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I am slightly delayed on posting this as I have been focused on writing my final assessment for the first year of university but I felt this was important enough to still post about.  Apparently, Murazor is no longer in charge of the Dev team anymore. If this is true, this is the best thing that could possibly happen to WoT PC this year and for the rest of its life.

-Thanks to the player _EXODUZ_, for pointing it out, this is now the Lead Balance for World of Tanks:

Prior to working for WG, Murazor was a popular youtuber for the Russian region, he was the one behind most of the hoaxes and some of the worst hate filled hate wagons towards the company and in particular even employees. He joined the company roughly over 2 years ago after being one of the invited to the Wargaming’s HQ in Cyprus.

Since then, this guy has been the lead on running the game to the ground but do you think he is a reasonable fella capable of owning to his mistakes? Of course not. In a recent Q&A, Murazor refused to take responsibility and threw Slava Makarov under the bus for all the issues.


Murazor’s smug


Slava Makarov, who I sincerely do not think to be the embodiment of perfection, does have a good pedigree as he was one of the greatest minds behind what made WoT successful in the first place. Murazor on the other hand, a guy that ironically can’t even manage to balance himself on a quad bike was somehow made the head of Balance for WoT PC, and who, for numerous times has said things of great intellect like “Heavies shouldn’t be able to be penned frontally”, he’s also known for being a Heavy Tank player and since his arrival to the company, nearly all we’ve had introduced in the game were Heavy tanks with stupid amounts of armour.

Some of the contributions to World of Tanks PC by Murazor:

  • Chrysler K,
  • Nameless,
  • Defender,
  • Vk100,
  • Mauschen,
  • Obj 268v4
  • Wz 111 5a
  • Super conqueror
  • Obj430 U

In the likely chance you are reading this Murazor, I am -not- sorry to break it to you. You may be entitled to have your own opinion but you are not entitled to have your own facts.

At the end of the day, besides incompetence, Murazor’s biggest problem it’s his ego.
As is usual, before each Tankfest starts, WG staff and CCs gather up for a meeting in the Education centre in the Museum, last year we didn’t only have EU but also some NA (was a pleasure to meet MeatHeadMilitia) and RU/Minsk staff. The point of these meetings is to always give the chance for the CCs to have their concerns and issues addressed. As far as the Minsk guys present went, Makarov was a fairly easy to reach guy, Anton Pankov even though he didn’t talk much was the nicest of them all but it was when the antennae time was given to Murazor that the whole meeting became a shit show. When he wasn’t busy dismissing every constructive feedback he would then go on about on how he knew better than anyone else and how superior he was.

In my whole life, I have never met anyone so far up his arse as this guy.

And even although he seems to have been removed from the lead position, no one is laughing. Mainly because the damage has been done and the crap he introduced to the game will stay in it forever.

Furthermore, I don’t agree with him being demoted, Murazor should never have been given employment in the first place and the only correct course of action Wargaming should take is to terminate his contract.


Made by “Arcane Spirit”


As for the new guy, I can’t really speak about him, he definitely won’t have to do much to fill the shoes of Murazor given he was the biggest fuck up this company has ever had but surely we can all hope that he does a good job and we wish him the best.

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Good news

73 thoughts on “Good news

    1. «If this is true, this is the best thing that could possibly happen to WoT PC this year and for the rest of its life.»

      you guys are being way too optimistic towards this news, you don’t even know what kind of personality the new guy has, what if he is one of those obcessed with profit over microtransactions? or someone totally BIASED towards the russian market?

      don’t be too happy or even too reliefed until he shows what he can do, you might even miss the days when Murazor was in his position

      1. Staticman says:

        Cant live on “what if’s”. We know how shit this guy currently is. Cant keep him there “just in case the next guy is worse”. One problem at a time. Now this guy isnt in charge is great. Lets be happy about that for a bit. If the next guy is worse then that gets dealt with when needed.

