Good Old Tanks: WoT Classic 0.7.0

So an April event. First the trailer then the infomercial.

Now the guff.

World of Tanks Classic — a special game event — will kick off on 29 March at 08:00 CET (UTC+1)  and will be available until 3 April at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2).

World of Tanks veterans! Do you remember Update 0.7.0 that released in 2011? In those glory days, the KV-3 was still capable of one-shotting you, the elusive T-50-2 struck terror into the hearts of artillery fans, and the formidable Maus could hold an entire flank all on its own, simply by blocking the bridge on Erlenberg.

At that time, we had only just introduced replays and the ability to put camouflage on vehicles. Today’s newcomers, or those who joined World of Tanks after Update 1.0, may not understand why a solitary tear rolls down our veterans’ cheeks when they remember those simpler times.

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World of Tanks 0.7.0: More Than Just Nostalgia

Back in the day, World of Tanks was a very different experience, and the game physics allowed players to work wonders. Just thinking about it has made us nostalgic. So from March 29 to April 3, we’re going to give veterans a chance to relive those glory days and newcomers the opportunity to experience a piece of tanking history, even if it’s only for a short while!

Okay, What’s So Interesting About 0.7.0?

Of course, even after 8 years the game resembles the World of Tanks of 2011 in some respects, but in many ways it’s an entirely different game.

So, here’s what awaits you:

  • A separate server and a separate game client
  • Three classical nations: The USSR, Germany and the USA. Oh and a legend that needs no introduction… The Type 59. You won’t find any French or Swedish autoloaders here! You will get 4 sets of Crew members for each nation, with three researched skills (Firefighting, Repairs, Concealment). The Type 59 has one Crew member for each specialty.
  • Special gameplay. In WoT Classic, there is no Sixth Sense, arty doesn’t stun, and light tanks only come with tracks.
  • “Old school” game physics. You can easily hang off bridges and rocks and your vehicle doesn’t roll downhill. Also, tanks don’t flip over or leave the ground, and destroyed vehicles cannot be moved even by an E 100 Platoon.
  • General chat. Feel free to communicate with your adversaries throughout battle, but don’t forget the World of Tanks Game Rules.
  • Simplified economy. During the event, you will be able to research and purchase top-tier vehicles much faster. Also, Premium tanks, camouflage and equipment costs are also reduced. Remember: Anything you purchase in WoT Classic will not be transferred to the current version of World of Tanks!
  • You can buy special shells for Gold only, not for Credits.

And finally: By participating in WoT Classic, you can earn a unique style with an inscription and an emblem. Check it out!

NOTE: Don’t worry about resources: During the event you will be credited with Gold, Credits, and Free XP. These cannot be transferred to the main server.

How to Install WoT Classic?

  1. First of all, you need to download the Game Center, an improved launcher allowing you to manage all Wargaming games.
  2. Click on the image of WoT Classic and choose a folder for installation.


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Good Old Tanks: WoT Classic 0.7.0

21 thoughts on “Good Old Tanks: WoT Classic 0.7.0

  1. It amuses me how all bad stuff and the stuff players used to hate is now being advertised as ‘nostalgia’…

    “Hey, you remember the good old days when everything used to be better?
    You know, the good old days of crap graphics and sound, crap physics, crap mm (9 arty vs 9 arty) and definitely pay-to-win ammo…

    1. Rawen says:

      “and definitely pay-to-win ammo” Yes because premium ammo is no longer int the game. At least back in the days you had to pay for it, and most of the players used it in clan wars only.

      Now that it is no longer “pay to win” Skilled payers go on full gold in random mm, if you dare to sit in a heavy tank sou get showered wit so many gold you can plate a cathedral wit it. But that is totally fair and positive.

      If you hate it DON’T install it!!

      1. The entire pay-to-win argument for gold ammo is completely out of whack. Pay to win literally means you pay for something to get an advantage, like it was in the old version. That is literally not the case with the current ammo. (Keep in mind I never called it ‘balanced’ by the way, that’s a different discussion entirely).

        And I never said I hated it. I just find it ironic how the entire thread is filled with people whining about ‘the good old days’ and jumping on the WG hater bandwagon, yet seem to completely forget what actually has changed over time. It’s definitely not perfect, but to claim nothing has improved is stupid. That’s like claiming the ’60’s were so much better, but in the meantime completely forgetting the Vietnam War, the struggle for equal rights for minorities, the rampant racism, the Cold War… (this is just my personal example, I realise opinions about this decade may differ)

      2. Rawen says:

        I playing WOT since beta. You can buy premium ammo for silver too since 0.8.1 so what you say is irrelevant because in 0.9.0 anybody can buy gold ammo.

