-Shooting while moving from 0% to .45%





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German Heavy Supertest Changes

33 thoughts on “German Heavy Supertest Changes

    1. if the vk72.01 (k) had insane armor, why don’t we see more of them? I’ve seen more Obj. 260’s than vk72.01 (k)’s and my point is very similar to what WhiteSample says but not so much to just other tank rewards but tier X’s in general because since the VK72.01 doesn’t earn bonus credits, there is no need for the tank to be worse than other tier X tanks.

      1. RedSoloCup says:

        The reason you don’t see the VK 72.01 more often than the Obj 260 is that it’s a CW reward and only 2k people can get it per year. Along with that the Vk doesn’t really stand out compared with the other rewards like the Obj 907 or M60 so it isn’t picked. On the other hand for the Obj 260 all you have to do is finish the missions, which only requires dedication and time. Even if you can’t do that you can pay someone on Ebay to do it for you

    2. malkowitch says:

      It had insane from upper plate. And thats all with armor. Turret was paper, lower plate and sides too. Now VK gonna be usefull.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure. From the looks, it’s “armor” buff only applies to a small strip of armor between the upper and lower plate, similarly to most of the vehicles

    3. Because he doesn`t. He has a lot of weakspots from the front and, if he is trying to tank with his sides, he simply catchs shots in sides because of the hull- it is round under turret. And it simply gets penetrated in front cheaks of the turret from any gun with 250 mm penetration on AP.

  1. OrigamiChik3n says:


    Obvious typo notwithstanding isn’t 3 (RPM?) an increase over 2.844?

    1. Only way to counter view range power creep. Quite often you will get snipped by invisible tanks 30 sec from the start of the game while getting into position like going over the tracks at prokerhovka instead of camping the west side of the map or being forced to be artied to death in the center. Not saying it will make the E-100 invisible,camping E-100’s will essentially have the same camouflage as before because their huge size/inaccuracy prevents camping altogether, just that E-100’s won’t die 30 sec from base as often as before. (Maus is getting similar camo changes for just about the same reason)

      1. As someone who spots that spot on prok, it wont matter. My 907 with crew and equipment has 440M VR and youre about 380M away. Unless your a med you will be spotted

  2. I like how they buff the AP but they dont nerf the cHEAT.
    Still a very welcome buff for people with actual skill able to aim their shots. The E-100 is already mostly playable with AP unless fighting another tier X superheavy, the usual gold spam is far from necessary (but whatever, uniscums have to feel skilled somehow, penetrating every shot makes them feel special), now with that buff it can stand a chance against everything in most situations.

    1. Generally as a super heavy like the E-100 you want to fight other super heavy tanks that require heat spam because none of your super heavy tanks want to fight them and justly so. It’s just something you have to do when you have a 17 sec reload on a shot gun, every miss and non-penetration hurts your chances to win a great deal more than a tank that has a 8.5 sec reload sniper rifle.

      I’m not saying it is morally right to do this but when the enemy tanks are already firing gold at you, you do what you must to win. Maybe with the penetration buff I can stop hurting my bank account so much.

    2. malkowitch says:

      Dying to often in the battles? Don’t think its a unicum gold fault. You should look for a common variable (ftr YOU)

  3. Covenanter says:

    They should increase the pen to 250 on the AP and give it a longer reload like, 18 seconds. Because 16 second reload with 750 dmg is not fair to avg 10 s reload 400 dmg other heavies get.

    1. Anonymous says:

      E 100 has the second lowest dpm out of all the heavies, it certainly doesnt need a slower reload. The only heavy that reloads for 10 is an IS-7 and that has 500 alpha not 400.

  4. Nyx_Sky says:

    Awesome. German superheavies with better pen, meanwhile Type 5 is getting a derp gun with more trash stats than O-Ho gun’s, and less pen than a AMX ELC for its HE. I sure want some of what WG is smoking.

  5. Nyx_Sky says:

    Awesome. German superheavies with better pen, meanwhile the Type 5 is getting a derp gun, with more trash stats than O-Ho’s gun, and less pen than an AMX ELC for its HE. I sure want some of what WG is smoking.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t think its weird a tier 10 HE round has less than 170 pen…
      Only the brits go over that and that is because they have HESH, so its completely logical the derp doesn’t have over 170 pen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, when will it be implemented? I hope WG buff the 15 cm Pak L/38 gun too. The 15 cm in WT4 is very UP for a paper TD.

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