    1. sefhyro says:

      its compensating for the lak of hair in the brain…i guess thats why there was so much shit wen he was in charge…

  1. Anonymous says:

    if he rose up from YouTube in RU, then certainly we can have some of our CCs rise and collaborate with WG. Maybe Circon, QB, etc. can add inputs and be taken very seriously in regards to game balance because they represent actual players and have large audiences who they hear feedback from. They are not beholden to additional interests like profits or position within the company

  2. What a freaking relief to hear.

    The fact that Murazor tried to downplay his role in the balance decisions really bothered me when I heard about it. The game balance has gone to shit under his watch. It’s pissed a lot of players off. It’s unhealthy for the game.

    1. tankkipankki500 says:

      Check the Q&A he did. He confirms in the Q&A that he was indeed the main guy responsible for the Type 4/5 buffs.

  3. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

    The Damage is already done …

    While I agree that WOT is not a simulator (nor should it be), there are many technical concepts that could be integrated into the game, like the evolution of Range-Finder tech, long ignored by WG. A significant problem with the game has long been that the Gamers at WG do not listen to what the real world tankers tell them when given the token opportunity for input.

    There should be a real world tanker, nation immaterial, posted at every stage of development, and the minimum qualification in each case should be that he is, or has been, a tank commander.

    This measure might serve to keep a lot of that phoney crap out of WOT.

      1. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

        “Realize” lol … And I wouldn’t miss any of it. WG handled all the Fantasywaffen very badly – and then bungled the M60, which had contiguous series potential in the tech tree. All that weird crap should should have been held for Prize Tanks and certain Premiums, ensuring that they would stay “rare” and seldom seen to pollute the game.

        There’s a reason all that crap didn’t make it to Production … It wasn’t feasible.

  4. Tuur Van Rostenberghe says:

    Holy shit I didn’t know anything of this. thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. I will try to get this article to the mighty jingles (youtuber)

  5. SMGJohn says:

    Wow this is amazing news, I stopped playing one and a half year ago when this filth came around and ruined everything, gold ammo, OP tanks, removing weakspots, everything between heaven and earth was his dirty work trying his best to run the entire game into the ground.
    If I was the boss of WG he would been shot dead and placed inside a concrete pillar on the Crimean bridge if I learned of what he did.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like the post overall but I have 2 points of constructive criticism:
    1) I don’t like the fact that he insulted WG employees but this is not evidence that he was incompetent
    2) I agree that heavies should have weak spots from the front but Super heavies might be an exception. To be clear I don’t agree with corridor-only maps either.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      2) yeah, only tanks so awfully slow and probably low DPM gun, it will be the most useless crap without that armor.

    2. Frontal weak spots have NEVER been a problem, even on super heavies. The effect of weak spots should be balanced by how small the weak spots are, not if they exist or not.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like the post but I have 2 points of constructive criticism:
    1) I don’t like the fact that he insulted people but this is no evidence that he is bad at his job
    2) I agree that heavies should have weak spots from the front but super-heavies might be an exception (to be clear I don’t agree with corridor-only maps)

  8. Jeb says:

    I like the post but I have 2 points of constructive criticism:
    1) I don’t like the fact that he insulted people but this is no evidence that he is bad at his job
    2) I agree that heavies should have weak spots from the front but super-heavies might be an exception (to be clear I don’t agree with corridor-only maps)

    1. Given the nature of his insults and the nature of the game development community, it absolutely is evidence that he is bad at his job. A huge part of any creative development job is accountability, of which he has none.

  9. But the Nameless only has a 47% winrate and easily on the bottom of all statistics…

    The only person who thought the Nameless was OP is QuickyBaby who played it maybe 10 games, when it was brand new and no one has had time to learn its weakness, on a server that is arguably low skill, and started his review basically bashing Japan/Anime from the start. For anyone who actually has played this tank on SEA, they would realize it actually is pretty weak.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Anyone who thinks the Nameless is OP does not understand the F-word… FLANK! the tanks sides are trash. Most noobs on the SEA can not sort this out.

  10. As a SEA player, Nameless is definitely one of the most OP tank ever, that cupola thickness and top speed simply don’t fit together for game balance.

    Edelweiss is one of the best cavalry tank but the gun is mediocre as it should be. Like a more armoured M41 90 GF but without camo bonus and HEP shells. So this one is actually balanced.

