Get ready to kick-off


Football/Soccer mode is coming !

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Get ready to kick-off

17 thoughts on “Get ready to kick-off

    1. Delta says:

      Like throwing more people on fixing things then they already have would do something good.
      Come on don’t be so salty.

  1. SlayerBR says:

    Waiting to see what missions they will pair with this “fun” mode =P
    I expect good ones to compete with the time players will “lose” in this mode, instead of grinding exp, and completing the normal missions =P

    1. t3rri says:

      Heard we will get a “Maus Sport” this year, coz the average player didn´t hit anything last time with the T-62A.

    1. Major Rager says:

      It would seem it only attracts the simpletons that see nothing wrong with the regular game, but that is ok because I am pro Liberty.
      Only wish people were less complacent.

  2. Teobold Tor says:

    When that comes out I’ll fire up WoT again, the last one was really fun! I liked Karl and the other 8 bit one as well 🙂

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