Gold found in captured Iraqi tank

A collector from the United Kingdom found gold bars in the fuel tank of the old Soviet T-54 tank, bought by him on eBay, writes the tabloid The Sun.


Nick Meade, who replenished his collection, which consists of 150 samples of military equipment, acquired a tank for 30 thousand pounds sterling (about 2 million rubles). When, together with the mechanic Todd Chamberlain, he began to disassemble the machine to make sure that there was no ammunition left inside, then, having removed the fuel cap, he found five gold ingots. Their cost, according to preliminary estimates, exceeds two million pounds sterling (more than 140 million rubles).

Mead believes that the gold was hidden in a tank by Iraqi soldiers who were looting in Kuwait during the war in the Persian Gulf in 1990-1991. Then the tank was captured and wound up in the UK.

“We did not know what to do, you can not just go to the exchange office with five gold bars in your hand, so we called the police,” Chamberlain said. The police took the ingots, leaving a receipt in return.

The authorities decided to transport gold to London. The local police department did not give any comments on this issue. “However, even if the gold is not returned to me, I still have a tank,” Mead said.

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Gold found in captured Iraqi tank

38 thoughts on “Gold found in captured Iraqi tank

    1. Jerry says:

      Ever hear of melting it and pouring ur own, smaller ingots to sell on eBay? Calls police and gives away the gold, smdh. Fools are born every day around the world, this one was a vintage fool.

  1. tribun1211 says:

    i guess the only thing he will get is a finders fee….the gold was stolen by iraqi soldiers in kuwait during the invasion in 91….so its property of kuwait….you cant own stolen property when the owner is still around

      1. marc says:

        Unless those bars have serial numbers, it might be impossible to find the owner. In such case, the finder should get them back.

    1. HkS150 says:

      let me tell you about a quality you probably don’t have it’s called “integrity” judging by your comment i’m sure there is no way in hell you’d return that gold if you were him so i’m glad that gold ended up with that guy and hopefully it will return to it’s actual owners.

  2. SMGJohn says:

    That was foolish, I would have cut that gold up and exchanging it little by little, its time to use your criminal heads!!

  3. Celtic says:

    β€œHowever, even if the gold is not returned to me, I still have a tank,” Mead said.

    I like this. LOL!!!!

  4. Gen havoc says:

    Should you ever find gold bars I suggest Hatton Garden might buy them off you with few questions. Given to police won’t be seen again for two years if ever to your lawyer first (or pm me ;))

  5. HkS150 says:

    man the human’s greed is truly a disease…..let me tell you something to the people who would sell that gold,that gold belongs to someone out there if you sell it for your own selfish benefit you’ll ended up wasting someone’s rights so next time when court sells your house for no reason don’t cry,will you?

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