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I am slightly delayed on posting this as I have been focused on writing my final assessment for the first year of university but I felt this was important enough to still post about.  Apparently, Murazor is no longer in charge of the Dev team anymore. If this is true, this is the best thing that could possibly happen to WoT PC this year and for the rest of its life.

-Thanks to the player _EXODUZ_, for pointing it out, this is now the Lead Balance for World of Tanks:

Prior to working for WG, Murazor was a popular youtuber for the Russian region, he was the one behind most of the hoaxes and some of the worst hate filled hate wagons towards the company and in particular even employees. He joined the company roughly over 2 years ago after being one of the invited to the Wargaming’s HQ in Cyprus.

Since then, this guy has been the lead on running the game to the ground but do you think he is a reasonable fella capable of owning to his mistakes? Of course not. In a recent Q&A, Murazor refused to take responsibility and threw Slava Makarov under the bus for all the issues.


Murazor’s smug


Slava Makarov, who I sincerely do not think to be the embodiment of perfection, does have a good pedigree as he was one of the greatest minds behind what made WoT successful in the first place. Murazor on the other hand, a guy that ironically can’t even manage to balance himself on a quad bike was somehow made the head of Balance for WoT PC, and who, for numerous times has said things of great intellect like “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”, he’s also known for being a Heavy Tank player and since his arrival to the company, nearly all we’ve had introduced in the game were Heavy tanks with stupid amounts of armour.

Some of the contributions to World of Tanks PC by Murazor:

  • Chrysler K,
  • Nameless,
  • Defender,
  • Vk100,
  • Mauschen,
  • Obj 268v4
  • Wz 111 5a
  • Super conqueror
  • Obj430 U

In the likely chance you are reading this Murazor, I am -not- sorry to break it to you. You may be entitled to have your own opinion but you are not entitled to have your own facts.

At the end of the day, besides incompetence, Murazor’s biggest problem it’s his ego.
As is usual, before each Tankfest starts, WG staff and CCs gather up for a meeting in the Education centre in the Museum, last year we didn’t only have EU but also some NA (was a pleasure to meet MeatHeadMilitia) and RU/Minsk staff. The point of these meetings is to always give the chance for the CCs to have their concerns and issues addressed. As far as the Minsk guys present went, Makarov was a fairly easy to reach guy, Anton Pankov even though he didn’t talk much was the nicest of them all but it was when the antennae time was given to Murazor that the whole meeting became a shit show. When he wasn’t busy dismissing every constructive feedback he would then go on about on how he knew better than anyone else and how superior he was.

In my whole life, I have never met anyone so far up his arse as this guy.

And even although he seems to have been removed from the lead position, no one is laughing. Mainly because the damage has been done and the crap he introduced to the game will stay in it forever.

Furthermore, I don’t agree with him being demoted, Murazor should never have been given employment in the first place and the only correct course of action Wargaming should take is to terminate his contract.


Made by “Arcane Spirit”


As for the new guy, I can’t really speak about him, he definitely won’t have to do much to fill the shoes of Murazor given he was the biggest fuck up this company has ever had but surely we can all hope that he does a good job and we wish him the best.

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