        So what is your saying is that: “Because it can be bought for silver it is not pay to win, because you don’t spend gold on it.”
        Since 1.0.1 you can’t buy Premium ammo for gold directly bu you can convert gold to silver to buy it.

        An ordinary free to play player has no wallet for the amount of gold spam what you can see on random battle. You need to make a miracle to come out with profit if you shoot more then a few gold.

        So yes. I think an ammo type what is clearly better then the others what cost 6 time the normal one, what encourage you to buy gold an convert it to silver in order to raise your stats, or just make you feel like you can actually good in the game. IS pay to win. An IS-3 premium ammo has better penetration then almost all tier 10 Russian heavy and med tanks.

      1. Nameless says:

        I can’t even log in. It keeps showing an “Authorization” error.

        bUT HEy, wE hAVe TIEr 9 IS4, rIGHt?

    2. Mikosah says:

      Honestly I liked the old audio and the graphics were never a problem. And the only thing wrong with all-chat was the team giving away your position, though there were mind-games in deliberately telling them the wrong position, which was fun. Some other things were incredibly bad, but at the time the game felt good because the devs seemed to know what they were doing and why they were doing it. That’s what they’ve lost.

      1. I didn’t even think of the cross-chat. For me, that is definitely a bad thing. I think about 90% of the cross-chat I saw was people insulting each other…

    3. It is still pay to win when people who use gold regularly are forced to buy premium tanks and/or buy premium time to fund it. Not to mention how half the premium tanks in the game now are blatantly pay to win.

      When is the last time you played tier 8 competitively. Count the non premium tanks. Count the number of non gold ammo hitting you.

      You might not have to pay money directly for gold ammo but it is still pay to win. WG are very clever in making sure of this fact. Thinly veiled and cleverly designed. You need to wake up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed all chat, and the old maps. If wargaming ever listened to their community, LOL, they would bring back many of the old maps. Even most WoTs YouTube contributors want the old maps back.

  3. Huguenot says:

    Soo… In this classic version he old rocket sled PZ 1c is back…and creating a TOG wall to block corridors… And… Oh gawd, the old KV? and getting lol penned by arta…NOPE.

  4. I have been playing this game so long now, that I cannot remember when premium ammo became available for credits instead of gold. And still after some games, some aggrieved party will predictably message me in the garage that I am a ‘cheater’, or ‘have no skill’, or ‘cannot win’ without using ‘Gold’ ammo.

    I have news for these people – THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS AS ‘GOLD’ – there is only cheap ammo – or more expensive ammo. If you are some cheap tightwad who does not want to spend credits on expensive ammo – fine – but STOP WHINING at people who do.

    And here is the real rank, stinking, hypocrisy of these people:
    Every single of one of their vehicles will be fitted with all available upgrade modules – in order to improve their chances of winning.
    They will use the expensive (gold or silver) consumables – to improve their chances of winning. They will use hard won directives – to improve their chances of winning.
    They buy free research credits with GOLD to research vehicles, or increase crew skills – to improve their chances of winning.

    So – they are quite happy to use 99% of all upgrades that cost silver or Gold, but run around clutching at their pearls, with their hair on fire when someone uses the one upgrade they ARE TOO CHEAP TO USE.

    All of my vehicle loadouts (except SPG’s) include some premium ammo. Why? Because the game physics of armour thickness/slope vs penetrative capability of shells REQUIRES IT. And before the usual parties jump in with “oh you can hit weakspots – using premium has no skill” – try frontally penetrating an AT2 from 300m in a T40 with even premium ammo – even then the only weak spot is the cupola.

    On higher tiers its even worse. There are T9-10 tanks *cough* Russian *cough, that are so buffed they can ONLY be penned with premium ammo – and only on a day where there are two blue moons in the sky, the day ends on a ‘q’ not a ‘y’, and a Guardian journalist acknowledges that Trump may be right.

    So if after all of the above you are a Virtue Signalling fuckwit who STILL wants to message me after the game with 5 yr old insults, grammar and spelling – be prepared for an extensive and very detailed discussion regarding your sexual preferences and your close relationship with your mother.

    1. Dunpeal says:

      Gold ammo is called gold ammo because you used to buy it with gold, duh. The name stuck and now it’s a mental shiortcut now. Or do you expect evryone saying “that more expensive ammo” every time they mean gold ammo? Use some rudimentary reason….

    2. Rawen says:

      Should we call it “Skill round” instead of Gold ammo ?
      “I have been playing this game so long now, that I cannot remember when premium ammo became available for credits instead of gold.”
      So you are a new player then. FWY:
      – Since start Gold ammo is only obtainable for gold.
      – In 0.8.1 in 2012 they added the option for silver purchase.
      – in 1.0.1 in 2018 they removed the gold option.