    I personally do not have any problem with these tanks in the game but that is just my own opinion.

    I hope they can disable seeing these tanks like unhistorical camouflage (Avoid unnecessary hatred) but give it to players that want to fight them. And let the crew retrained for other tanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He was shitting WG and WoT on his channel and, surprisingly, having a lot of viewers. Then WG employes him. Why? Of course not because of him shitting the game, no.

    Also do you really believe one guy without any relations in WG can direct such an important thing, as game balance? Really? Just “hey WG, change this and that, nao”?

    Im not defending him, but he says himself in his last – or one of the last – youtube videos, that he was barely responsible for the balance.

    Besides, game had huge issues before him, still have huge issues and will. It is a moneymaker in the firstplace and forever will be.

  12. wolvenworks says:

    what’s the new guy’s name? can’t read russian.

    perhaps this is a good time for some spring cleaning and tank rebalances?

      1. wolvenworks says:

        i am actually amused on how WG thought hiring Murazor was a good idea in the first place. and for such a critical position too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ass cancer would be too good for this guy. I hope he finds himself in a gulag for how he screwed up this game.

  14. Brian Balkwill says:

    Is this the fuckwit retard that introduced the Object 268 4? Can he not stay in place until he has a given 20 kiloton tactical nuke shell to everyone else in order to pen the fucking thing?

  15. Toodlepip says:

    Some of the comments here regarding Murazor are completely over the top. He is a poor game designer, not a serial baby killer. Having said that, I hope his new responsibilites at Wargaming include a bucket and brush.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Daniil (murazor) is still working there. he’s still consultant for balance. his immediate superior is slava maker of. makarov told that couple of days ago while he was visiting jove’s (another Russian youtuber) apartment

  17. sgtkokken says:

    Hey Rita, I take it that you don’t really like this guy?? XD

    Anyway, if WG wants to make good on the damage he did, they should’nt be afraid to roll back his work, or at least reballance it better.

  18. Mikosah says:

    There is a very simple gameply formula that can be learned in the wake of all this: armor – weakspots = cancer.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been playing this game for 8 years and it ALWAYS had issues. And it was ALWAYS one guy held accountable for all those issues. It was SerB, it was Vader, it was someone else. I’m not trying to defend Murazor (I never liked the guy in the first place) but this whole post is just dumb.
    Oh and by the way, that tank list, that Murazor is supposedly responsible for, needs some details. For example this only relation to Obj 268v4 is that he picked this particular tank to be used in game (because he liked it visually), he didn’t actually balance it – other people did it, yeah. The more you know, I guess…

  20. Xap says:

    I sure hope WG gives Yuri Filipovsky the time and authority to do his job and correct the mistakes of his predecessor. Keeping Murazor around as a consultant is not the answer unless they actually park him somewhere far far away and pay him to be quiet internally and externally. I almost forgot: Good Luck on your university final, Rita!

    1. Yes. That all tier 8s can easily pen it by pressing 2 doesn’t change the fact that it’s a broken tank that shouldn’t be in the game. It’s too invulnerable against tiers 6 and 7 when in a corridor.

  21. BugFree says:

    I’m a Russian speaker, and I’ve watched his videos, and this is all just disgusting, you have found yourself a scapegoat, you give to his role in the balance department too much of a credit, like he is a sole decision making guy or the head of the team. He has stated many times that his role in it is minimal. He was employed as he was a player who knew what is wrong with the game in the time when the developers made the “amazing” Rubicon update.

  22. 21Blackjack says:

    I’d take 100 SerBs over Murazor. Maybe WG just used him as a scapegoat and threw him under the bus. But losing him can’t be bad for the game.

    I would take a 9.1 patch rollback at this point. That’s how bad the game is balance and gameplay wise. Sorry to everyone that love the new graphics.

    Unless someone completely turns everything around, I mean a balance rework top to bottom, I don’t see myself ever coming back, sorry WG.

    Every new premium that comes out is more retarded than the last. Maybe you are so desperate for money you just release more and more stupid tanks for the 100 whales you have left spending money on the game.

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