Getting to Grips: New Balance Tests

Join Eekeebo in our new series “Getting to Grips” to find out what awaits us on the New Balance tests!

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Getting to Grips: New Balance Tests

2 thoughts on “Getting to Grips: New Balance Tests

  1. “Listen to player Feedback” “player Feedback is important to us”
    I’m very confused! we are talking about Wargame right? and there Russian biased Tank game right?

    just to be clear I heard Ekk say “WarGame listen to our Feedback” “WarGame and your player Feedback is important”

    sorry! cannot at all get my head around these statements too radical for me my head is spinning getting dizzy to hard for me.
    Must be another Wargame and a different WOT Tank game ~ anyone know where this new WOT game & WG are please?

    1. Exactly. If they listened to feedback the US tech tree would get the M60A1. But wait, the NA server is so inconsequential so that feedback gets drowned by the RU server wanting more and more tanks and them getting it. Just have to look at the KV-2 having penetration for their HE rounds.

      Sure they listen to feedback, but not their regions that serve only as cashcows.

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