      You are raging on the fact that people buy consumables and upgrades for their tanks and saying that buying a gun rammer and loading Skill round is the same thing.
      Modules and consumables are giving the crew and the tank a few% better characteristics, you still have to know how to play with the game or the chosen tank. a 0.5 sec reload advantage is not game breaking.

      You are defending a type of ammo wat has a 2 tier higher penetration IS-3 Skill round ha tier 10 standard penetration !! without any drawback !!

      “On higher tiers its even worse. There are T9-10 tanks *cough* Russian *cough, that are so buffed they can ONLY be penned with premium ammo – and only on a day where there are two blue moons in the sky, the day ends on a ‘q’ not a ‘y’, and a Guardian journalist acknowledges that Trump may be right.”

      Nothing is unpenetrable with normal ammo or HE. Just need some black magic called aim for weak spot! NO auto aim will not aim for you on those. I know it is above your head but eve if you can’t pen that (a cahllanger a type 5 frontally) You still has track 😮 go elsewhere shoot other tanks, go around flank it, lure it in a corner fight and track it.
      But wait these things all require some sort of knowledge on game mechanics, and we can not anticipate that the players who play a game know anything on the mechanics pff that’s heresy!!

      So yes Gold ammo is SKILL ROUND because it will give you the necessary skills you are missing to the point where the opponent who has knowledge on armor mechanics and weak spots can not use that knowledge because some tard firing only gold even at light tanks nullifying any armor that a tank has.

      Skill round Auto aim and shoot that’s all you do.

      “So if after all of the above you are a Virtue Signalling fuckwit who STILL wants to message me after the game with 5 yr old insults, grammar and spelling – be prepared for an extensive and very detailed discussion regarding your sexual preferences and your close relationship with your mother.”

      Who the hell even want to sleep with your mother??? I can’t imagine.

  5. No No No you all got it wrong ! Aka KV-Driver says:

    You may think this 0.7 thing is a joke but its not
    First of all the game is infested with Russians and they only start to dwindle in the Night
    Which is good since the server can only Work for an EU player when Players drop to Xk-35k

    What you get for that Work is amazing
    1.First of all you get generally better Matchmaking and you can be able to get Crazy matches as the Only Tier 8 against no T7 and Only Tier 6
    2. Since you need Less XP and Money you can acutally get even to tier 9 in the First Night
    that means that you are the one tier 8 or one of few tier 7s so you are the one benefitting from unfair Matchmaking
    3. Remember when Kingtiger was good well here he is even tho Premium Ammo doesnt cost much nobody seems to use it and with this Matchmaking you can bounce shots
    4. Funnily the IS-3 is actually a glass cannon here nowadays it can easily bounce 8,8 with 203 pen but this is before the front armor got changed again and again so that it can actually bounce something and now your tiger can pen its armor under nearly every angle
    5.Better sounds better styling what Wot has forgotten with HD tanks is that they should acutally be dirty,rusty and have stuff mounted aswell as having darker steel near the welds with small textures the artist needed to make a good job for it to look good now they just paint it grey and call it a day
    6.Arty is Worse but your not encountering them every game and sometimes they miss or you bounce their shot other times they oneshot you and nonpenetrating He hits are still stronger than what we have today so yes Arty was&is cancer and will always be cancer
    7, Aiming is different to today you miss more often but so does everyone else and it can be somewhat fun still we all know that the second acurracy model witch this is not is still better than what we have today so you dont mind that you switch from 1 shitty shell distribution to the OG atleast your shots miss big or hit where you aim
    8. No unfair autoloaders or unfair siege modes better HE damage HE can in this version actually be used against tough opponents ofcurse it is generally only usefull with big rounds but atleast some tanks can sometimes use HE against tough opponents and a kv derp is often more dangerous than a D25t-122
    9. Generally if you dont expect anything magical the gameplay will be better than the OP premium tank spamming that you begin to see at tier 6 and ofcurse nearly ruines the game at tier 8 in addition to dozens of extreme prototype tanks with tons of armor for gold spamming which nearly ruin the game especially in uptier
    10. The game would cerntainly be far worse if you had to grind normally then you would get sick of arty long before getting anywhere so in this test server with some free credtis and gold reduced experience cost and interresting tank compositions it beats regular WOT effortlessly
    just dont expect to play over 35 k players and only in the NIght than you can encounter some NA or Asia which can actually write English

    1. JackTLadd says:

      Played at 2pm GMT today for a handful of games and it had about a half second lag, not impossible with a free xp’d “KV2” but certainly not enjoyable.
      Then there were the 6 vs 6 arty games… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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